Who & What – Were vs. Are

were vs. are

October 23

“You were dead in your trespasses and sins…” (Ephesians 2:1)

The Christian experience is a life of contrasts – deep, unmistakable contrasts.

were vs. are 2

Notice the finality. The completeness. The stark reality of change. You were (something)… but now, instantaneously and completely, you are (something else entirely). ALL because of Jesus – and what He did for us.

Our verse for today sets the stage for one of those abrupt and diametrical changes. And until we understand what we were it is difficult for us to comprehend and appreciate what we are now. Our new identity, our new reality, is birthed out of an utter opposite – and is a constant reminder of the power and grace of a God Who loved us so much He could not help Himself but to provide all that we would ever need to be completely His for all eternity.

Paul was inspired to offer us a succinct summary of our human condition – pre-Christ. You and I were “dead.” Not just mistaken or misguided. Not just a little errant. Not just in need of correction. Not just a candidate for a bit of reform.



But what does “dead” mean?

It means some things we readily understand. Lifeless (without life). Incapable (without ability). Impotent (without strength).

In short, human beings (without God) are unable to function as our Creator designed us (and there are reasons for this). But what is more… we are wholly unable to do anything about our deadness. There is NO way for us to be alive again – not by our efforts, not by our will, not by good things we may try to do. It is just not IN us to do anything about our dead condition.

But it is this reality that we must all comprehend if we are to ever grasp why each of us need Jesus so much.

But “dead” also means something we don’t readily understand. In Scripture, it most often means “separation.” Death is defined as when a separation of spirit and body has occurred. “As the body without the spirit is dead…” (James 2:26)

soul leaving body

Brains ceasing to function… Hearts ceasing to beat… Lungs ceasing to draw breath – are all just physical results of a spiritual departure. An indispensable truth we must all grasp: the spirit lives on after the body becomes inanimate.

But “dead” is deeper still… When Adam and Eve first sinned, they discovered the true meaning behind their Creator’s warning: “Don’t eat the forbidden fruit… or you will surely die.” (Gen. 3:3) They ate all right. But lived on… only now separated from something they were created to constantly know… the abiding Presence of God!

Adam & Eve cast out

It is this “dead” that provides the fertile ground for all manner of selfish and self-serving behaviors – all the things that are most offensive (and natural) to human beings. It is this “dead” that causes us to think we are “good” when, in God’s sight, we are wicked, His enemies, and deserving of His wrath. It is this “dead” that elevates our thoughts and opinions above those of our Maker. It is this “dead” that makes it utterly impossible for us to ever please God by anything we might do.

Scripture declares… that is what we were – but God found that “dead” condition unacceptable. So Jesus came to provide something (everything!) we could not do for ourselves.

He came to bring the “dead” to life! This IS the message of the gospel…

Jesus heals Jairus daughter 2

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Who We Are and What We Have

October 22

“(God) has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing…” (Ephesians 1:3)

As Christians, the greatest struggle we all face is two-fold: knowing, and living by, who we ARE and what we HAVE in Jesus.

Many Christians are unaware that the Bible clearly teaches us that everything we need to be (as God wants us to be) has already been provided to us.


But it is more than that… Everything that we were (ALL our sin, failures, shame, weaknesses, brokenness) is dead and gone – and we ARE completely new creations.

This is not something we are hoping to be. This is not something we are striving to be. This is not something we will be (after decades of God’s handiwork in our lives). The Bible teaches us that this is what we ARE now – because Jesus came for that very purpose.

We so often miss that.

So many of us have been trained that God is gradually fixing us over the course of time – and someday (who knows when?) we just may get to be what God wants us to be. But it’s going to take time… it’s going to take lots of effort… it’s going to require lots of sacrifice… and lots of activity (and surrender) on our part.

Surrender flag

“But it’s worth it,” we are told. “The journey is worth every arduous mile.”

So when someone (like me) comes along and declares that Scripture says that God’s work is already done – that everything that needed to be done has been done already – it sounds a little foreign to us. No… it sounds… wrong.

Where’s the painful struggle? Where’s the process? Where’s the losing to gain?

As Christians, we need to be reminded of all that Jesus came to do for us. He came to take all that we WERE upon Himself. When He went to the cross, He was not just carrying our sins – He was carrying our entire condition.

All our sins. All our shame. All our guilt. Our failures. Our weakness. Our sickness.

ashamed 2

AND… He carried everything that had been done to us – by people who were sinful, shameful, guilty, twisted, and broken.

AND… He carried all the consequences born out of our sinful condition. Our addictions. Our maladies. Our self-effacing, self-destructive tendencies.

AND… our overwhelming hurt and brokenness… caused by all of those things.

Jesus carried all of that with Him to the cross. And every second of relentless suffering was for every single one of those things that plague us, torture us, tear us apart, and keep us wallowing in our flawed (and failing) human state.

Christ bleeding on the cross - 2

And when Jesus died… all that He carried, died with Him. WE died with Him. WE were buried with Him (see Romans 6!). Putting all that we WERE to rest… forever.

But that’s only a small part of the story… That was the ending (of all that we were).

Jesus’ greatest work was being the initiator (Author and Finisher!) of a new beginning for each and all of us. To provide us with far more than just a new leaf (to turn over) – but a new life to experience in all its fullness.

All this week we want to look at the wonder of who we are… and what we have in Jesus…

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Belief and Faith; pt. 8 – God’s Objective

belief and faith

October 19

“Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did.” (1 John 2:6)

I have been doing a lot of “soul-searching” lately. Maybe it’s because, as I approach the “autumn” of my life, I find myself longing to “boil things down” to the bare essentials. The real substance. A true faith.

All this talk, lately, about belief and faith, has reminded me of some things that we ALL need to remember. And most essential is… what is God seeking in all this?

want from me

When He began all of creation, what did HE see as the end game? Since, we as humans are so central in everything He did (and has done), – what did HE want to see from us? He created us for a purpose – what IS that purpose?

The more I study Scripture, the more I realize that God’s purpose comes down to one thing… that the objects of His divine attention (US!) would fully and completely represent Him on this earth. We were originally made to perfectly reflect Him – as the exact physical representations of the spiritual God. The reason Jesus came was to restore us back to perfectly reflecting Him once again. What sin had distorted and damaged– was perfectly mended by divine work, through our Savior.

We are actually commanded to BE “imitators of God.” (Ephesians 5:1) Like God. And whatever God commands, He also provides the means to fulfill. That means that we are fully enabled to live as God intended right now. The work of Jesus has already restored and renewed us to our divine purpose. He has supplied everything we need to be and do what God wants from us. That IS the essence of true Christianity.


So when we talk about belief and faith – we need to realize that our belief and faith must lead us to where God intended for us to be… To where He has provided for us to be. By His immeasurable grace, through the work of His eternal Son.

Where He wants us to be is in the fullness of relationship with Himself – and restored back to our original purpose – as He established from “in the beginning.”

But what does that look like??

It looks like Jesus.

Jesus_compassion  Jesus loving  Jesus_helping_boy

Jesus came not only to redeem us back from sin and death, but to show us what His redemption would bring us. He came to model (in His life and ministry) what His sacrifice came to restore IN us. Jesus came to show us exactly what we were all originally designed and created to be.

To be Christlike (oddly enough) means to be like Christ – and that means that every one of us who has professed our faith in Jesus needs to be a reflection of Him. An exact representation. As if Jesus Himself were walking in our shoes.

As I look at my own life, I have to wonder if that is what my belief and faith is actually producing. Am I a true reflection of my Savior? Or do I just suppose that I am?

The truth of Scripture is both magnificent and daunting. Jesus came to forgive us, renew us, restore us, empower us, and birth His character within us.

If Jesus came to make us just like Him – how do we honestly measure up to Him?

John wasn’t kidding… there is only one standard for each of us:


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Belief and Faith; pt. 7 – Be Transformed

belief and faith

October 18

“…be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” (Romans 12:2)

God is a God of instantaneous action. Of effective work. Of completed action.

That’s what Jesus came to show us. His miracles were not partial miracles, or gradual miracles, or delayed miracles. He spoke, He acted… and it was done.

jesus healing man

The King came to walk among us and show us what happens when His work invades our lives. Miracles happen. Transformations occur. And they reflect the power of the Creator Who spoke everything into existence with His words.

But if it is true that the work of our transformation has already been done – why are we still struggling with thoughts and actions that do not reflect that work? Why do we still fall into sin? Why do we still have anger, guilt, and resentment for things that happened in our past? Why are we still afraid? Why do we still doubt?

This is the common struggle for each of us. It is part of the reason for why we need each other – why God put us in a Body of believers.

small group

We need each other’s encouragement. We need to lift up each other, and help each other, and hold each other accountable. But most importantly we need to be constantly reminded of who we are and what we have in Jesus.

But it all begins with a proper understanding. We need to know the fullness of what God has done for us and then we need the renewal of our minds.

renewed mind

We have all been the victims of worldly thinking. Natural thinking. Thoughts that have been formed by our experiences with this world and by our interactions with the people in it. From our first moments of awareness, we have been taught and trained to think as everyone else in this world thinks…

That’s why Jesus came and proclaimed that we must all repent and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:15 and others) Repentance does not mean to change your actions… it means to change your thinking! What we think leads to what we believe — and to what we do. And Jesus calls us all to leave our old patterns of thinking behind (as we’ve been trained by the world and its ways) and embrace a new way of thinking.

The ultimate thinking outside the box… directly from the God Who dwells outside every box.


If, for example, we think that God is gradually fixing our lives through the years… then that is what we will believe. And any faith we apply to our belief will never produce what we desire for our lives. (We will always be becoming new – and we will never arrive at new)!

But if we align our thoughts with what Jesus has done for us (and which is often expressed in Scripture) we will think of ourselves in line with what God says we are – and apply our faith accordingly. And the transformative power of God will be immediately applied to our lives. Notice in our verse for today… we ARE transformed by the renewal of our minds (we are not becoming transformed!).

Our faith receives what God has provided for us. And He has graciously provided “everything we need for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3) because we know Him!

2Peter 1 3

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Belief and Faith; pt. 6 – Be Renewed

belief and faith

October 17

“…be renewed in the spirit of your minds…” (Ephesians 4:23)

As Christians, we owe it to ourselves to walk in the fullness of everything God has given us. We also owe it to God.

Nothing glorifies Him more than someone who actually lives in the lavishness of His provision for us. Nothing testifies more thoroughly that when His children can live in the abundance of His goodness.

Too many times we have been trained (or trained ourselves) to live in lack – and plead with God for what we believe we do not yet have. We have often turned our lack into a spiritual virtue. Or a means of “connecting” with all the other “lacking” people around us. We make poverty a virtue. Weakness, a source of pride. Sin, a tool to help us be “real” with others.


God is seeking for a people who understand the fact that He has provided all that we can ask, think, or imagine (for His glory!) through the work of His Son. He has provided the means and the way for us to BE just as He is (holy, righteous, perfectly loving)… from the very moment we apply the gift of our faith to His gift of salvation.

Salvation is not just a new start. It is a new life. A new way of living. Not as human beings doing the best we can (with God’s help) – but living just as Jesus lived when He was among us. Faith in Christ leads us immediately in to being Christlike. It is not the goal… it is the reality of what God has done for us! We are not becoming… we ARE new creations in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17).


We struggle with this because we have trained ourselves to believe differently. Think differently. We actually prefer arduous process because it makes us feel more human – more like what everyone else in the world experiences.

But a true faith in Jesus draws us to realize we are NOT like everybody else. We are new. Salvation means that we are of different stuff. We are chosen by God to be “holy and blameless in His sight.” (Eph. 1:4) We are restored (completely) to the image of our Creator. This is what God has provided to us through the work of Jesus. Immediate transformation – from the God who specializes in immediate actions.

clothed in r ness 2

Just hearing that last sentence fills us with hope and doubt, simultaneously.

It sounds too good to be true… and we are trained by this world to reject things that seem to be too good to be true. We unfurl our red flag. We draw back to the safety and comfort of what we have always known – our frail and flawed humanity.

The provision of God for our lives is that we would BE like Him – from the very first moment of our trust in Him.

That’s not what I say… it’s what the Bible tells us… We are commanded to:

Eph 4 22-24

God is not asking us to pretend to be something until we are that something. He is asking us to simply (faithfully) BE what His work has created us to be.

God is asking us to apply His provision (through Christ), by faith, to what we believe. To renew our thinking to line up with everything His grace has done for us.

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Belief and Faith; 5 – Believe + Confess!

belief and faith

October 16

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9)

This well-known verse reveals to us that receiving God’s full provision of salvation is a two-fold activity. There is belief, yes. But there is also confession.

Our verse today reminds us that our “confession” is a revelation of the belief that resides in our hearts.

It is not enough to believe in Jesus. A gospel that only asks us to “believe in Jesus!” is not a complete gospel.

The reason for this is that it is all too easy to accept certain facts in our minds and conclude that we are truly believing in Jesus. True belief is not just in our minds, but also our hearts – and what is in our hearts gets confessed with our mouths.

luke 6 45

This truth is vividly demonstrated in an account recorded in John’s gospel (Chapter 12).

The scene is familiar. Many of the “Jewish leaders” had often made it their goal to make Jesus’ ministry a misery. They followed him around. Scrutinizing every detail of His words. Criticizing many of His actions. Constantly weighing His words and works through the scale of their own interpretations of the Law of Moses.

Pharisees question Jesus

But in spite of all their misgivings, there was just something about Jesus that was so compelling. So inviting. So Godly.

So we read in John 12:42 that: “many even of the (Jewish) authorities believed in Him.” Wow! That’s great. Jesus is even winning over His detractors. They are starting to “see the light” and accepting the fact that this Jesus just might be their Messiah after all.

But not so fast… John continues by informing us: “but for fear of the Pharisees they did not confess it, so that they would not be put out of the synagogue.”

Jesus had begun to find a home in their minds, but not their hearts. They were beginning to accept that Jesus just might be trustworthy after all – but they were unwilling to take the next all-essential step.

Belief must lead us to apply our faith – and faith requires us to be “all in.”

It is a powerful truth… God will only place His Kingdom in empty hands.

empty hands

We cannot be holding tightly to the world, or our religious practices, or our social status, or our earthly goods and expect to receive the fullness of His Kingdom.

But we can convince ourselves that because we “believe” in Jesus (in our minds) that we have received Jesus. John’s account reminds us how easy it can be to deceive ourselves.

This is an example and warning to us all. We can believe in Jesus and still not be His. We can have fond feelings about Jesus (or about God) and still be outside the Kingdom. We can convince ourselves that we belong to God (and have received what He offers) without actually being His.

We can think that we are “believers” …but never possess the true benefits of belief.

A true (heart) belief in Jesus spills over out of our mouths. A true belief cannot be contained within us. A true belief compels us to openly confess with our mouths (and with our actions): “Jesus is Lord!” in each and every moment of our lives.

Jesus is Lord 2

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Belief and Faith; pt. 4 – A Gift of Grace

belief and faith

October 15

“For by grace you have been saved, through faith. And this is not of yourselves…” (Ephesians 2:8)

The New Testament paints the clear picture that our salvation has nothing to do with us. It is entirely the work of God, motivated by the love of God, and can only be received as a gift of God.

Salvation is God’s grace on full display. Unearned. Undeserved. Only because HE chose to offer it to us.

But the work (and gift) of God goes even deeper still. Our faith is also a gift of God. We cannot respond to God’s offer of salvation except by faith – and He gave us the faith to respond to Him.


This alleviates one of the sources of pride that sometimes occurs within us. “Well, God did His part (in providing salvation) but I had to do my part by trusting in God’s part. So look at what I did… I accepted what God did.”

soliloquyThis would be like a movie actor boasting of the profound words coming out of his mouth in an award-winning film. They weren’t his words. They were written for him, and given to him, to play a role in a film. The profound words were from someone else – the actor deserves no credit for their content.

Salvation is a gift. Faith to receive salvation is also a gift. All provided by the gracious actions of a loving God.

Faith, in Scripture, is a noun. It is a thing. A possession. A perfectly working “receiver” to what the King of the Kingdom is “transmitting” to us. It is a gift from God to connect us with Him – to respond to Him – to receive from Him.

But never the things WE want.

We want crazy stuff. Selfish stuff. Temporary stuff.


God’s reason behind giving us the gift of faith was so that we might access His abundant provision for our lives – for His purposes – for eternal reasons. So that His Kingdom might advance… both in our lives, and in the lives of those around us.

Faith is the key of the Kingdom – to receiving what (and only what) God offers us, but we must use it… and we must use it as God intends for us to use it.

Christians tend to distort faith into something self-serving. We tend to treat it as a magic wand to get “the desires of our heart.” Or as a way to coerce God into doing things for us. We tend to turn Scriptures about faith into our magic formulas… in our attempts at bringing enjoyment, pleasure, ease, or happiness into our lives.

faith wand

But the gift of faith is intended for one purpose only… to receive what God has already provided to us through the complete and completed work of Jesus.

Everything we need for this life is already provided, because of what Jesus has done for us through God’s immeasurable act of grace.

Forgiveness. Deliverance. Freedom. Holiness. Righteousness. Healing. Blessing. Protection. Resources for Kingdom work. All provided. In perpetuity. For all of time. For every believer.

All accessed by the gift of faith… given by a gracious God.

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Belief and Faith; part 3 Living By Faith

belief and faith

October 12

“The righteous will live by faith.” (Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11; Hebrews 10:38)

This familiar phrase is a central theme in Scripture. It was birthed as an Old Testament promise. It was provided as a New Testament fulfillment. Jesus came to make the promise a reality in our lives.

If you ask any Christian, “Are your sins forgiven?” They will not hesitate… “Absolutely! Jesus’ death has bought my forgiveness.”

But if you ask any Christian, “Are you righteous?” You will likely get hesitation. Stammering. Maybe even a confused look.

confused look baby

But the same Jesus Who died for our sins to purchase our forgiveness ALSO died to make us righteous. Just as we are forgiven by His sacrifice we are made righteous by that same sacrifice. Forgiveness IS God’s provision through our Savior. But so is righteousness. They are both part of the “package” that He came to offer us. They are both part of His completed work on the cross.

new you

We seldom struggle to have faith to believe for our forgiveness. Be we often struggle to have the faith to believe for our righteousness. We tend to treat them differently. We tend to treat them as separate experiences. Separate works of God.

But the truth is that Jesus came to deal with the totality of our condition by the totality of His provision. His gift of salvation is not just so we can feel less guilty about our sins (by forgiving us) but to make us utterly like Himself. He is holy. Righteous. Pure in Heart. Perfect in love.

And that is what He has provided to us.

Completely. In totality.

He is not holding anything in reserve. He is not diligently working to gradually fix our issues throughout the course of our lives. Through the one work of Jesus (through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension) God has already provided everything needed for us to be just like Him.

2 Peter 1 3

Through one sacrifice (by the perfect Savior) He has taken away all that is bad… and provided all that is good. It is His gracious gift to us. Undeserved. Unmerited.

We used to be “dead in our trespasses and sins,” “sons of disobedience,” and “by nature, children (deserving) of wrath,” but through one act of His own rich mercy (through Christ’s work), He made us “alive together with Christ.” (see Ephesians 2:1-5) He made us holy. Blameless. NEW Creations.


That is who we are because of Jesus. That is what He made us (completely) when we believed in Jesus and accepted His work. That is what we have because of Jesus.

It is ours. But we must choose to live in what we are. And in what we have. And we do that by living by faith. Walking it out – each and every moment of every day.

Romans 1 17

Constantly reminding ourselves (by faith) of who we are and what we have because of the complete and completed work of our Savior!

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Belief and Faith; part 2

belief and faith

October 11

“This is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” (1 John 5:4-5)

At the heart of God’s message to us is the fact that we ARE victorious. We ARE overcomers. We are not trying to earn or gain a hard-fought victory over the world (and all its wicked influences). The victory has already been won. The game is already over. Our Champion has already been crowned the winner – and we ARE on His team. We share in the completeness of His victory.

He came to fight FOR us. He came to BE our Champion. To enter the fray and emerge with the crown. The title. The complete and utter victory.


So if this is true, why do so many Christians still struggle with the same old sins? Why do we continue to fail so miserably to live as Jesus lived? Why is it that our lives are more often defined by our mistakes and failures… than by words and phrases such as “overcomer” and “more than conquerors?” Why do we more often feel like losers rather than winners – the defeated rather than the victorious?

John offers us the answer… Belief. And faith.

Notice the subtlety of the tense used in our verse for today… has overcome…” NOT “will overcome” or “can overcome” or even “should overcome.” “HAS.” It is a done deal. There is nothing left to contest. The battle is over. The victory already won.

All that is left is for us to enjoy the spoils of victory. To experience the celebration. To raise the “Champion’s banner” and immerse ourselves in what has been won.


What allows us to experience all that Jesus has won for us is clearly defined. It is “our faith.” And “our faith” comes because we believe “that Jesus is the Son of God.”

Our belief in Jesus (Who He is AND what He has done) has provided us the key – “our faith.” And, according to the apostle, it is “our faith” that HAS overcome the world.

Can we imagine our lives completely free from the hold of our addictions? Can we envision our lives completely liberated from the fear, anxiety, and shame that keep us wallowing in the pain of our past? Can we imagine being at peace in the midst of life’s raging storms? Confident, as the world fall apart around us? Full of joy, in spite of hardships, persecutions, and trials?

calm in the storm

This is the message of the Bible. Overcoming. This is what Jesus came to tell us – and what He went to the cross to provide for us.

Victory. Liberty. Freedom. Peace. Joy. All already provided. In fullness. All the time. Regardless of circumstances or how we might reasonably feel about our lives. All already ours. Because of our Savior and Redeemer. Because He has offered us the opportunity to share in HIS victory.

Just because we have looked to Him and believed in Him.

The access to all that Jesus has shared with us is simply “our faith.” If we walk in “our faith,” everything Jesus won is our “reality.” Decide not to walk in “our faith” and we are (virtually) no different than those who have not believed in Jesus. Those who are still enslaved to their passions and addictions. Their fears and failures.


The simple and profound truth is that everything that needed to be done HAS been done for us, and already provided to us in the fullness only God can provide.

The only question that remains (for every human soul) is WILL we truly live by “our faith?”

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Belief and Faith

 October 10

I have always been fascinated by the subtleties of Scripture – the little things that can mean so much. It is often in the tiniest of details that we discover the deepest truths. For example, the use of certain prepositions can change our point of view drastically… if we will take the time to really look at them. “In” vs. “on.” “Into” vs. “unto…” are minuscule differences (one letter!) that can bring whole new understandings to our Christian experience. If we will only be aware of these differences – and apply them to our lives (as God certainly intended!).

bible magnify

At the very core of relationship with God is one of these subtle differences. Our vital connection with our Maker is dependent on two concepts that come from the same original root word. One word… producing two indispensable concepts that are absolutely essential to a proper walk with God. Miss these two concepts (and their differences) and we will find our Christian experience muddled… confusing… disappointing… unfruitful.

So much hinges on a proper understanding of these two concepts that I wanted to take the time to look at them openly and honestly – in an attempt to bring clarity to our understanding. But, more essentially, to help us walk in the fullness of all God has provided to us…

If my car were to break down, and you were to loan me your car (because you’re such a great friend) you would also have to give me your keys. My keys would not work in your car. Without the right key (and using the right key) all your kind intentions would be practically irrelevant.

keys to the car

In much the same way as we need the right key to open a particular lock – so we need the right “key” to open up all the “locked or hidden” things to which Jesus came to provide us access (Col. 3:3). What He came to offer us… is immense – unbelievably magnificent. Often so much more than we ever realize. And often so much more than most Christians personally experience.

Jesus came to provide us with the fullness of the Kingdom. Completely. Scripture declares that everything that belongs to Him… also belongs to us. That’s the deal. That’s what He came to give us. That’s the reason behind all His work among us.

he_holds_the_keysBut He also came to give us the key to all this. Without the key, we will never grasp the magnitude of the wonder of what He offers us. Without the key, we will never “gain access” to all that He has graciously provided for us.

The good news is that we do not have to find the key, or plead with God to give us the key… Jesus has already given us the key to come inside to the fullness that God has given us! But if we do not use the key… it is the same thing as NOT having it.

And that’s the problem for so many Christians. We don’t understand who we are in Jesus. We don’t really understand what we have in Jesus… because we are trying to use our own keys to gain our access into what He has offered to us.

We are trying to access the Kingdom of God by worldly means and principles. They just don’t work. They will never work. And Jesus came to tell us so.

In the coming days, let’s take the time to understand these all-important keys of the Kingdom… belief and faith…


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