They Left Everything…

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April 24

“When they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed Him.” (Luke 5:11)

They had fished all night and caught nothing. Then the Master showed up and bid Peter (and the other fishermen) cast their nets one more time…

It was a ridiculous request. This time of year, fish are only caught at night.

But… at the Master’s request, the boat rowed out… and the net went in.

One hopeless cast… and no one could ever remember such a huge haul of fish. Enough for a year’s wages… maybe two – for all the fishermen that were there that fateful and miraculous day.

great catch

Miracles have a way of changing us. Changing how we see things. – and of causing us to wonder about things that we had never wondered before.

Miracles are even more impactful when the Miracle worker is right in front of you – and calling you to follow after Him… wherever He might go.

But to follow Jesus costs more than we often realize. The price is steep to hang out with the One Who is able to make something out of nothing.

A quick study of Scripture reveals that Jesus often asked people to leave everything behind to come and follow Him. He asks people to abandon what they are, and what they have known – to become and know something infinitely greater.

He commends those who sell their all… to buy a field hiding a priceless treasure.

He applauds those who sell everything… to own the invaluable pearl.

hidden treasure    pearl of great price

He seems to be telling us that there is something that is worth losing all that we have – to gain something that can only be held in our empty, impoverished hands.

A tax collector (Matthew) leaves behind his table (and his lucrative job) to answer the call to follow Jesus.

After the fishing miracle, Peter, James and John “left everything and followed Him.”

The lesson is obvious, yet so hard for us to accept.

The Kingdom of God is all about losing… to gain.

About emptying yourself… to be filled.

And about leaving everything behind to gain something infinitely more precious and meaningful.

And Jesus calls each of us to follow after Him. To abandon everything that provides for our own self-sufficiency – to truly find intimate friendship with the One Who loved us so much He gave Himself (emptied Himself out) for us.


We don’t tend to like this message. We want Jesus, all right. We want to add Jesus to what we already have… or what we already do – to what defines us – or makes us feel like our life is worthwhile.

You know… nets. All the things that order and define who we are.

But the secret to a real and vibrant faith can only be found when we leave our “nets” behind – abandoning all – to follow in the steps of the only One that can truly make our lives full and meaningful.

It’s the call that every believer must face…


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2 Responses to They Left Everything…

  1. Charles Bacon says:

    Thank you Mark! Made me look at myself on the inside and needing to empty everything. Thank you so much for your insight and knowledge in the word of God!

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