Christmas Story Lessons… What on Earth??


December 21

“And suddenly there appeared with the angel a great multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying: ‘Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.’” (Luke 2:13-14)

The spectacular message that the angel proclaimed to the shepherds was followed by an even more spectacular display. One glorious angel was suddenly joined by “a great multitude” of angels. The night sky was filled with the cacophony of the voices of countless angels – proclaiming their response to the first angel’s message.

angels and shepherds

It’s as if it just wasn’t enough to simply declare “the good news of great joy” (even by a heavenly being)…there just had to be a “chorale response” befitting of the magnitude of the message that the Savior had come to impact the earth.

The message of the Savior brought the highest and most extravagant praise from the host of heaven’s messengers. It was deserving of such response from heaven.

It is also deserving of such response from earth.

The whole point of why the Savior was born on that first Chrstmas was so that all the people of earth could discover and experience the fullness of the glory of God in the highest. That we might truly know our Maker… and personally know the wonder and majesty of His love.

So our praise could be unrestrained – and uncontainable. There is nothing higher, more noble, more worthy of our delight than to truly receive the Savior – and the message He came to fulfill. And the proper response to this Savior is our highest, most unreserved and heart-felt praise.


But the Savior came to do far more than just fill us with praise. He came to bring us “peace on earth.”

But not in the way that we most often think about it.

The peace that God offers is not an absence of turmoil or trouble. Neither is it an expelling of all conflict or concerns. God’s peace is not the elimination of life’s storms…

storms of life

The peace that God offers is a peace in the midst of our turmoil or trouble, conflict or concerns – a peace that emanates from within us, no matter how the storms of life may rage all around us. It is a peace utterly independent of our circumstances.

Because it is peace that has no earthly equivalent… and, indeed, no earthly origin.

It is the peace that exists in God Himself – an eternal, and unlimited peace… that He offers freely to those who willingly submit their hearts to the Savior.

Jesus Himself told us of this peace…

Peace is a Person

In the Christmas story is the amazing fact that Heaven came down to earth to overcome every issue that plagues human souls – and Heaven came to defeat everything that robs us of our peace and joy.

Peace is a Person… and His Name is Jesus.

And when we choose to make Him the center of our life’s focus, God is pleased, His favor rests upon us, and He produces within us an eternal, unshakable peace.

In this Christmas season, those who welcome the Prince of Peace – will experience and know the fullness of why Heaven came to walk among us.



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