Identity… Part 2; New Creations

October 21

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation…” (2 Corinthians 5:17a)

We ARE new creations… we are NOT becoming new creations.

If this is true, then we need to know what it means to be a new creation… and how that happens.

To be a creation is to be the handiwork of a creator. It follows that the quality of that creation is dependent upon the skill and ingenuity of the creator.

A few months ago, we were cleaning out our basement and ran across a few boxes filled with our children’s early art “masterpieces.” Smiles came to our faces as we took the time to look at each one. The people looked strange (stick arms and grossly deformed fingers and faces). The color choices were often weird (brown grass, purple sky, red suns, etc.). But, the children poured themselves into those odd scenes and took great delight in giving them to their “adoring” parents. Their creations were low on the “art skills” meter – but high on the “treasured value” meter of their parents.

kids drawing

When it comes to being our Almighty Creator’s new creations, we are talking about work of infinite skill and ability. His workmanship is never haphazard or incomplete. His workmanship is perfection. His work always reflects His Own character and nature.

This is true in the area of being new creations. The Apostle Paul reminds us: “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works…” (Ephesians 2:10)

God's workmanship

Sometimes we can get the idea that we are just the same old person with a new lease on life. Same old us… just different packaging, with some potential enhancements or improvements.

But we are not just spiritual retreads. We have not just turned over a new leaf on our same old life.

When God says new, He means completely new. The word in the original language means: “something entirely fresh, something unused or unworn, of a new kind (superior to what it succeeds).” We are not God’s refurbished creatures. We are new creations, superior in every way to what we were before.

Why would that be?

Because the old you had you and you alone. And, quite frankly, you were not good enough, or strong enough, or smart enough, or pure enough, or willful enough to do what God required of you. The old you relied upon you… and you couldn’t do what needed to be done.


But the new you has an amazing advantage… the new you is eternally connected to the One Who both made you and Who made you new. Did you notice the requisite for being a new creation… being “IN Christ.”

We ARE a new person because we have been brought into a new arrangement. The God we seek to please actually lives within us, and does what He desires to do, through us. This new arrangement naturally produces some new results. Good results. Godly results. That’s why we ARE God’s workmanship… we ARE “created in Christ Jesus to do good works.”

We are new creations. We are IN Christ Jesus. We ARE reflections of God’s magnificent work. As one translation put it… “We are His masterpieces…”


Prayer Focus: Thank You for making me completely new… help me to understand the wonder of all that means for my everyday life.


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