Psalm Eighteen: 27…


July 15

We have been looking at some key passages (and thoughts) from Psalm 18. We must remember this a summary Psalm… David is looking back on his life and celebrating what God has done for Him.

Which brings us to… how much do we celebrate what God has done for us?

Do we live our lives in a spirit of lack (“I never seem to have everything I want”) OR in a spirit of abundance (“I am so blessed and choose to fix my thoughts on all that God has done for me!”).

thanking God

David’s life was not all velvet and roses. He experienced a lot of tough times and trouble. But rather than reflect back on all his hardships, he chose to reflect on what God did for him – in the midst of all those hardships. David knew that our focus deeply effects our souls.

We need to come to the realization that we may never have everything we want (or think we need), but because of God’s love for us… we have not received what we deserve. We deserve God’s rejection. We deserve His wrath. We deserve His severity, not His kindness.

But what we have all received is the full expression of His love – poured out lavishly on the undeserving. Poured out without restriction or conditions (see… Jesus!).

We are the objects of God’s unlimited love… by HIS choice. And that should cause us to humbly honor God with our lives, our choices, our every action (v. 27).

humbled before God

That was David’s point.

Through the rest of Psalm 18, David talks about all the ways that His relationship with God has brought him benefit. He speaks of God’s light in times of darkness (28). Strength beyond his own ability (29). Protection against insurmountable odds (30). Security in troubled times (31). Strength to do what is right, when it would be easier to do what is wrong (32). Skill and agility (a treasured trait in those days) to pursue enemies – or to escape impending trouble (33). And on and on…

David points to God as the Source of all that he is… and all that he has overcome. He honors God with his life and with his praise. Surely, a practice that is fitting for God’s people!

But there is one last phrase that catches my attention – one that seems “out of place” or strange to our thinking. But it is really at the heart of what we need to understand in our relationship with God.

David declares, in v. 35…


The Source of David’s success and greatness is not attributed to God’s infinite power or His irresistible ability to control circumstances – but His gentleness.

In the original Hebrew this is a term that means “meekness, humility, non-assertiveness.” Everything we tend to think that God isn’t.

Yet, David declares it is all-important for us to grasp. God does not force Himself on us (even though that would be for our best!). He does not drag us where we need to go.

He simply says:


In His meekness, God waits. In His patience, God waits. In His tenderness, God waits… for those who will lay down their pride, and turn from their own understanding – to trust God with every aspect of their lives (see Proverbs 3:5-6!).

Then, and only then, does God do what God does – in power, in relentless will. His greatness permits our “greatness.” For those who live their lives trusting Him, He is the Source of all that is good and great.


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