Emanating Jesus

October 6

“The fruit of the Spirit is…”

We have been looking at what it means to be bonded with Christ – and how that enables us to bear fruit that honors God.

Fruit bearing

There are a lot of opinions about what makes us fruitful. So many times we find ourselves worried about our fruitfulness – which often leads us to try many things that we think might be pleasing to God. We end up in a place where we equate bearing fruit with our own performance (doing godly things) and attempting to measure our own fruitfulness by how well we do the things we think pleases God.


We need to just stop and remind ourselves of a very important truth. Fruit is not produced by OUR activity… Fruit is produced by Jesus – doing what Jesus does from within us.

In a very real sense, being fruitful is simply being Christlike. Or to put it another way: when people see Christ in us, we ARE being fruitful. The goal of bearing fruit is to give honor and glory to God – and that was always of prime importance to Jesus (John 17:4). It is also at the heart of bearing fruit. Jesus told us:


With this in mind, we need to ask: what does bearing fruit actually look like?

Often a picture, or an example, helps us.

Today, at work, I was noticing a couple of men. You can just tell, immediately, there is something very different about these men. They carry themselves with dignity, with confidence (not arrogant at all). They are quick with a smile or a laugh. They are serious about their tasks but don’t take themselves too seriously. They greet everyone with warmth and kindness – and are quick to offer encouragement. The thing most obvious is that they are the SAME every day. Consistent. Content. At peace. They walk with an air of joy, purpose, and grace – and display it with every person they encounter.

And when they speak, it is with words full of life and vitality and blessing.

They are a joy to be around, and others feel treasured and accepted when they are near. They are always saying things like: “May your day be blessed.” Or “Today I am so blessed.” It’s not phony… or fake… or even religious. It is just… real.

Then it occurred to me… all that these men are doing is just emanating the Presence of Jesus. Their love for Him has saturated their whole being… and it just can’t help but flow out from them. It is a real Jesus in them, bearing real fruit in their part of the world in which they live and work.

It also occurred to me that these wonderful traits emanating from these two men are simply the essence of God. They are what the Bible calls the fruit of the Spirit.

They are defined as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23) They are the character qualities of God. They are the character qualities we see in Jesus. And they are the character qualities belonging to all those who are grafted into The Vine.

We are always trying to complicate things. We are always trying to work up godliness in our lives (and living with the frustration of our failed attempts). But, it is so very simple…

Fall in love with Jesus. Become enamored with Him. Be saturated with Him. And what we ARE, in Him, cannot help but naturally flow out of our lives.

In love with Jesus

Fruit is the product of being so full of Jesus’ love and grace – we just overflow to everyone around us. By this, the Father is always glorified!

Prayer Focus: God, help my heart to see that my fruitfulness depends on You… living and loving through me. Draw me into the depths of Your love, that Your love may flow out…

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4 Responses to Emanating Jesus

  1. Okay, have you ever experienced those moments when it appeared someone was speaking directly to you, when it’s obvious they weren’t?

    I’m sure this doesn’t apply only to me, but I also know that it does apply wholly to me.

    One of the weapons the enemy uses against me is self-doubt. I look around me and I don’t see fruit in my life. I don’t see the kind of fruit that I expect to have, that I want to have, and that I have seen other people produce.

    OMG, it just became clear to me that I am Covetous of other people’s fruitfullness! Great, a new sin is revealed to me today, thank you Lord!

    Anyway, before my Moment of Clarity, I was saying that all this time I have been looking for someone else’s fruit in my life. It’s no wonder, now, that the enemy has been able to convince me that I have been unproductive.

    It sort of makes me think of Ephesians 5 where we’re talking about our spiritual gifts, and how they may all be different, and how your strengths may not be my strengths, and your weaknesses may not be my weaknesses. It only makes sense now to me, that according to my gifts and strengths and weaknesses, that my fruitfulness will also be different from yours.

    I’m sorry, but, this is just profound for me, that I could be looking for, praying for, and expecting something that God doesn’t even want from me, and not seeing the things that are glorifying to him.

    A couple years ago I lost a friend to medical issues. I had spent about 3 years attempting to serve him, and love him, and impress him with my love for Jesus. But, things didn’t get better, it seemed that they just got worse until he passed. I didn’t manifest that things in his life or in our relationship that I thought God wanted me to. But I can look back now with joy and understand that I was used by my God in ways that I just couldn’t see at the time.

    Thank you for taking the time to break this down as you did.

    • I really appreciate your openness and honesty. I can tell that you are deeply moved by your desire to please the Lord. He is certainly stirring that within you.

      I think you hit on something that is really important. We do not always see the fruit produced through our lives… but that doesn’t mean we aren’t fruitful. God sees. He knows what He is doing through us. And whenever we are stirred to an act of love or kindness, it is God’s spirit stirring that within us.

      Someday, when we are all gathered in His Presence, I am quite certain that we will all be shocked and amazed at what God has accomplished through us.

      I know, in my own life, the moments that moved people the most (or did the most for them) were moments when I was totally unaware that I had said or done something that helped them immensely.

      I will venture a guess that you have those moments too.

      Thank you for reading my blog posts… and for taking the time to share your life with me.

      God is doing such an amazing work in, and through, each of us. What a joy to share this life with each other!

      May God keep you in His perfect grace, M. A.

      On Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 2:16 PM, TheHeartseeker’s Blog wrote:

      > edgingdeadness commented: “Okay, have you ever experienced those moments > when it appeared someone was speaking directly to you, when it’s obvious > they weren’t? I’m sure this doesn’t apply only to me, but I also know that > it does apply wholly to me. One of the weapons the enemy u” >

  2. Thank you for your time, and your blog, and the reminder to

  3. …the reminder to continue in pursuit of God no matter my lack of understanding… to trust in His.

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