Faith, in the journey

May 25

“And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” (from Hebrews 11:8)

I think one of the greatest challenges for people of faith is to BE people of faith. While we would probably all nod our heads at that sentiment… sometimes I really wonder if we know what our faith really requires of us.

I know I often struggle with this one. I love God. I trust God. But if I am really honest, I struggle to have a consistent and real faith in God.

I am starting to realize that faith is not as easy as I first believed. We have all heard it said: “Trust God. He is good. All the time.” But when it gets right down to it – there are times when my doubts get the best of me. How do I make sure my faith is true?

AbrahamThe essence of a true faith is found in Abram (later known as Abraham) whom we now know as the “father of faith.” And at the very core of his faith was a trust in God that seemed utterly nonsensical. The verse at the top of this page was speaking of Abram – and was the foundation of the beginning of his relationship with God.

Think about it. God shows up and says, “Hey Abram. I’ve been watching you, and I’m a big fan… Here’s what I want you to do: take your wife and kids and stuff, leave your land, and go to a place that I will lead you. There, you will find the fullness of My blessing!”

Sometimes, I really wonder what I would do… if I was in Abram’s sandals. I’m pretty sure that I would have to KNOW where I was going before I would ever take one step away from where I currently am. That’s the story of my faith. I find that in my default mode, I want to see the whole picture before I buy in to God’s promise.

But, as you may have noticed… the whole picture is not what God offers us. Ever.

God’s plan is based upon trust. “Trust Me for this step and I will lead you to another… Trust Me in that step, and I will lead you to another… and on and on.”


Of course, the real problem is that not all those steps are going to bring “sunshine and lollipops.” In fact, some of those steps are going to be through the “valley of the shadow of death.” (Ugh!) Some of those steps are going to have you wondering… “How on earth did I get here. Who is in charge of this mess!”

cs-lewisBut, here is the lesson to be learned through it all: Faith that is not tested is not true faith. And faith in God is always based upon His faithfulness – no matter what we may have to face. God is fully committed to raising up a true faith in each of us.

The truth is: We cannot learn the faithfulness of God if… we never go through anything that shakes us to the core. And we cannot learn the lesson of His goodness if we face only good circumstances.

Abram_s+DepartureWe may not want to hear it, but it is always in our best interests to understand that true faith begins with the call of God upon our lives… that He is taking us on a journey – and none of us will have the slightest idea of where we are going to end up. But, if He is going with us, we can know, with all certainty, that it is the very best course for our lives.

Just like Abram, all people of faith are called to go out, “not knowing where we are going.”

Prayer focus: God, deepen my heart’s desire to trust You… without knowing where I am going.”



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