The Bible… Infallible?

infallible bible

April 25

“We have the prophetic word more fully confirmed, to which you will do well to pay attention…” (2Peter 1:19)

When it comes to the Bible, there are really only two options… either it is the words of men OR it is the Word of God. Either it was authored by human beings or it was authored by the divine Being.

The most obvious hurdle is the fact that the Bible claims to be written by men, who were inspired by God. Inescapable in all this… is the work of men. Human minds were involved. Human spirits were involved. Human hands were involved. And everybody knows that humans are not perfect. Not infallible. Not without errors.

So when it comes to the Bible, the logical conclusion is that wherever human beings are involved… error is likely to follow. Even if God intended to give us a perfect Word… human beings could only make it imperfect. Flawed. Full of errors.

errors and contradictions

As Theologian Bruce Vawter wrote: “Human literature containing no errors would indeed be a contradiction in terms, since nothing is more human than to err.”

The natural conclusion, and the huge problem for most people, is that the Bible (though well-intended) is just another flawed book. It may claim divine origin and authority, but there were just “too many cooks in the kitchen” for us to take its claims of inerrancy and infallibility to heart. “There may be truth in the Bible, but it is NOT the standard of truth that Christians claim it to be.”

logical fallacyBut here is the error in that logic… It is implied that wherever human beings are involved, there MUST be error. That is simply not true. Though humans may be prone to error, they do not always err. Being human does not infer that one must always make mistakes. It is entirely possible to do something without mistakes – especially if the Author of the work is assisting in the process.

God does not make mistakes. It is impossible for Him to err. And if He is really the Author behind the pages of the Bible… it would follow that He would be able to ensure the accuracy and integrity of His work. A work of a perfect God, even through imperfect men, would be perfect – because it is God at work.

The very definition of infallible means to be incapable of error or wrong. This is what the Bible claims. It claims to be completely trustworthy, fully true, and without the ability to teach any error.

This claim is not without proof.

The Bible includes verifiable historical locations (cities, geography, nations, etc.) that tell us that the Bible is set within a literal time and history. In fact, many “questionable” references to towns and cities have been confirmed by the most recent archaeological discoveries. Also, the find of the Dead Sea Scrolls (untouched for thousands of years) contains Old Testament manuscripts that read virtually word for word when compared to the Hebrew texts that form the basis of our Bibles today. Great attention to detail is a hallmark of the Bible (even when the details are unfavorable to God’s people).

Bible Accuracy

The Bible contains real stories of real people and their real dealings with a real God – even if some of those stories are difficult for us to fathom.

That is because these stories are not stories… they are actual accounts of real happenings in human history (especially Jewish history).

Theologian John W. Montgomery, in the book: God’s Inerrant Word, offers this conclusion: “To be sure, the production over centuries of sixty-six inerrant and mutually consistent books by different authors is a tall order… but there is nothing metaphysically inhuman or against human nature in such a possibility.”

Josh McDowell said, “God used fallible men to receive and record His infallible Word so that it would reach us, correct and without error.”

What seems humanly impossible is not impossible with God. As the prophet, Jeremiah was inspired to write God’s Own words:


If one believes in God, one also believes that He is capable of doing anything He desires to do.

And extremely high on His list was to give us His infallible Word.

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The Bible… Inspired?

April 24


“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16)

The Bible claims to be inspired.

The literal word in the original language is “God-breathed.” The idea is clear: the Bible is God’s Own Words, God’s Own Thoughts, expressed from Him, Personally.


Most people don’t have a problem when the term “inspiration” is used to describe the Bible. After all, many books are “inspired” – because “they often challenge human minds and hearts to new heights.” Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens, and so many others… are also “inspired.” They are “a step above” other literary works… they are literary masterpieces – and they merit our attention… and admiration. The Bible is seen as “inspired” in this “masterpiece” sense.

Others see “inspiration” within the Bible… just not in the totality of its pages. The Bible contains God’s Words, yes… but it also contains myths, mistakes, contradictions, and legendary material. As Josh McDowell summarized this “limited inspiration” view: “The Word of God can be found in the Bible but the Word of God is not synonymous with the Bible.”

But when Christians talk about the Bible as being inspired, they mean something very different. They mean that, in its original manuscripts, every word is inspired by the Living God. It is inerrant. It is infallible. It is God telling us His views, His thoughts, His direct input… as recorded by human beings, writing down what He is inspiring within them.


Peter gives us the concept: “Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture comes from the prophet’s own interpretation. For no prophecy was ever brought about through human initiative, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” (2 Peter 1:20-21) At the very core of Scripture is God speaking – and God’s Spirit moved men to be inspired to write down what He was speaking.

Since God never lies, but always speaks truthfully, His words are the very voice of truth. All that is needed is for men to hear His words properly. And Peter tells us that God’s Spirit was assisting in just that process (and He assists us as well!).

Paul writing

Now think about that for a moment. If God is able to create everything out of nothing, and He formed humanity in His Own image (and for the purpose of ruling over the earth), He must be capable of giving human beings the ability to understand His communication with us.

If we are lacking, He is capable of providing what we lack – so that His words can be heard… and heard accurately.

This is what the Bible is claiming. It is telling us that there is an accurate record of what God has to say about Himself, and about us – and He was actively involved in making certain that the written record of His Words to us was true and faithful to His every thought.

In short, the Bible is a miracle. A miracle is merely an act of an Almighty God, whose interactions on our behalf, are for our benefit.

Bible alive

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The Bible… Really?!

April 23

The last two posts of last week’s series (on true vs. false faith) pointed to the Bible as the standard by which truth should be measured… and judged.

For Bible-believing Christians this strikes a familiar and accepted chord. But for most other people, the very mention of the Bible as the source (or standard) of truth invites not only skepticism but derision. In a modern world, the Bible is often clearly seen as an archaic (i.e. out of date) book that has little relevance for any reasonable person in a modern world.

holy bible

A common refrain goes something like this: “The Bible may have been fine for people of past centuries… but now we have discovered so much, learned so much, and know so much about life and living – we just don’t need the Bible anymore.”

You hear modern people saying things like: “I see much of the Bible’s teachings as inaccurate. We just can’t be sure that the Bible accounts are what really happened.” Or this popular view: “The Bible is culturally obsolete… It’s social teachings so socially repressive… it just can’t be the complete authority that Christians think it is.”


Christians claim that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, written record of the Almighty Creator of all things – that it is the holy standard for all truth and practice, graciously given to us by our Creator.

polaroid-thomas-paineBut detractors see it as nothing of the sort. Even one of the founding fathers, Thomas Paine, had doubts about the validity of the Bible: “It would be more consistent that we call the Bible the work of a demon than the word of God.”

Modern thinkers, such as Sam Harris, share Paine’s view of the Bible: “As a source of objective morality the Bible is one of the worst books we have.”

Modern critics see the Bible as nothing more than another ancient book – literarily valuable as all ancient books may be… but nothing special. Nothing that should cause a modern person to value its words and opinions more than any other book or person.

And now, especially since we have made such major leaps forward in the arena of scientific discovery… the Bible has become a (feeble) source of opposition to all that science is telling us. In many people’s minds, it has quickly become a one-sided battle… the facts of science vs. the fables of the Bible. Why give the Bible a second thought? In short, for most people… the Bible just isn’t relevant anymore.


So when people, like me, come along and talk about the need for the Bible as THE source of truth and morality – it tends to fall on (mostly) deaf ears.

But for those of you who may still be asking the question: “Should I really trust the Bible?” I just want to take the time to offer some things to think about. As a student of the Bible for many years, I am convinced there really is no other book like it… and what is more… it is just as valid today as when its first words were penned so long ago.

This week, I hope to help you to see that the Holy Bible IS wholly true.

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Psalm Twelve


April 22

Psalm 12

This Psalm of David gives us several pictures of the problems he sees in the world around him. Of interest, is the fact that David’s words could have been penned in our day! Many of the same things that plagued his culture also plague our culture. We are reminded of the old saying: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Truly, when it comes to human beings and our flawed human nature – nothing has changed since the beginning of all things.

This Psalm’s focus is another contrast… the words of people vs. the words of God.

First, we have the words of people. In verse 2, we see “neighbors lie to each other.” False statements abound. Deceitful words flow like water. And those who share life together (neighbors) cannot trust each other (because of the lies and deceit). Lies always tear down the foundation of trust, upon which all relationships are built!


What is more… is the heart behind the lies… Liars defend their words with an appeal to personal pride and freedom: “We will lie to our heart’s content… who can stop us!” (12:4) Rather than shame or repentance for their lies, those filled with deceit defend their words and revel in their ability to speak without restraint. They are “just speaking my mind.” Wisdom teaches us: The one who guards his mouth protects his life; the one who opens his lips invites his own ruin.” (Proverbs 13:3)

Second, we have flattering tongues… and boastful words – all from a fountain flowing from a “deceitful heart.” (12:2) Flattery is manipulative by nature. It seeks to gain by appealing to another person’s vanity. It distorts truth… for selfish gain.

Boastful words reflect a self-absorbed life. A commitment to one’s own self-interests at the expense of others.


In contrast, we have the words of the Lord. God’s words are filled with His promises to pour out His goodness on our lives. They are the expression of His love and compassion towards us. They are reflective of His Heart – to give generously according to His abundance.

David describes them as “like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over.” God’s words do not flatter, they do not boast, they do not deceive – they are utterly pure, from a Heart that is utterly pure.

In this Psalm, the Lord is speaking. He is telling the poor and oppressed, those damaged by lies and deceit: “I have seen violence done to the helpless, and I have heard the groans of the poor. Now I will rise up to rescue them!”

In the end, God will defend the defenseless. His truth shall reign over the lies and the deceit. He will make right… everything that has been wrong.

Just as we have always longed for Him to do!

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Embryos and Evolution

Speed of Particles

April 21

Back in my high school days, I recall thumbing through my textbook for biology class. That’s when I first saw Haeckel’s Embryos… and had my first real encounter with the claim of proof for the theory of evolution.

If you are not familiar, Ernst Haeckel was a German biologist and contemporary of ErnstHaeckelCharles Darwin. Back in those days, evidence for the proof of evolutionary theory was pretty scarce. But, Haeckel, intrigued by Darwin’s approach, decided to employ his skills and training to address the issues at hand.

So from 1868 to 1908, Haeckel published a series of books illustrating an amazing observation. Within these pages were Haeckel’s own observations illustrated and documented in picture form. According to Haeckel, in their earliest stages, the embryos of all vertebrates looked almost exactly the SAME. Darwin’s theory had considerable merit because the evidence revealed that vertebrate embryos shared a common ancestor!


What is more… Haeckel asserted that all embryonic development repeats our evolutionary past. “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,” he famously surmised. In other words, every organism as it develops (ontogeny) expresses the history of its development (recapitulates) in all the intermediate forms of its ancestors (phylogeny).

Those wrestling with Darwin’s new theory were ecstatic! Here was direct and conclusive evidence supporting what Darwin was saying. Haeckel’s drawings quickly made him a major voice in the early days of evolutionary exploration.

There was only one problem… Haeckel fabricated his evidence.

This occurred in three ways. First, he completely ignored vertebrate embryos that were, in fact, very dissimilar to others. Second, he selected species that specifically demonstrated his view, and gave every impression that there were no species that were dissimilar. Third, the embryos he chose were NOT in the earliest stages of development (as he claimed) but were actually specimens from the middle stages of development (when embryos ARE more similar). In the end, what Haeckel “proved” by his published research was not accurate at all. His research was faulty… and he knew it!

embryo comparisons

What is more troubling is that even Haeckel’s colleagues knew of his research and all of its misrepresentations and spoke out against it. But they were largely ignored. There was an exciting new theory to promote – a theory that could not be bogged down by something so trivial as fraudulent research.

Almost immediately, Haeckel’s drawings gained a popular audience and soon found their way into biology textbooks throughout America and Great Britain. Haeckel’s drawings continued to be widely published until just after the turn of this century.

Think about that for a moment. The fraudulent research was published as evolutionary proof for more than a century – powerfully influencing the minds of students for several generations.


More troubling still is the response of many scientists and textbook publishers when Haeckel’s fraud became common knowledge. The prevailing attitude goes something like this: “Yes, some of Haeckel’s work is faked and misleading… but evolution is true, even if these particular facts don’t necessarily support it.”

That’s like a prosecuting attorney admitting: “Yes, we fabricated the evidence against the defendant… but hey! The guy was guilty… and our case needed that evidence!”

P A smug

Another prominent scientist has said: “Haeckel was wrong in his approach… but right in his conclusions.”

Apparently, the end does justify the means. Fraud is just fine… as long as it supports the evolutionary cause!

But the question is… was Haeckel right in his conclusions?!

In all fairness, science does tell us that there is a good deal of commonality in many vertebrate’s development. Haeckel saw this and sought to prove Darwin’s notion that we all came from a common ancestor. Even though he faked some of his evidence, he demonstrated that vertebrates seem to have (in many cases) a common beginning. He concluded that most vertebrates traveled a similar developmental path to reach their fully developed form.

Evolution declares that this common path is common ancestry.


But there is another valid possibility. All this commonality (from cell structures, to bone shapes, to DNA, to how we develop, to built-in adaptability) could be offering us proof of another common path.

It could be telling us that we all have a common Designer.

dna (1)

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Freedom and Truth

April 20

freedom and truth

Before concluding this series on truth vs. falsehood, we need to talk about the very nature of truth.

Jesus talked about it, quite openly. The One Who claimed to be the embodiment of truth (John 14:6) gave us needed insight into why we need to know, and live by, what is true.

Truth is liberating.


By contrast, falsehood is incarcerating.

Human beings were designed to live in freedom. It is hardwired into our very souls. It is why freedom is so cherished in our lives… and why bondage, slavery, and incarceration are so deadly to our spirits.

The only way to be truly free is to know the truth and live in that truth.

Jesus also made one other thing very clear. Truth is tied to a relationship with Him!

The context of Jesus’ famous words (so often quoted) is the understanding of the necessity of making Jesus the Master of our lives. Notice: “Jesus said to the people who believed in Him, ‘If you abide in My word, you are truly My disciples. AND you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.’” (8:31-32) Truth can only come out of “abiding” with Jesus and within His word (i.e. what He taught us).

Abide in Him

Jesus not only came to tell us what is true… He came to be our Source of truth. He came not only to teach us… but to invite us into lasting friendship with Him.

Yesterday, we talked about the immense value of the Bible as God’s Own record of His thinking (and His truth) to us. The Bible is often referred to as the Word of God – His heart to ours. The expression of His thoughts (and truth) to us.

And the Bible also refers to Jesus as the Word of God. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) Jesus came as the exact expression of God’s thoughts (and truth) to us – His Heart to ours.

word of God

The correlation is unmistakable. The Word of God is the standard for all truth. Both Jesus and The Bible are the incarnation of that standard. The Word of God (Jesus) came as the confirmation of the Word of God (The Bible).

And the very nature of the Word of God… is to liberate us.


This is so often opposed to how most people see the Bible and Jesus. They are prone to think of the Word of God as a “straight-jacket” to their lives. As slamming on the brakes to their fun or enjoyment in life. As chaining us up to prevent us from all the good things to be experienced in this world.

Either that way of thinking is a lie… or Jesus was lying.

Which seems more likely?

The truth is, our fallen nature (as described so clearly in the Bible) seeks to elevate our own wants and desires above every other purpose in life. The result is that our pleasures and our wants always enslave us to an endless desire for pleasure and want. Truth liberates us from ourselves – and from our own self-serving qualities that keep us ever-seeking what always eludes us.


Truth brings us to the One Who is our inner longing – Who enables us to truly see that happiness and joy in life are never found within us (by how much we have for ourselves), but always found in how much we give of our selves for the good of others.

Jesus lived in that truth.

Jesus invites us all to come and live in that truth as well…

jesus invites

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Defining Truth… Exposing Falsehood

April 19

freedom flying

Critical to keeping us from believing things that are false, is the ability to define what is true. And critical to being able to do this, is to find a standard that enables us to clearly define what is the truth.

As those in the vocation of building houses demonstrate… the importance of accuracy (in measuring systems and levels) is essential to accurate and “true” construction.

We observe two things about the “standards” for construction… 1) they are separate from that to which they are being compared, and 2) they are perfect.

No one trusts a builder to build a house that is “true” who merely “eyeballs” his measurements or who “squares” his walls merely by touch – even if he has mastered all the skills necessary for building houses. Experience and skill are not enough. Perfect standards (that are NOT within the builder himself) must be used to build a house to “true.” (Unless you don’t care about living in a “true” house!)


When translated into the arena of determining truth and falsehood, this narrows our options to only one choice. We must find something (or someone) that is perfect; and exists beyond us.

This eliminates the most popular option… human thinking.


Even “elevated” human thinking doesn’t help us much. No matter what philosopher, guru, prophet, religious thinker, or sage is consulted, they all suffer from the same malady. They are not perfect. They may be wise or experienced or have amazing insight – but they do not have perfection. Their thoughts may contain some level of truth (and most often do!) but even the tiniest portion of falsehood can defile the whole thing.

Many of the “truths” that drive our culture are centered in human opinion and reasoning. People’s philosophies of life are often nothing more than that which appeals to their own pleasure or sensibilities. Though these “truths” are adopted from “beyond themselves” they are nothing more than a guessing game in the construction of their lives. The problem lies in the fact that it is a near certainty that we can get so used to our lives being skewed in falsehood, that our thoughts and conclusions are perceived as right and correct. The danger of false beliefs is that we accept them as true – just because they SEEM true to us.


The only way to truly know truth is to compare it to perfection… from beyond ourselves. Our sense of what is true (or false) can only be as accurate as our standard.

This is why the Bible is so invaluable. It is the record of the thinking of the One Who is perfect and Who exists eternally beyond us.

But His plan (all along) was to draw near to us – to make us the focus of His attention and affection. The record of our original creation is full of the imagery of God’s Own Personal attention to the details of our lives. He created us to know Him and love Him… and He formed us IN His Own image to reflect His Own perfection.

formed in Gods image

Central to His plan for us was open communication… an impartation of His thinking, His wisdom, His perfect ways – so that we would have that perfect standard we need to know and live by His truth.

The Bible is that line of open communication – and that standard we need to ensure the accuracy of our thinking, whether false or true.


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False Faith; Pt. 2

April 18

We have been talking about discerning false faith – how to determine truth from falsehood in what we choose to believe.

True or false question in wood type

Yesterday, we brought up the tragedy in Jonestown Guyana – where Jim Jones led his “church” of nearly 1000 people into a mass suicide.

The question we ended with, yesterday, was how do people avoid placing their faith in something (and someone) so deceptive and false?

There are four main ways…

First, know the Bible. Read it, regularly. Ingest Its truths. Meditate on them. Think read-the-bibleabout them. Talk with friends about them. And incorporate those truths into our daily lives. One of the biggest problems associated with cults and cult leaders is the fact that people have a vague notion of Biblical truth – but do not really know what the Bible has to say. Men such as Jim Jones prey upon the weak understandings of those who would rather have someone tell them what to believe rather than search out the truth for themselves. There is no substitute for personal knowledge of what the Bible actually teaches.

Second, know your leader. It is essential to define the character of the person who guides your faith. Cults are invariably centered on a human being who will seek to Leaders-know-allcontrol people’s lives for their own gain and purposes. This human being assumes the role of “replacement” or “substitute” for God or Jesus – and claims some kind of “secret knowledge” or divine authority to restore “something lost to humanity.” Usually, that “secret knowledge” revolves around the leader’s personal gain at the participants’ personal loss. Leaders of a false faith talk incessantly about God or godliness, but seldom emulate God or godliness in their personal lives.

Third, know your standard. Measuring truth, like measuring building materials when tape and levelbuilding a house, depends on a separate (and accurate) standard by which all things are compared. Builders use tape measures and levels to insure accuracy in their work. In the case of spiritual leadership… How does a leader compare to Christ? Jesus came to earth and gave of Himself selflessly and constantly. False leaders do little but demand devotion to God by devotion to their own agendas. They exist to be served, not to serve. They are seldom, if ever, characterized by humility or selfless service. Leaders of false faith promise freedom and special gifts (secret divine blessings)… but always end up demeaning and destroying those who fall prey to their powerful deceptions. It is just IN their nature to use the faithful for their own personal benefit and gain.

Fourth, know how the leader treats people. Someone who treats us as a means to an end will eventually demand an end to our means. One of the notable actions of Jim Jones taxmanwas that, to test the people’s “faith,” He would demand that, everyone committed to his “cause,” bring their entire paycheck into the church coffers – “for the good of all.” He pushed his communal social agenda to the point of taking everything from his people. In the end, they had nothing… and could only trust in Jones to take care of them.

This can be a very ominous position.

The sad story of Jim Jones, and of the people who blindly trusted him, is precautionary for us all. Any leader that does not lead us to the higher virtues of loving God and loving people… will more than likely lead us to our spiritual (if not physical) demise.

Love God love people

Truth is: Our journey in faith is only as good as the source we are trusting.

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False Faith; Pt. 1

April 17

jim-jonesA few days ago I watched a documentary about Jim Jones and his cult, the People’s Temple. For those who may be unaware, Jim Jones is the one responsible for taking his “church” to the country of Guyana and eventually compelling more than 900 of them to commit mass suicide in 1978. It was one of the saddest and most tragic events in modern history.

At one point in the documentary, the actual audio of Jones commanding his people to drink the cyanide-laced kool-aid (and of the resulting reactions and sufferings of the people) was played… and portrayed on screen. It was absolutely chilling. Nearly a thousand people had entrusted this man with their lives and he was imploring them to willingly sacrifice themselves (and their children) for his “cause.”


As the actual scene of the hundreds of bodies lay strewn across the compound you were left to wonder… how could this happen? How can something so simple as faith become so twisted, so misguided, so wrong, that people would willingly end their own lives at the request of some “spiritual” madman?

Yet, the end is not the whole story…

These hundreds of people had given themselves to this man and his spiritual “sorcery” for years before they ever ended up dead in a compound in another country. Jones preyed upon their inadequacies, on their perceived mistreatment, on their need to find something that was real and spiritual and transcendent. He was simply charismatic enough to give them what they always wanted – a cause to believe in and a man to guide them.

In the process of becoming the people of the People’s Temple, they overlooked the magnitude of manipulation and control that Jim Jones was instituting in his “church.” They ignored the abuses. They criticized and ostracized the “unfaithful.” They became the extension of Jones’ own twisted views on family, celibacy, and purity – empowering Jones to become the dictator over their diminished lives. He stripped away their dignity, their freedom, their independence – and left them only with a devotion to his deceptive teachings and agenda.

p t complaints

The culmination was Guyana. The journey of false faith was years in the making.

All cults (false faiths) prey on two things… Biblical ignorance… and human need.

The teachings of Jim Jones were shrouded in Bible terms and concepts, but underneath they demanded devotion to one man… Jim Jones! He established that he was their father figure – and to truly trust and obey God, they would have to trust and obey him. He used truth as a packaging for his lies and deceptions. He used fear and intimidation to increase the commitment level of his people.


At any point, anyone with even a remedial Biblical knowledge would have exposed Jones for what he really was – a liar, a deceiver, and a demonic dictator. Truly, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He claimed divine authority – but used all those people to feed his own self-serving passions. He took people’s earnest desire to be led into truth… and fed them with well-shrouded lies until they were hooked to his addictive deceptions.


So how do people avoid falling into the clutches of the Jim Jones’s of the world?

We will talk about that tomorrow…

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False Faith… An Introduction

April 16

Last week we talked about having a genuine faith – and how God is committed to a genuine faith within each of us.

True Faith or False Faith

This week I wanted to take a look at the opposite side of the coin. Sometimes, it is not only important to know what a genuine faith looks like… it is also important to be able to identify a faith that is false. It is essential for every person to be able to determine the identifying characteristics of both a genuine and a false faith. Our eternal destiny could very well depend on it!

First, we need to understand that every person has faith. Sometimes we are prone to think in terms of faith and non-faith, but this is never really the case. Even those who claim not to be “religious” have a belief system and exercise faith in what they believe.

Faith line

Second, it is important to understand that there are facts to support every belief system. No one (unless they are insane) believes something that is totally unsupported by some kind of thought process, evidence, or research.

Third, most everyone thinks that what they believe is authentic… and subsequently, other opposing views are false (to varying degrees).


All these things present some significant challenges to each of us. Which facts are true? Which facts are false? How can we know for certain that what we believe is authentic? It is entirely possible to possess a sincere belief and be sincerely wrong. No one willingly thinks that what they believe is wrong (otherwise they would change what they think!). So how do we determine truth from falsehood?

In this series, I hope to explore several of these aspects of the faith that each of us possesses… I want to talk about standards of credibility, the nature of truth, and how falsehood often wears a cloak of truth as a deceptive disguise.


I will tell you right up front (for those who don’t know me) that I am biased. My own belief system is centered in One Who not only told us the truth but claimed to be the very embodiment of truth – and Whose life backed that claim at every point. If truth is discovered in the most credible and truthful person, I know of no greater or more reliable Source.

i am the way

The fundamental basis for all of my comments are founded in the Person of Jesus, the Christ – the Son of God – Whose teachings (and life) are recorded in the pages of the New Testament. Not only did He claim to be “the way, the TRUTH, and the life…” He also told us that “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” (John 14:6; 8:31-32)

In a world where there are so many voices claiming wisdom, knowledge, and truth… we all need the most credible Source we can find.

I have found no One more believable and credible as Jesus.

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