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A Day of Loss…

March 1 This week brought one of the saddest of days for our household. We had to say “goodbye” to our Golden Retriever, Daisy. I’m the type of person who believes that each episode of our lives can teach us … Continue reading

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Psalm Twenty-Two

April 1  This Psalm is known, by many, as the “crucifixion Psalm” because so many portions are played out in the supreme sacrifice of Jesus. In David’s own lament, we see a foreshadowing of a greater suffering – to redeem … Continue reading

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Death of a Savior

I want to apologize in advance for two things… ONE – the length of this post (there was a lot to say and I just wanted to say it all in one post) TWO – the graphic nature of these … Continue reading

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Right vs. Wrong

November 4 We have all heard someone say something like this: “No one should impose their moral views on others – everyone has the right to find the truth for themselves.” What this means, of course, is that each person … Continue reading

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