God of Greater Than

June 27

“There is none like You… Oh Lord, nor are there any works like Yours… For You are great and do wondrous things; You alone are God.” (Psalm 86:8, 10)

We have probably all witnessed those scenes when two small children (usually boys!) are “nose to nose” out on the playground. Their loud and boisterous conversation is centered on comparing their fathers to each other’s – in everything from strength, to importance, to intelligence. Their “my dad can beat your dad” contest is at the heart of something very important to us.

my dad your dad

As children, we have this in us that always wants to feel that our Dad is the best, the strongest, the wisest, and the most intelligent – and that no one else even comes close. Maybe it’s because we want to feel secure or protected or proud – or maybe it’s just because we need to know that our Dad will never face anything that He can’t handle.

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to think that (perhaps) God put that within us. For Someone who wants us to see Him as Father – these are the types of things that matter to us. We want to know that, no matter what comes our way, our Father is greater than the problem or challenge in front of us.

This has so many possible applications…

tragedyWhen in the midst of an overwhelming tragedy – we need to know that God is greater than our sorrow. We need to know that His comfort comes to us from an unlimited reservoir of His love – and that His greatness is with us through the duration of our struggle.

abused.jpgWhen something has been done to us that tears at our very souls, day after day – we need to know that God is greater than our pain and anger. We need to know that His healing can flow to the deepest of hurts and that His healing is always greater than the suffering of our souls.

Computer-GloOr when we just keep falling into the same old sin. Time after time, we fall into the darkest depths… only to cry out for God’s forgiveness and rescue. We just need to know that there really is NO limit to His ability to rescue and forgive us – and that His grace really is greater than ALL our sin.

regretAnd in those times when WE did something unthinkable to someone else – we need to know that God’s mercy is greater than our guilt and shame. When it is most difficult to forgive ourselves… it is so good to know that God is the supreme example of giving us more (and better) than we deserve. His compassion towards us truly has no limits.

We could go on and on… The point is that God is always greater than our lack, always more loving than we think He should be, always with us even when it seems He isn’t, and always MORE than we could ever deserve.

The God Who is infinite is also the God Who is greater than – no matter what affliction, obstacle, or challenge comes our way.



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