The Light?

February 1

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” (Jesus – John 3:19)

In Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, Our Savior talks about many important issues – jesus-nicodemusbeing “born again,” seeing and experiencing the kingdom of God, judgment of our sins, and what is required for us to believe in Him. But at the very heart of the matter is the all-important matter of the heart.

The key concern for each of us is whether we will embrace the Light or remain in our darkness. These are the issues that resound from the core of our being – and become what determines if we will turn from all our vain attempts at being “good” people – and turn to the One Who came to secure our righteousness with His selfless sacrifice.

In my companion piece (at, I made the observation that it is human nature to prefer darkness to Light. We so often tend to value human opinion over God’s viewpoint – and value our own reasonings to the One Whose reason is absolute truth.

Jesus came to tell us that our deep desire to hang on to darkness and refuse to embrace the Light is the verdict that condemns us to an eternity of separation from God. We, as human beings, are too proud to let go of what we want to think, say, and do… to lay hold of what God thinks, says, and does.

In a very real sense, God sends no one to hell – those who will go there… choose to go there themselves… simply because they prefer darkness to light.


When Jesus speaks of Light, He speaks first-Hand. He is God, telling us what is absolutely true. Often, we do not like what He has to say – but the only path to find what Jesus has come to offer us, is by accepting Him at His Word.

He came to be the Light of the World. This means that He came to show us (and tell us) one very essential thing… God’s viewpoint.

When Jesus speaks, He is telling us God’s thoughts and God’s truth. When Jesus acts, He is showing us God’s ways and God’s Heart.

Jesus IS the full and complete expression of the Living God – so we can see God and know Him as He really is (see John 1:1-4).

And what do we see? We see a deep and profound love for all human beings – even for people that may not have their act together… or people who oppose and mock Him. We see Someone Who has time for “the least” and the “rejected.” Someone Who accepts people whom society can only see as morally (or religiously) unacceptable.


And Someone Who would willingly be tortured to death for EVERY person on earth… past, present, and future.

It is also WHY Jesus is the only way to God. He is not only the Light… He is the Source of all Light.

Irregardless of what any human might think or say…

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Water into Wine

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January 21

“(Turning water into wine), the first of His signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and revealed His glory. And His disciples believed in Him.” (John 2:11)

water into wine

The Bible tells us that turning water into wine was Jesus’ very first miracle. John called it a “sign” – not just an event that was impossible… but an event that was proof of Who Jesus was – God with us!

Just for educational purposes, it is important to note a few facts about this first miracle…

* This was an orthodox Pharisee wedding reception – as evidenced by the “stone water pots” mentioned, and their purpose was for ceremonial hand cleansing (an emphasis of the Pharisees).

* The pots were about 2-3 liters apiece. Many English translations wrongly describe the water pots as 20-30 gallons apiece. But this size would be nearly impossible to carry (made of stone, and filled with 160/240 pounds of water!). Archaeologists have found many of these stone water pots (from this time period) in various digs to verify their size.

* To run out of wine at a wedding celebration is a profound embarrassment – that reflects very unfavorably on the host (and all in charge!).

* Also, most English translations give the appearance that Jesus is annoyed and (quite frankly) rude to His mother – when she asked Him to do something about the fact that the party had no more wine. Actually, given her authority over the servants, Mary was apparently in a position of responsibility which merited Jesus’ more respectful response of (something like): “My lady, this is not my concern – but of those who are higher on the guest list than I.”

* After some discussion (Moms do have a way with their kids), Mary commands the servants to do “whatever He tells you.” Jesus tells the servants to fill the pots to the rim (according to Talmudic tradition) and then draw out some water and take it to the master of the feast (most always the Head Rabbi of the community).


* Upon tasting the water-turned-into wine, the master of the feast declares it superior to anything they have been drinking up to this point. He comments on how curious (borderline offensive) this is…

What do we learn from this first miraculous sign?

Jesus has power over nature – and the ability to take the common and make it extraordinary. We learn that drinking alcohol is not wrong or immoral (in spite of what some churches may teach) and all things given by God are for our enjoyment (in their proper context and within limits). We learn that Jesus cares about people, first and foremost – even when their own mistakes may deserve their just rewards.

And most importantly, we see that Jesus’ disciples made the connection between Jesus and Who He really was. Up to this point, Jesus was just the Teacher, the professed “Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world,” the One Whom John the Baptist had declared to be worthy of their time and attention. This was the first real evidence that Jesus was more than just a man – that He could do things that could only be attributed to God.

It was the first time, but not the last time, Jesus would offer such convincing proof…

water into wine 2

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Temptation Foundation

January 11

“For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world.” (1John 2:16)

Most of us know this, but it is good to be reminded… there are really only three ways in which we are ever tempted.

The temptation of the flesh (our physical desires). The temptation of our eyes (wanting things that we see). And the temptation of pride (elevating our own self-importance).

As we recall, way back in the Garden… this was the tempter’s tactic with Eve.


As Eve was considering whether or not to give in to the tempter’s ploy, Genesis records her thoughts: “So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was a delight to the eyes, and desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate…” (3:6) The devil appealed to her flesh, her eyes, and her pride. We all know (and are living in!) the rest of the story.

We may also recall that this was the tempter’s same approach with Jesus in the wilderness. He appealed to His physical needs (flesh). He showed Him all the kingdoms of the earth (eyes). And, because He was too important to die, He tried to goad Him into throwing Himself off the highest point of the temple (pride).

jesus tempted orig

Every temptation is a version of one of these three things – but, ultimately, all of them boil down to one… who will be “calling the shots” of our lives = who gets to be God?

The tempter’s schemes are simple, but effective. They allow him to keep a tight rein on this world’s people.

The sad thing is that it also allows him unwarranted access into the lives of many Christians.

Think about our addictions.

smoker  overeating  Woman Eating Stacks of Donuts

They are our bodies calling the shots. Ruling over us – and our decisions to give in to them strengthens their hold over us. It is a vicious, never-ending circle. Our fleshly desires can be a relentless beast!

Think about our ambitions.

climb to success

“Climb the ladder of success. Get to the top. Assert yourself. Eat that “other dog” before you are eaten. Be somebody – no matter who you may have to trample to get there. Make yourself important.”

Think about our attractions (what we see daily).

tv ads

The entire commercial industry is based on getting us to see something “awesome” and getting us to want it… no matter the cost. We can’t watch TV (or go to the movies for that matter) without being inundated with “get this, be that, take control of your life – you can’t live without it.”

We often forget who is behind all this. He doesn’t have to be smart – as long as he is subtle. Get us to think how he wants us to think. Get us to reject the thoughts of the One Who made us – Who is always right and true.

And I’m just talking about us… God’s people. We aren’t even really talking about the people of this world. He doesn’t even really have to work on them… they’ve already bought in – because all those three lusts… are just human nature.

We need to challenge ourselves, as Christians, to live in the freedom Jesus has provided – freedom from the lies and deceptions of the enemy of God. And freedom IN the deliverance that Jesus won for us at the cross.

set free

And we need to become people of the Word again. So we can meet every temptation of the enemy just as our Liberator met them… “It is written!”

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Humbling and Testing

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January 4

Have you ever wondered why we all go through times when our world is shaken – or God seems to be absolutely disinterested in what you are going through?

We all have. And some of us go through way more than others.

But each of us go through times (or seasons) in what seems like an endless wilderness.

in the desert

We wonder… “Isn’t God supposed to keep me out of such times and places? Why is He so indifferent to my pain? How could He just have left me here?”

These are difficult issues. But the Bible does give us answers to such questions.

Our understanding comes when we ponder a passage from Deuteronomy 8 (Yeah, I know it’s the Old Testament, but bear with me).

Moses is addressing the people of Israel. They have been wandering around in the wilderness for forty years – and now they are finally ready to go into the promised land and commence to being what God had called them to be.

moses and the people

Moses declares: “Remember that these forty years the LORD your God led you all the way in the wilderness, so that He might humble you and test you in order to know what was in your heart…” (Deuteronomy 8:2)

Bottom line… the wilderness is for humbling and testing – that our hearts may be ready for the fullness of God’s plans for us.

Let’s think about humbling and testing for a bit…

Humbling is to bring us to a place of complete and utter reliance upon God. It is not pleasant. We are humbled to get us to the end of our own resources and strength – so we will give God His proper place… so we will KNOW that we must rely on Him alone as our provider and strength.

Testing is what it takes to challenge that commitment of reliance. It is the proof of what we say we believe. Belief that is untested… is not real belief.

Sometimes we forget that God is committed to bringing us each into the fullness of His plans for us. And if we really grasp that, then we must also grasp that God’s commitment to us will contain times when we will be humbled and tested.

Maybe it’s a difficult time in our lives. Or a loss. Or a heartbreak. Or a season when we are parched and aching from so much “desert” time. You know… the times when we feel like God is nowhere to be found – and could care less about our struggles.


It is those times that reveal the true condition of our hearts… and of our commitment to what we say we believe.

We don’t like it… but we NEED those times. If we never have them, there is just too much of us in all we do. And God loves us too much to leave us to ourselves. He is building something within us. Something that closely resembles Himself. And the only way to that place is through the humbling and testing points of our lives.

So if you are going through something that you don’t quite understand, know this: The God Who bought and paid for you, will never abandon you – look to Him in your season of need and fix your heart and mind on His faithfulness.

Even in the wilderness, He is always with you!

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Fulfilling Righteousness

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January 3

“It is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.” (Jesus – Matthew 3:15)

John was all the rage. Hoards of people came out to see his gig daily.

Listening intently. Feeling their hearts moved. To seek God. To re-commit their lives to serving him wholeheartedly.

J the B preaching

Many of them found themselves in the waters of the Jordan – longing to be cleansed, made afresh and anew. Yearning for their past failures and missteps to be washed away. Being publicly baptized to demonstrate their eagerness to renew their faith in the One true God.

There was the overwhelming sense of something extraordinary in the air.

Then The day came. The one John was always preaching about. Messiah was coming… riding on the voice of the one who was sent to prepare the way. The Messiah that the whole nation had been hoping and longing to see. The One, John declared,  whose footwear he was unworthy to untie.

The One was standing in the Jordan! Along with all the other penitent sinners who were seeking cleansing and consecration. John recognized Him – and then something stirred so deeply in his heart… that unworthiness… a deep sense of being undone.

J the B why me

“Why are you here?” John pleaded… “I need to be baptized by you… and do you come to me?”

John was right. The One Who is greater should baptize the lesser. It’s how it always should be. And the Messiah should humble Himself to no one!

But Jesus’ words surprised John – and even as He spoke them, John knew His words rang true.

“Let it be so now. For it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.”

Jesus wasn’t concerned about appearances. He wasn’t mindful of status. Or pecking order. Or what others might think.

All that mattered was righteousness. Doing what God would do. Doing what was right. At all times. Always.

And what was right was for the Messiah to be consecrated for service.

Jesus didn’t need to be cleansed that day. He had no sin. He needed the world to know that He was sent with special orders – to love humanity, to serve humanity, to bring the Kingdom of God to where that Kingdom was lacking… or missing altogether. Jesus had come under divine orders.

And proper servants of the Most High, needed to be consecrated into that service. Publicly. Before all persons. Humbled. Anointed. Called to pour out One’s self for the good of all others.

And so it happened. John plunged Jesus beneath those consecrating waters…


How did God respond to such an eagerness for righteousness?..

“This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased!”

Jesus' baptism

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Words of Spirit and Life

happy new year

January 1, 2019

“The words I have spoken to you–they are full of the Spirit and life.” (Jesus – John 6:63)

New beginings are all about new priorities. New ways of looking at things. New directions. New focus.

As each year begins anew, so many people look at their lives… identify their weaknesses and shortcomings… and seek for new solutions in the coming year.

We call them New Year’s resolutions…

New Year's Resolutions

For most folks, their “resolve” lasts about three weeks. Then it’s back to the same old person, with the same old issues, the same old problems – and another year of life stuck in that rut that becomes who we are throughout the year.

While there are a few people (very few!) who have iron wills and can will their way into a better (improved!) “you” – most of us just do not have what it takes to better ourselves (or, at least, make ourselves into a better version of what we have always been). Still we try… year after year… until we realize the futility of it all – and just settle in to that Popeye philosophy…


Caught somewhere between hopeless and helpless – we just deal with it… and make everyone around us deal with it as well.

But a vital truth remains… we know we should be better – and we are haunted by the fact that what we are is never what we could be.

What we all need is something from beyond ourselves. A power and ability that does not come from our own limited resources (and will).

We don’t often think about it, but Jesus came into this world not just to die for us… but to live for us. To show us what we all can be – and to tell us how we could all get there.

The Bible tells us…

John 1 14a

God’s fullest expression of His Person – right here among us. Living our kind of life. Facing our kind of issues. Tempted just as we are – yet, always (without fail) victorious over everything that drags us back into the dust of our struggles.

Jesus came to lead us out of the “best” that humanity can do – into the best that He can do. And, amazingly, we are the focus of His attention… and affection.

Jesus came bringing us words directly from Heaven – “full of spirit and life…” to liberate us from everything that keeps us constantly shackled to our lesser selves.

If we will listen. If we will heed what He says. If we will trust Him at His words.

His promise is abundantly true… the “fullness of life” (Jn. 10:10) is found in the One Who is “the way, the truth, and the life” (Jn. 14:6) – and the best thing that any of us can do is take the time to make Jesus, and His words, the centerpiece of our lives.

Jesus inviting 1

This year I will be spending the majority of my time studying, applying, and writing about Jesus’ words to us. These thoughts will be covered in my other site…

I invite you to come along with me… as we reflect on the words that are spirit and life!

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He Came…

Christmas Day      December 25


He didn’t come to us as a warrior…

though He came to do battle against the darkness of our lives.

He didn’t come to us as a conqueror…

though He came to vanquish our hearts.

He didn’t come to us as a contestant…

though He came to win our complete trust.

He didn’t come to us as a thief…

though He came to steal away our sin.

He didn’t come to us as a doctor…

though He came to heal us — body and soul.

He didn’t come to us as a wise man…

though He came to impart His unparalleled wisdom.

He didn’t come to us as a teacher…

though He came to teach us things of heaven and earth

He didn’t come to us as a philosopher…

though He came to tell us what is actually true.

He didn’t come to us as a prophet…

though He came to speak God’s words into our lives.

He didn’t come to us as a judge…

though He came to condemn our sins.

He didn’t come to us as a guide…

though He came to lead us to walk on the path of righteousness

He didn’t come as a priest…

though He came to bring unconditional pardon for our sins.

He didn’t come to us as an architect…

though He came to unfold the blueprint of our lives.

He didn’t come to us as an artist…

though He came to create something masterfully beautiful in our lives.

He didn’t come to us as a builder…

though He came to construct something magnificent in us.

He didn’t come to us as a lawyer…

though He came to be the advocate for our souls.

He didn’t come to us as anything we might have imagined… or in any way that would have made more logical sense…

But He came to us as a baby.

Helpless. Defenseless. Unthreatening. Dependent. Tender. Welcoming.

To draw us near to Him. To smile at Him. To want to hold Him. To look upon Him with hope, and love, and joy.

To see the wonder of life. Afresh and anew.

To look upon the Face of God…

And realise… the lengths to which He would go to bring us the fullest expression of His love…

baby Jesus

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Christmas Story Lessons… Treasure and Ponder


December 24

“Mary treasured up all these things, and pondered them in her heart…” (Luke 2:19)

This is the one verse of the Christmas story that almost seems out of place. All these wonderful, amazing events are happening – the fulfillment of God’s centuries-old promise is finally taking place. God is at work, doing something that would literally change the world for all of time (and eternity!) and, through Luke’s account, we get to watch and listen as all these events, in their magnificence, are unfolding.

mary-and-jesusThen, almost as an afterthought (or a cameo) we get an addendum to the story. A look inside the heart of the mother of the Son of God.

And, as we really think about it, we begin to realize that this one verse is replete with wisdom for anyone, and everyone, who has an encounter with God.

The truth is that, for every believer, God is at work in each of our lives. He is doing things – even if those things are not of the magnitude of what happened in the life of Mary. God is investing in us, telling His story through us, just as He was telling a story through the life of Mary.

Our part is to take Mary’s approach… treasure what God is doing in our lives – and ponder those things in our hearts.

Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 1.9

Life tends to push us away from this type of approach. Life bombards us with issues, circumstances, problems, responsibilities, conflicts – things that tend to shift our eyes away from God’s handiwork… and shift our hearts from taking the time to cherish all the good things God has done (and is doing) in our lives.

It is easy to get caught up in the cares and concerns of life – and lose sight that we each have a unique God-ordained purpose… and God is actually at work to reveal that purpose through our lives.

phili 2 13b

But, really, the only way we can appreciate what God is doing is to constantly treasure His handiwork… and remind ourselves (often) just Who it is that is “working out all things for good” in our lives (Romans 8:28).

When we received Jesus (and what He has done for us), God took us as His very own. And from that moment He set out to do what He has always desired to do through us… fulfill a plan and a purpose that existed before any of us ever existed. A plan that He formed from before “the foundations of the earth.” (Ephesians 1:4)

A plan and a purpose that is just as essential (to us) as it was for Mary.

The main “treasure” for Mary – is also the same “treasure” for each of us..

It is Jesus. Always Jesus.

Jesus inviting 1

She was used of God to bring forth the birth of the Son of God. And the Son of God grants us new birth in Him. So that HE can be incarnate within us, work through us, minister through us, and change the world through us.

And one of the most important keys of the Christian life is to actually SEE that happening through our lives.

I would just encourage us all… to live with Mary’s example ever-etched on our own hearts… Treasure what God has done, and is doing… and ponder those things often.

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Christmas Story Lessons… What on Earth??


December 21

“And suddenly there appeared with the angel a great multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying: ‘Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.’” (Luke 2:13-14)

The spectacular message that the angel proclaimed to the shepherds was followed by an even more spectacular display. One glorious angel was suddenly joined by “a great multitude” of angels. The night sky was filled with the cacophony of the voices of countless angels – proclaiming their response to the first angel’s message.

angels and shepherds

It’s as if it just wasn’t enough to simply declare “the good news of great joy” (even by a heavenly being)…there just had to be a “chorale response” befitting of the magnitude of the message that the Savior had come to impact the earth.

The message of the Savior brought the highest and most extravagant praise from the host of heaven’s messengers. It was deserving of such response from heaven.

It is also deserving of such response from earth.

The whole point of why the Savior was born on that first Chrstmas was so that all the people of earth could discover and experience the fullness of the glory of God in the highest. That we might truly know our Maker… and personally know the wonder and majesty of His love.

So our praise could be unrestrained – and uncontainable. There is nothing higher, more noble, more worthy of our delight than to truly receive the Savior – and the message He came to fulfill. And the proper response to this Savior is our highest, most unreserved and heart-felt praise.


But the Savior came to do far more than just fill us with praise. He came to bring us “peace on earth.”

But not in the way that we most often think about it.

The peace that God offers is not an absence of turmoil or trouble. Neither is it an expelling of all conflict or concerns. God’s peace is not the elimination of life’s storms…

storms of life

The peace that God offers is a peace in the midst of our turmoil or trouble, conflict or concerns – a peace that emanates from within us, no matter how the storms of life may rage all around us. It is a peace utterly independent of our circumstances.

Because it is peace that has no earthly equivalent… and, indeed, no earthly origin.

It is the peace that exists in God Himself – an eternal, and unlimited peace… that He offers freely to those who willingly submit their hearts to the Savior.

Jesus Himself told us of this peace…

Peace is a Person

In the Christmas story is the amazing fact that Heaven came down to earth to overcome every issue that plagues human souls – and Heaven came to defeat everything that robs us of our peace and joy.

Peace is a Person… and His Name is Jesus.

And when we choose to make Him the center of our life’s focus, God is pleased, His favor rests upon us, and He produces within us an eternal, unshakable peace.

In this Christmas season, those who welcome the Prince of Peace – will experience and know the fullness of why Heaven came to walk among us.


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Christmas Story Lessons… Best. News. Ever.


December 20

“And the angel said to (the shepherds), ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior Who is Christ the Lord…’” (Luke 2:10-11)

Most of us are very familiar with these words – so much so, that they often lose their effect on us. It has become rather matter of fact: “Yeah. Jesus was born as a baby in Bethlehem – and we celebrate His birthday every year on December 25.”

It is often so easy to forget the real magnitude of what the angel was declaring to those simple shepherds on that first Christmas night.

The world into which Jesus came was a dark and troubled place. Rome was asserting their dominance everywhere – and trying to assimilate everyone into Greek culture and ideals. Under Roman rule, the whole world was subjugated to the whims and notions of the Roman rulers – who were often consumed with power, debauchery, and pride.


The religious climate was no better. The Jewish culture was a tightly woven fabric of “do’s and don’ts” represented by 613 laws that every loyal Jew was expected to follow perfectly – or face the ire of Jewish authority. If there is anything more relentless than godless authority… it is religious authority – meting out unmerciful judgment for those who do not measure up to expectations.

before the sanhedrin

This was the climate of the world into which our Savior came. It was not a place of much hope or future – as everywhere you turned you met overwhelming obstacles to life… and peace… and joy.

But it was into all this darkness that the glorious Light came. And the angel of God was sent to those shepherds to tell us so. And in that declared news, God was informing us of all the things that the Savior had come to alleviate.

Angel and shepherds

First order of business… Bring assurance. Peace. “Fear not!” Take us from our deepest fears – and fill us with wonder. Sure, the shepherds were shaking in their sandals (as we would be!), but God’s first words address what always keeps us from discovering the fullness of divine life and truth. Fear keeps us shackled and separated from our divine destiny. God’s words through the angel meet us at our basest need. The need to know that God is actually for us… not against us.

“Good news of great joy…” Earth-shaking news. News that cannot be silenced or contained. News that runs straight to our hearts – and speaks of wonders and truths we cannot imagine. God “laid aside His godly privileges” to come and walk among us as one of us. And His life will bring His best to our lives. The news brings unimaginable and indescribable joy for those who embrace it. Those who believe in it. Give their lives to it. Jesus came not just to die for us, but to live for us – and to bring us all into the fullness that life in Him can offer.

“That will be for ALL the people…” No one is exempt from this news. No one is too far gone. Too broken. Too insignificant. Too great a wretch. The news is for every person. No matter your status (or lack of status) in this world..

“For unto you is born this day… a Savior.” Not a new set of religious standards. Not a new moral code. Not a bunch of new life-principles to live by. A Savior! A Person.


God came to live among us to make this life Personal. And in this Person is all we truly need. He is all we ever needed – and all we will ever need. He came to offer us life… and that more abundantly (Jn. 10:10). A life full of peace, hope, joy… and a future of an eternity knowing Him.

What the angel proclaimed… was indeed, the best news ever uttered…

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