Christmas Lessons: A Divine Interruption

December 20

Have you ever been totally preoccupied with what you were doing only to have someone walk up behind you and scare the daylights out of you? They weren’t even trying to frighten you… but the sudden awareness of their presence gave you a jolt of intense fear.


Your heart skips a few beats… and then races within you as you try to calm yourself from an obviously harmless situation.

Well, imagine that feeling and multiply it by, say, a hundred times.

Put yourself in those shepherds’ sandals on that (now) famous night. You are minding your business. Doing your job. Just like every other night of your life. You are bored. You are listless. You are half asleep – which is fine… because you could do this job in your sleep. Nothing unusual happens.

Your same old shepherd mates are there with you. You are so used to each other you can finish each other’s thoughts… if you had any new thoughts worth sharing. But you don’t. Every smell, sight, and sound is just the way it has always been. Nothing ever changes…

But then suddenly… A glowing being is standing right there with you – and a blinding white light fills the night… all around you. In the blink of an eye, you are bombarded with unimaginable terror. The calm and the mundane all around you has exploded with light and… a Presence! The being right in front of you emanates a sense of awe and terrible unrest. The being floods your senses with joy and terror, with belonging and with an overwhelming desire to flee… all at the same time.


Then the being speaks… “Fear not!”

It’s as if the being’s words have magical powers. You feel your senses integrate once again. Your terror is replaced with a profound sense of curiosity. The words beckon you to abandon your fear… and they give you the ability to listen closely…

The being speaks again. This time the words flow like a river of delight over your whole being. Your ears are filled with a euphoric transcendence. You are hearing… that’s it! The voice of heaven – resonating deep into your spirit… filling you with hope and wonder. The words are teeming with… LIFE!

“I bring you good news of great joy…” You feel the meaning of the words flow into the depths of your heart. You understand! Yes! Good news! It is the best of news. There is no news ever proclaimed that has been any better. You are overwhelmed with delight… with great, exceeding, all-consuming… joy!

“That will be for all the people…” These words… this message… is for everybody. Young and old. Rich and poor. Man and woman. Important and not so important. For kings and rulers… and paupers and shepherds! It is a message for every beating heart. It is universal. It is all-inclusive. It knows no boundaries.

“For unto you is born this day…” This day… TODAY! This very night. This good news is not for some future promise… or distant hope. The time is now. Today is that day!

“In the city of David…” Why that’s Bethlehem. That’s just over the hill! It’s within walking distance. Today’s glorious good news is happening right here… near us!

“A Savior, Who is Christ the Lord!” Messiah!! We’ve heard about him… ever since we were little boys… “Messiah is coming. Messiah will bring salvation to us. Messiah will change everything – and bring the glory of God back to our lives.” Well, today, Messiah has come! He has finally appeared! And He is just over that hill!

And now… the sky is filled with so many heavenly beings they are beyond numbering! Their voices fill the night with heavenly words that cause your spirit to soar! You are caught up in their words. You are elevated out of your earthly shackles and your spirit is burgeoning with freedom – like you have never known before.


You feel included in the chorus. You are one with the voices. You are enamored with God’s Presence that ebbs and surges with every syllable. Your joy knows no bounds… The words create an indelible bond in your heart.

You have one all-consuming thought… You ARE heaven’s guest!

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests!”

herald angels

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