Filled with the Spirit 3

November 27

Now concerning spiritual gifts… I do not want you to be ignorant.” (1Corinthians 12:1)

We have been talking about being filled with God’s Holy Spirit and how this infilling brings God’s power into our lives.


It is essential that we understand that power IS God at work – and that it has always been His plan to live within us and do His work on earth through us, by the indwelling of His Spirit.

Jesus said that it was beneficial that He leave us… so that the Holy Spirit might come (John 16:7) – and that the Holy Spirit brings something vital to our lives that can only come because He dwells within us (John 16:8-15).

Jesus came to redeem us to God. The Holy Spirit came to give that redemption a divine purpose – and a divine enabling.

The Church is meant to live empowered by the Holy Spirit – and if we are powerless, it points directly to a problem on our end.


But part of the problem just might be that “power” has been too narrowly defined. Often, we have defined power ONLY as… miraculous in nature. If it’s not a miracle, it’s not God at work.

But this is not true. Though God certainly does miracles – He also does many other things that reveal His Heart and His Nature. In fact, any action (or word) that brings revelation of Who God really is, is a work of God. 

The Gifts of the Spirit are simply God at work.

Gifts of the Spirit

Too often, the Church has made the Gifts of the Spirit weird or spooky. We have centered most of the Spirit’s work on speaking in a funny language (known as speaking in tongues) when that is only a small part of what God is doing.

If we look at the listings of the primary Gifts of the Spirit (Romans 12:6-8; 1Cor. 12:8-11) we see things like the Gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge, Discerning of spirits, Giving, Mercy, and Serving. These are the SAME God at work, doing something only He can do – but have little to do with what we would normally call “miraculous.” Yet, these Gifts grant us the picture of a God Who is caring and compassionate – and Who is committed to cutting through the darkness that can bring such confusion and doubt to our lives. These Gifts are just as necessary as miracles – but not nearly as spectacular or attention-grabbing.

The Gifts of the Spirit are just God’s Spirit working through our lives in ways that give people a clear picture of Who God is – and doing it in His ability.

Each of us was designed, by God, to reveal a portion of His Character and Nature. God brought us into a relationship with Himself (through the work of Jesus) so that He could show the world a part of Himself through our individual lives. These individual revelations are simply: the Gifts of the Spirit. These Gifts are the work of the Holy Spirit – and when we are filled with the Spirit, we are “operating” in our particular Gift.

The key to power in the Church is when God’s people let God be God – so that He can work through us to reveal Himself to the world.


We cannot be what we are called to be without being filled with the Holy Spirit. We cannot do what we are redeemed to do without the power of the Holy Spirit – working through us in the opportunities of our everyday lives.

Prayer Focus: God, I need You to fulfill what You have for me to do on this earth. Open my eyes to the opportunities… open my heart to let You be You through me!


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