Prayer 101… The Lord’s Prayer; pt. 2

January 24

“Hallowed be Your Name…”


There is a great balance in true, effective prayer.

We are invited to come to God as our own Father. We come with boldness and anticipation. We come with the heart of a child. We come to open, waiting arms.

But we also need to remember just Who it is that calls us to His Presence. We are coming to God Almighty. He is absolutely and perfectly holy. We need to come to Him with the utmost respect that He deserves. He is the Creator and King of the universe – the most high and exalted One. He is the One to whom angels bow in utter reverence. He is majestic beyond measure. He is the Lord God Almighty.

Throne of God

This is why Jesus teaches us to balance the fatherly aspects of God with His kingly aspects. We are to come to Him in the recognition that His Name must be held in the highest regard. The term Jesus uses is… “hallowed.”

This term sounds a little archaic to us. But it means to treat something, or Someone, with the utmost of respect – to regard that Someone as special… as deserving of our highest honor and most humble reverence.

It is often to our detriment that our prayers to God treat Him all too casually. We tend to want to bring Him down to our level – to make Him as if He were one of us. Jesus teaches us that true prayer comes from a heart that is mindful that God is God… and we are not. He is the supreme King of the universe… and though we come to Him as His Own children, we are also coming to the King.

We need to be mindful to come to God in an attitude of worship… of awe… of praise. Until our hearts are fixed upon the glory and majesty of God, our minds will tend to wander and our prayers will be filled with thoughts about ourselves.


Right from the start, Jesus is telling us, that the focus of prayer is God Himself. We are seeking Him! And in seeking Him, as both compassionate Father and holy King, we find that our thoughts become more centered on what God wants rather than what we want. Our focus shifts from our problems and our worries… to the God Who holds us as precious in His sight.

Until we truly see God as our Father we will find it difficult to want to come to Him in prayer. And until we see God as the most holy King, we will find it difficult to come to Him with the proper respect He so deserves.

It is in this balance of loving God and fearing Him that our hearts are ready to converse with the One Who longs to communicate with us.

Effective prayers flow out of hearts who dwell in the balance of both loving and fearing God. Jesus tells us that this is where we must start – for everything begins with knowing exactly to Whom we are talking.



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