“Under Sonstruction”

July 28

“But to all who believed Him… He gave the right to become sons of God.” (John 1:12)

I used to paint quite a bit. Not rooms. Real paintings – nature scenes, mountains, lighthouses, etc. I actually learned the techniques by watching a guy named Bob Ross, on bob rossPBS. I was always fascinated that someone could apply some simple techniques to a canvas and produce some lovely artwork.

I mention this because one of the things that Bob Ross used to say (quite often) is: “There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.” What he meant by this is that sometimes our little mess-ups can actually lead to something new and interesting. Our mistakes can take us in directions that we didn’t intend to go… but in a direction well-worth taking. OR they lead us to something that we may never have considered – or now consider differently. Sometimes our mistakes present us with a whole new vein of thought…

This was the case, just the other day. I was writing about being “under construction” but actually typed the words that head this post! When I thought about it (before I actually corrected my error) I realized that my little mistake had opened the doorway to a proper way of thinking about God’s work in us. We really are under sonstruction! (daughter-construction, also, but that doesn’t flow as well).

c-s-lewisC. S. Lewis once wrote: “The Son of God became a son of man, so that the sons of men could become sons of God.” I don’t know if I have ever heard such an accurate summary of what the Christian message is all about. Everything God has done for us, and will do in us, is to transform us into sons (and daughters) of the Most High.

We are redeemed to represent God, in every aspect, on this earth. We represent His character. His nature. His will. His thoughts. His truth. His purposes. As His beloved children, we encapsulate everything He is – and it is our privilege to take that out into our little corners of the world… so that people can see Him, through us.

I love you GodSometimes, we lose sight of this fact. We lose touch with the simplicity and power of our divine purpose. We get all caught up in our struggles, our issues, our concerns, our failures – and forget that we have been called into the very Family of God. And not just so we can feel good about being His. We are called into His Family so that we can know Him personally, intimately, accurately – and take Him everywhere we go.

There is a sense in which we are sent out as laborers in God’s harvest field – but there is a greater sense in which we are sent out as God’s Own sons (and daughters). We are NOT just workers doing what God commands us to do. We ARE sons (children) sent out to represent the very interests and will of our Father.

The new life placed within us (through receiving Jesus, and His work) draws us to the very Presence of God – and welcomes us into His royal household. We may often feel like beggars and orphans, but we are actually, purposely, adopted by the King of all kings… to sit at His table and discover all that it is to be His Own child. So that everywhere we go on this earth – people will see the Family resemblance to our Father, and seek their own place at His table.

heaven's table

Prayer Focus: God, I need to see myself as your beloved child… grant me the revelation that I am under sonstruction!

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