Library of Life

Speed of Particles

March 24

In 1953, Francis Crick and James Watson won the Nobel Prize for discovering the amazing molecule that is responsible for the development and functioning of every living thing. What they found is known today as deoxyribonucleic acid… a.k.a. DNA.


Within every cell of every living thing on the earth, DNA is the indispensable information storehouse for the highly choreographed manufacturing process in which the right amino acids are linked together with the right bonds in the right sequence to produce the right kind of proteins to build all biological systems. Ever since the 60’s, biologists have recognized that proteins are the product of the assembly instructions stored within DNA. Without DNA there are no proteins… and without proteins, there is NO life.

Even though DNA is microscopic, the information it holds is not. We can barely fathom the amount of information present within the infinitesimal DNA molecule. Scientists tell us that it is roughly 700mb of data. That’s hundreds of books’ worth of information present in something we can’t even see with the naked eye… and this, in every cell!

books galore

Stephen Meyer, director of the Center for Science and Culture, compares DNA to a library, where “the organism accesses the information it needs… so it can build its critical components.” And this is no small task. “To build just one protein, you typically need 1,200 to 2,000 bases (nitrogen based pairs) – which is a lot of information.”

The real question is: where does all this vast amount of highly specific information originate? Meyer again: “It’s the critical and foundational question. If you can’t explain where the information comes from, you haven’t explained life, because it’s the information that makes the molecules into something that actually functions.”

Bernd-Olaf Küppers, the author of “Information and the Origin of Life,” agrees: “The question of the origin of life turns out to be the question of the origin of biological information.”

The extent of the problem is this… DNA is comprised of proteins… but without DNA there are no proteins. It is the ultimate “chicken or the egg – which came first?” scenario.


Only… all of life depends upon our answer.

Evolutionary scientists have been suggesting theories for decades (random chance, natural selection, self-ordering, chemical affinities, etc.). But the more we have learned (especially in the realm of cellular biology and molecular genetics), the more those theories end up being scrapped… and others being sought.

What science is telling us is that DNA is really the secret to life – and at the heart of DNA is all the information needed for life.

As we mentioned last week, we constantly observe that information is the always product of intelligence. And when we consider the amount of information and the critical nature of that information to all of life… one conclusion seems obvious.

Someone of great intelligence and power made all of life possible… and made it perpetual through something we cannot even see with our unaided eyes.

2 dna


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Grace to Sustain and Empower Us

Grace to Sustain

March 23

“But He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness.’” (2Corinthians 12:9)

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that nobody’s life is perfect. Everybody has an issue, or a frustratedstruggle, or a barrier, or a fault… that makes life more difficult than we would prefer. Sometimes these problems come from beyond ourselves – but they amount to things that we wish we didn’t have to face, or deal with… we just want them to go away so our lives would be “better” (or at least, less frustrating!).

It’s strangely comforting to know that the apostle Paul had this struggle as well. Apparently, what he faced was pretty overwhelming. He called it a “messenger from Satan” (12:7) sent to wreak havoc on his personal life… and to wreck his ministry.

What I find most interesting is God’s attitude toward the apostle’s problem. God could have intervened to alleviate the apostle’s frustration. God could have made it go away completely. But instead, God chose to make it a teaching moment – to impart something that was more beneficial to the apostle than his mind could fathom.

This is more important than we often realize. We always seem to want God to fix our problems, make our troubles go away, place our feet on “easy street.”

easy street

But He has a greater purpose – greater than our personal convenience or comfort.

God takes it pretty seriously when we want Him to be the Lord of our lives. He takes our commitment to Heart – and makes it His commitment to bring what is best to (and from) our lives. And sometimes… what we think, and what He thinks, are totally different things.

At the heart of the matter is one primary goal. God wants to make Himself known, as He really is… and He chooses to do that through our little lives. Only they aren’t so little to Him. They matter greatly. They have more purpose than we realize. And one of His main objectives is to fill our lives with His purpose.


We don’t like it much, but sometimes God’s purpose carries hardship with it. Mistreatment. Pain. That’s what the apostle learned… and shared with us.

IF the story really IS God’s grace… then the most important thing is that His grace becomes SEEN. God tells us that His grace is seen most clearly and abundantly through our weaknesses. Through our struggle and hardships.

Strength is (often) ALL us. Weakness tells the world it isn’t us at all. It is God IN us, working through us, doing what He deems best.


We get to be the one through whom HE works – showing Himself (and all His amazing qualities) through our weaknesses and frailties.

God’s message to us, whenever we feel weak, troubled, anxious, or worthless, is that it was never about us in the first place. It is always about Him… and about His grace being seen in, and through, our lives – and He will be faithful to remind us of the fact that His grace is always sufficient for whatever we face!

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Grace to Strengthen Us

Grace to strengthen

March 22

“You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus…” (2Timothy 2:1)

If you have ever done any weight training you are familiar with that inevitable moment when you reach the point of muscle exhaustion. One moment you are doing your reps, and then, suddenly your strength is gone, your muscles have failed, and you are absolutely incapable of lifting the weight any longer. It is a strange and helpless feeling.

muscle fatigue

It is a fundamental truth: human strength is fading… and will eventually fail.

In the Christian faith, the good news is that we do not walk by our own strength or ability. We do our living by the strength that God provides. His strength is unfailing. His strength never fades. His strength is as infinite as His love.

Grace carries the quality of God’s limitless strength. This is why the apostle gently encourages Timothy to be strengthened by grace. Specifically, the grace that we need abides in our Lord Jesus – and relying upon His abiding Presence imparts His strength to our lives.

We all have the tendency to adopt the attitude that we need to try our best to do what God asks of us… and when we run out of strength, then we can turn to God for help. But this is not how we are called to live. God is not our “backup plan.” He is not our secondary reinforcement. His grace is to be our first option. Our only option. We rely on His grace from the beginning – for His grace is always all-sufficient. We trust in His grace to do what He wants us to do. The work is the Lord’s… and it will always require God’s ability to accomplish what He desires us to do.

sufficient grace

It’s a good thing that He offers us His strength in abundant supply. His strength is what is needed. And His strength is found in His gift of grace.

This is why we are commanded to “be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” (Ephesians 6:10) Only His ability can accomplish His purposes. Only His strength is capable of keeping us from failing.

This kind of grace was what the prophet Isaiah was describing when he was inspired to write those famous words: 

isaiah 40 31

God calls us to live in, and by, His grace. Not as a supplement to what our own ability can accomplish – but as what we are relying on to accomplish what He has given us to do.

We are saved by grace. We live by grace. We are strengthened by grace. Each and every moment of our lives.

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Grace to Help in our Time of Need

Grace to help us

March 21

“Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16)

Yesterday, we talked about the fact that God’s grace is far more than just His unmerited favor – it is the fullness of the expression of His character and nature, towards us. This deepens our understanding. God is not just loving us… He is actively moving in our lives to impart Himself into us. This impartation is grace!

We began, two days ago, with the thought that God has poured out the fullness of His grace to us (see John 1:16). He is not holding back. He is not reserving a supply for when we become more deserving. He has granted us immediate access to the full supply of His storehouse of limitless grace. It is our inheritance “in the saints.” (see Ephesians 1:18!)

But we need to understand that access to this grace is not automatic. We have a part in laying hold of what God has freely given us.

I was thinking about this as I jumped into the shower this morning. I realized it is possible to actually be IN the shower… and yet not get clean. The shower itself does not get me clean. I have to turn on the water. I have to use the soap. I have to let the water and soap do its work on all of me. Just being in the shower is not enough.


Just talking about grace is not enough, either. Neither is it enough to know that grace is always available to us. We have to access it. We must “get in, and turn it on.”

This is why the writer of the Hebrew letter challenges us as He does. Grace is readily available. In full supply. For everything we need. But we are required to “approach the throne of grace.” God is waiting for us to come. God is ready to meet our need in the abundance of Himself. But He cannot grant us His grace until we come to Him.

Why would this be? I thought He loved us? If He already knows our need, why should we even have to ask?

The answer to all these questions lies in the fact of relationship. Relationships are always built on mutual sharing. And a relationship with God is based on faith. Our trust in His trustworthiness. Our recognition of His care. Our dependence on His faithfulness.


God tells us this is essential to our relationship with Him. Jesus instructed us to “ask, seek, knock…” (Matthew 7:7-8) James reminded us: “You do not have because you do not ask.” (James 4:2-3)

It is a simple matter, really… all the grace we ever need “to help us in our time of need” is readily available to us 24/7/365.

God eagerly desires to display Himself powerfully in our lives… He is just waiting to be invited into our lives, into our situations, into the fullness of our hearts.

His response to us is the fullness of His grace – poured out in limitless abundance.


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Grace to Enable Us

Grace enable

March 20

“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not in vain. No, I worked harder than all of them – yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me.” (1Corinthians 15:10)

How shall we define God’s grace?

Grace is the expression of Who God is… towards us. Grace is God’s articulation of His Own nature, character, and Personality – directed to those who are the objects of His attention.

As you can tell, this definition does not limit grace only to God’s love. Love is only one aspect of His nature and character (though it is a vital aspect!). Grace encompasses all of Who God is – as He reveals Himself to us… AND as He expresses Himself to us. Whenever we see God moving, acting, or speaking in the Bible… He is moving, acting, and speaking by His grace. Grace is God in motion… doing what God does, because of His nature.

And human beings are the objects of His grace.

Whenever we see “grace,” in Scripture, it is descriptive of some way in which God is moving – some way in which He is working on us, in us, or for our benefit.

As we see “grace” mentioned so prominently in our verse for today, we can see the larger view of how God is interacting with us.

Grace is central to the apostle’s testimony. All that He is (at the time of this writing), is because God acted on his behalf… in his life – and God’s activity shaped the apostle into what he had become. God did not just love the apostle… He also called him, gave him a purpose, empowered him, gave him a new perspective, and gave him a new life. God did all this. The apostle takes no credit for his current status – and that status (as God’s apostle) is credited strictly to God’s grace.

Pauls conversion

But grace goes deeper still… God’s activity is not just towards us – His activity gets inside of us. It permeates our whole being. It energizes and enables us to give away what we have received. It allows us to be that conduit through which God pours out His grace… through us. It is always: God’s grace to us, God’s grace in us, God’s grace through us – divinely impacting our own lives… and spilling over to the people around us.

Grace flowing

The apostle attributes his own response to grace as the appearance of hard work (“I worked harder than all of them…”) – but then he gives us the correct understanding (“…yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me.”) It is God’s grace within him… enabling Him to be a carrier and distributor of divine activity. Of the divine character. Of God’s Own Nature.

All that he is… he owes to grace. And all that he now does is because of grace.

Grace is far more than God’s undeserved favor… it is God’s unprecedented enabling – to be and do… as He Himself is and does.

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Grace Upon Grace

March 19

Grace w fall

It is one of the subtle truths of the Christian life that we will only live by what we know. Simply stated: our actions are largely determined by what we think – and what we think is based on what we know.

Put another way… we will only have faith for what we believe is available to us. So if our understanding is limited… so also will be our experience. We can only experience what we believe is available for us to experience – and we will scarcely go beyond what we know.

Through my many years of looking at Christianity (and the people who have professed faith in Christ Jesus), one thing continually gnaws at me. As Christians, we often live far beneath what God has made available to us through the all-sufficient work of Jesus.

In so many areas, we have more than we think we do.

This is most apparent when we consider God’s grace. So many of us Christians have been trained to believe that grace is God’s unmerited favor – given to us freely out of His infinite love for us. This is certainly true.

But that is not all there is. Grace is much bigger than we have known. Though the Bible paints a magnificent panorama of the glory of God’s grace – all our focus has been on a relatively small portion of the landscape. We seem satisfied with our simple understandings – and relatively unconcerned about what we have been missing. But what we are missing is essential to our walk…

John 1 16

Our verse for today forms the foundation for this series of talks on God’s grace. I find that it is pretty easy to gloss over this verse (1:16; to get to the more famous verses right before and after it!) But this verse grabs my attention! The truth is: we need ALL that God has for us – and all He has for us is the extension of “His fullness.”

Think about that for a minute… God’s expression to us, through the work of Jesus, is from “His fullness.” God is not holding back. He has not reserved a greater expression for later. He is not waiting for us to become more deserving to receive more at a future time. He has given us “everything we need for life and godliness.” (2Peter 1:3) And we have it NOW. “From His fullness we have ALL received.” The tenses tell the story… Jesus’ work, on our behalf, has released the floodgates of heaven. We just have to place our faith in the fullness of what He has given us.

John 1:16 declares that “we have all received grace upon grace.” That means: Grace, grace, and more grace. And after that… still more grace. In infinite supply. In relentless measure. In overwhelming abundance.

The reason for this? God’s grace IS the story. It’s not about us… or our issues… or our failings… or about becoming better people… or even about our victories. It’s about His grace – filling us… and overflowing from us, until we are like little rivers of grace that flow out to everyone around us with the goodness and mercy of God.

grace river

In the days ahead, we will explore this amazing gift of God’s grace…

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Psalm Eight: Pt. 3 What is Man?


March 18 

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have set in place. What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You care for him?” (Psalm 8:3-4)

After turning his attention to the glory of the heavens (and seeing the utter magnificence of God) the psalmist is drawn to an obvious observation. How is it that the God Who made the entire universe, with all its expanse and majesty, could ever have a thought about mankind. It doesn’t make sense to the psalmist. And, when we really think about it, it doesn’t make much sense to us either.

How does Someone with the ultimate in significance stoop so low as to give a thought or a care about creatures so insignificant in comparison?

We all know that, in our most honest moments, we don’t deserve even the faintest attention from the Most High. We are so far beneath Him, that He would be blameless to totally ignore us completely. We are so frail, and petty, and self-serving, and flawed – it makes no sense that the God Who is so pure and so perfect and so powerful would have any real interest in our lives… or our problems… or our thoughts. All we have to do is look into the heavens… He is SO big… and we are so small. What is man, indeed?!

night sky 3

But this is the wondrous mystery. The Psalmist tells us that not only is God undeterred by our insignificance… He has made us the focus of His attention and affection. We are not just an afterthought to His grand miracle of creation… we are at the center of His creative purpose.

The psalmist declares: “Yet You have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor. You have given him dominion over the works of Your hands; You have put all things under his feet…” (Ps. 8:5-6)

valued by GodHuman beings have immense value BECAUSE our Creator bestowed this value upon us. He crowned us “with glory and honor.” In Scripture, these are attributes almost always associated with the divine character. Because He made us “in His image” we carry the weight of His significance – by His Own choice.

Not only this but He made the whole universe and then appointed us to “have dominion” over everything. Because He rules over all, and we are “made in His likeness,” we share in the attributes of His nature – by His Own will.

God made

Though it seems utterly unlikely, the psalmist tells us that the God Who displays His immense majesty in the glory of the heavens… is also intent on displaying His unimaginable favor to our lives. We are the objects of His loving attention and affection – simply because that is the way He wanted things to be.

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Purpose, Function, and Design

Speed of Particles

March 17

In my time of blogging, I have done over 500 posts (Wow, that’s a crazy number!). It’s only possible because of today’s technology. My work on this site is made possible because some really bright people have come up with some amazing ideas… and found a way to make them a reality.

As I sit here, at my computer, typing away… several things are going on all at once. I am listening to a CD (a group of songs converted to the binary code of 1’s and 0’s and then converted back to an “analog” signal = music!). While listening, I am writing these words (using our English alphabet of 26 letters and some punctuation symbols), formed in proper sequences, to communicate my thoughts.


I am utilizing a software program (a Word Processor) that takes the keystrokes of my computer keyboard, also converting them to binary code (= computer language) and then reconverts them to appear on my computer monitor so I can see the words as I type them.

When I finish typing out all my thoughts, I will turn my attention to posting my work on the internet. This is another amazing amalgam of technology – people throughout the world can share their thoughts and experiences just by getting “online.” What I write and post (on my web page) is information that enables you to read and experience my thoughts – allowing you to read and respond as you see fit (using virtually the same processes and technology I use!).

Every bit of all this activity is attributable to two main things: scientific discoveries – and intellectual ingenuity. Ideas are formed in certain minds – who then seek out physical ways of making those ideas a reality.

My ability to write these words and to post them so you can understand my thoughts is the result of intelligent minds who saw a need and came up with a way to meet that need. They envisioned a world with the ability to communicate through computers and they came up with ways for that to occur. First, was an idea. That idea was driven by purpose. And that purpose was met by thoughtful design and intelligent manufacturing.


This same pattern occurs every time technology advances or a new technology emerges… Purpose is met by design… and design is always the result of intelligence at work.

Think of anything we use on a daily basis… from our cars, to our cell phones, to our dinnerware, to our toothbrushes, to our computers, to the software that runs our computers, to our CD’s, and on and on… Everything we use is because someone took the time to think of a way to make it happen.

human cell 2Over the past few Saturdays, we have been talking about human cells… It is a scientific fact that every single one of them (no matter the type of cell) has a purpose – each one fulfills a particular function within our bodies. And every one of these cells had to function from its outset – which required every one of it’s inner “parts” to work AND to work with every other part of the cell to perform its function.

Evolutionists want to tell us that cells “just happened.” They have spent decades trying to come up with any viable reason for that conclusion. They even go against everything they have ever learned in the scientific disciplines. In truth, nothing we have ever observed about purpose and function has ever “just happened.” Without exception, purpose and function are always the results of intelligence and design.

The cells in our bodies are so magnificently complex that we are presently incapable of building anything close to their mechanical equivalent. They perform functions that we are only beginning to understand – and they do this at a speed and precision that boggles our minds!

When we really take the time to look at cells and how well they perform their biological functions… they could only have been the idea and design of a Genius Intellect.

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Stewards of Grace

March 16

As good stewards of the manifold grace of God, each of you should use whatever gift he has received to serve one another.” (1 Peter 4:10)

We have been talking about the simplest truths of the gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus told us we need to become as little children to possess the Kingdom. And Peter reminded us that we are to be the conduits of the grace God has poured out to us. His gift to us (grace) is a gift to be shared with those who abide in our little world.

Today, I wanted to talk about this strange word that Peter used (and Christians use all the time) but we really don’t understand what it means.

If you have spent any time in churches, you have undoubtedly heard someone (usually a minister) talk about “being a good steward” OR about “the need for good stewardship.” In our churches, we have tied “stewardship” to our money – because we seldom talk about being a steward unless we are talking about money.


But being a steward is actually a term that describes our relationship with God AND about how we should be thinking… when we think about His grace.

In our day and age, most people own their own homes (or some land) that we call our own (even if we are still paying our lender for it!). But this whole land ownership thing is a fairly recent development.


The word “steward” is an old english word, used commonly during (and after) the time when king James authorized an english translation of the Bible (early 1600’s). The word, in the original language, meant: “manager in/of a household.”

In the days of king James, the king himself owned all the land. But since this was a lot to maintain, certain individuals were appointed to care for particular allotments of the king’s land. In that day, they were called “stewards.” Their task was to occupy the land, care for it, and use it to supply the needs of the people in that particular area of the kingdom. The land belonged to the king… but was occupied by the king’s stewards, to be used to produce things that would benefit the people of that land.

Stewards did not own the land. They cared for, and managed, the land – always with the thought of caring for the land in a manner that would please the king. The steward received the king’s allotment as a means of the king’s provision for the people of the land.

The Christian parallel is obvious. Peter tells us that we are each “stewards of the manifold grace of God.” We receive God’s abundant grace, but it is not ours to own… or spend only on ourselves. We receive that grace… cultivate it, and use it to be a blessing to the people all around us – in the King’s name, just as the King would do.


A relationship with Jesus makes us a part of the Family of the King. Whatever we “have” on this earth is never really ours – it is all a gift from God. As “stewards” chosen by God, grace is to be utilized for our own needs and employed to be a blessing to those around us.

As believers, we are all caretakers of everything owned by our King. Everything we have is as a gift from His gracious Hand – and we should always treat it accordingly.

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Grace In… Grace Out

March 15

As good stewards of the manifold grace of God, each of you should use whatever gift he has received to serve one another.” (1 Peter 4:10)

Back in the early days of computer programming, there was a phrase that was used often (almost always when the computer did not do what it was “supposed” to do)… The phrase was: “Garbage in… Garbage out.”


For quite a while, that phrase was applied broadly to people’s lives in an effort to explain why “good” people suddenly turned out “bad” – or did something incredibly foolish. It was a simple, but accurate, explanation.

You don’t hear that phrase much anymore (who programs computers anymore?!)… and it’s too bad because it really is descriptive of how people’s lives can end up in such a mess. Somewhere along the way, garbage got in… and it was bound to come out!

But not only is there truth in the phrase “garbage in… garbage out” – the opposite is also true. “Good stuff in… good stuff out.”

In fact, this is actually the summary of what Christian living is all about. God has set it up so that He supplies the “good stuff” to our lives… so, in turn, we can let the “good stuff” out – a steady flow from God to us… and from us to those all around us.


The “good stuff” God gives us can be summarized in one wonderful word… Grace!

Next week I plan to talk more in-depth about grace (because most Christians’ view of grace is too limited) – but for now, let me just talk briefly about God’s plan for His grace in our lives.

God makes us His children, not just so we can go to heaven when we die, but so we can be His means of touching this world now… through our lives. His plan is wonderfully simple… make us His Own… pour out His grace into our lives… and lead us to pour out the grace we have received, to others. Put grace in… get grace out.

When we begin to see that this really is the entirety of what God wants from us… our whole world is revolutionized! We find ourselves wanting to be in situations where God pours out His grace upon us, so that we are strong in His grace… AND fully equipped to give out what we have received (Jesus: “Freely you have received, freely give.”) What we have received freely is God’s grace… in abundant, overflowing measure. Grace meets us at our point of need… and there is plenty left over to flow out to those all around us. We become not just the vessels of God’s grace… but the conduit of His grace.

This is Christian living in a nutshell. It is Christian ministry defined. It is what Jesus did. It is what His early disciples did. It was the hallmark of the early Church. It was and is: God’s grace poured out in us… and God’s grace flowing out through us – all to God’s glory!

Jesus heals Jairus daughter

One note of caution: The danger of receiving God’s grace is that we can be so enamored with grace that we keep it all to ourselves. We drink it in… but we do not let it out. We keep it to ourselves… we do not give it away.

I think this is the reason why we have to become as little children to possess the kingdom of God. Only those who have been relieved of their burden of provision can understand that God’s grace flows out of HIM. If we have Him, and He has us… our need is met, we are fully satisfied, and… we are liberated from the need to keep it all to ourselves. What more do we need if God is our all-sufficiency?!

True Christianity is simply defined as God’s grace in… God’s grace out. When we consistently live by this ample truth, we cannot help but affect the world around us!

conduits of grace

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