God of Infinity

June 26

“If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and My Father will love him…” (John 14:23)

One of the more significant challenges for any believer in Christ, is accepting the personal application of God’s love for us.

We all tend to believe in the generalities about God. We tend to view God in the big panorama… but struggle to see Him in the personal specifics of our lives.

For instance… we readily believe that God loves the whole world – but we struggle to accept that God loves… me. We believe that God is a healing God – but I’m not sure that He wants to heal… me. God is infinite in His desire (and ability) to forgive – but I’m not certain that (given all my failures) He can really forgive… me.


Believing all the generalities about God does good things for our minds – but only the deep understanding of the personal application of Who God is (and how intensely He loves us personally) can ever do wonders for our hearts.

And, most of all, God is after our hearts.

all I wanted

At some point we are all faced with the necessity of moving beyond the general facts about God to embracing the life-altering truth – that God seeks to have a real and personal relationship with… each of us.

He seeks to invest His Heart in us – and our hearts must be wide open to what He seeks.

Part of the problem is that we have all come to the realization that we are NOT that significant in the eyes of the world. Most of us have little in regard to status, or influence, or importance. We are mostly just faces in the crowd – and we know it. We know that, for the most part, we will always be just faces in the crowd.

So it is difficult for us to see how God finds us personally important when we are little more than “taking up space” on this planet. How can we really matter to the most significant Being ever… when, in this universe, we hardly ever matter at all?


But that is just the problem… and in a very strange way… also our solution.

God is SO Big that we find it hard to really believe that we matter to Him at all. Infinite and Almighty King of the Whole Universe… meet the ant (actually way less than an ant, in truth, but you get the idea!). This is a scale of comparison that we just can’t get our heads around. It doesn’t make any logical sense. Why would the Infinite and Almighty have a single thought about any (or all) of us nobodies.

But it is the Bigness of God that also what makes the love for “little old us” possible. He is so infinite, so unlimited, so unrestricted that He is actually able to give each of us His full and undivided attention (and never ever ignore anyone else).

everlasting love

Seven billion souls on this planet (or so) and God is so infinite that He can be fully personal and completely involved with each and every one of them for their entire lives. This is not even miraculous for Him… it is what He normally and casually does.

God, being God.

When we think about God, we need to realize the value of His infinity. There is never a fraction of a moment when He is not with us… or when He is unaware of what we are facing. He is never surprised by what we are going through. And He’s never without a purpose and a plan to get us where we need to be.

When we realize that this is not just God’s general promise to people – but His personal promise to us… we find ourselves in the place where He truly wants us…

Enamored with Him. Marveling at His love. Trusting fully in His personal nature. And watching in wonder as the God of the whole universe does what only He can do in our personal lives…

2 good 2 be true


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