You’ve Gotta Serve Somebody

October 22

“…you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness…. And have become slaves to God…” (The Apostle Paul – Romans 6:18, 22)

I believe it was Bob Dylan that wrote the song: “You’ve gotta serve somebody.”


He had a point.

It’s the same point that the Bible makes. Everybody serves somebody.

The whole key to life is to make certain that the “somebody” is worth serving.

We might not like the connotations of the words “servant” or “slave,” but we all ARE one. It is just a matter of what or Who holds the rule over our lives.

Many people like to see themselves as free to do whatever they want to do. They might even call themselves something cool like… “free spirits.” They do what they want. Go where they want. Live as they want. And they equate all this to… freedom.

But the Bible holds a much different view. It’s pretty clear that God declares there are really only two possible masters of our lives. Sin… or Him. We might think we are free (in doing all the things we want to do) but God is telling us that it is really sin, within us, calling the shots. Even worse, those folks are not just sinners – they are actually slaves to sin. That’s right, all the while they are basking in their “freedom” they are just strengthening sin’s stranglehold on their unsuspecting lives.

slave to sin Jn 8 34

Sin always causes human beings to descend into more sin. More is needed to get the same rush. More excitement is required to get the same thrill. Sin is a far more slippery slope than any of us ever realize.

I know that’s bad news… but we need to understand the bad news before we can realize just how good the good news really is.

The whole point of Jesus is that there is a new way to live. Without the evil “taskmaster” of sin controlling our lives. Jesus died so that sin could die with Him.

That is why the apostle confidently declares that all of us,(who are IN Christ Jesus) have been set free from sin. Jesus rendered sin powerless in our lives.

Set-Free-from-sins power

But the story doesn’t end there. Remeber… we’ve all “gotta serve somebody.”

The really good news is that Jesus is a wonderful Master. Slavery is not a bad gig if you are serving a loving, caring, and compassionate Master – Whose every intent is upon your good and your welfare.

True freedom is not found in doing whatever you want… true freedom is found in knowing that what you do matters to the One Who loves you – and that what you do counts for something that lasts.

Jesus is the One Who said: “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) BUT the context of those words is that the truth will only liberate us as we submit our hearts to Jesus’ Lordship over our lives (8:31). In other words, true freedom can only be found by surrendering our hearts to Jesus – to live for Him, and His purposes… to come under His Mastery.


The truth is: “You’ve gotta serve somebody.” Will it be sin… or will it be Jesus?

Prayer Focus: With every beat of my heart, Jesus, I surrender to serve You.


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