Trust, Beyond Words…

May 24

One of my early morning tasks is to feed our dogs and take our beagle (Cody) on a walk, for his morning “constitutional.” I’m not really sure how I ended up with this job… but I have it, and it has to be done.

walking the beagleOf course, one of the problems is that every day is not blue skies and sunshine. Some days it is snowing, or sleeting, or just pouring down rain. But we can’t tell Cody, “Hey dude, you’re gonna have to hold it ’til the weather clears…” so off we go. (Insert mailman motto here…)

On one particular morning, it was raining rather heavily, so I found myself talking to Cody and explaining that we were going to have to cut things short today, because I don’t like getting rained on.

beagle tiltedThen it hit me. Cody doesn’t understand a word I am saying. He just knows we have a routine – and we have to stick to the routine – so things are “done” properly.

I am explaining everything to a dog that cannot grasp a single thing I am trying to tell him.

Now, I am a fairly intelligent person – so all this “explaining” was actually pretty dumb. To try and explain something to someone who cannot grasp what you are saying is just silly. Not my brightest moment.

Then, another thing hit me. How many times have I been wondering about life, or pondering my circumstances, and been really perplexed at what I am going through? In a very real sense, my prayers are dominated with requests to get explanations for things I could not possibly understand. God could tell me – but I just wouldn’t get it.

Rom 11 33Sometimes we need to remember this fact: “How unsearchable are (God’s) judgments; and how inscrutable are His ways.” Part of what that means is that we just aren’t able to grasp all that God is doing in our lives. We are just going to have to trust that “all things (really do) work together for good.” (Romans 8:28) Sure, God could explain it to us. But: 1) We just wouldn’t understand it; 2) we probably wouldn’t want to go through it; and 3) we wouldn’t have to trust Him, if we knew in advance.

Always at the core of relationship with God is trust. We cannot see what is best for us – but He can. We do not understand the need for hardship in our lives – but He knows it has a definite purpose. We just have to trust that God is with us, and for us.

path-of-lifeIf it were up to us, we would most always choose the easy path, devoid of all troubles and challenges – when God knows that we need trials and struggles to grow, and deepen our relationship with Him. And to provide a connection point with others who may have to face what we are going through.

Fortunately, God does explain that part in advance. And simply tells us… “I’ve got this. I’ve got you. Do not worry. I am with you through everything you will face.”

beagle resting in lapThat fact becomes the basis for how we need to live our lives. Trusting in God, even when it sure seems like He has forgotten how to take proper care of us.

It’s a bit like Cody. Who may not understand all my reasonings… he just jumps up on my lap to say: “Thanks for taking good care of me.”

Prayer focus: God, help me to grasp that I will never really understand the “why” of what I face – but I can always know the “Who” that is caring for me.


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