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Evidence; Part 7 Eternity…

June 15 “God …has planted eternity in the human heart…” (from Ecclesiastes 3:11) I find it intriguing that in every culture, past and present, backward or forward-thinking, educated or illiterate – there is a prevailing belief in an afterlife. Human … Continue reading

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A Reasonable Faith

May 12 Truth will always stand the test of honest scrutiny. Of course, the key factor is an honest evaluation of any matter at hand. If we are considering the existence of God, we need to factor in all the … Continue reading

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Does Truth Matter?

April 21 “What is truth?” (Pontius Pilate; in John 18:38) When Jesus stood before the governor, Pontius Pilate, these words were the end of their time together. Jesus was talking about why He came – to be a voice of truth … Continue reading

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Cultural Clamor… Beyond he or she

April 20 The culture’s view of identity… The cover of the March 16, 2017 issue of TIME magazine caught my eye. It touched on a topic that is getting a lot of attention in our current cultural climate. You may … Continue reading

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Cultural Clamor, Part One

Of Dieting and Doughnuts (but not the way you think) I have not written in a while… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the topic I’m going to address today and wanted to form my thoughts to balance … Continue reading

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