At Fault…

December 5

Yesterday, we talked about a growing, systemic problem in our culture today… the lack of consideration for others (and how that leads to all manner of issues and abuses, which dominate our headlines everyday).


While it is easy to observe and define the problems in our culture, it is much more difficult to know what to do about them. Everybody knows that it would be better if we all learned how to get along and to accept one another in our abundant differences. But solutions to these kinds of issues seem more distant than ever.

Our culture is a mess – and it is getting to be more of a mess each day… is there any hope to turn this around?

This is where Christianity must shine. It is where we alone have the true solution to the world’s plethora of problems. But that doesn’t seem to be happening (in large part). Our society continues to drift into darkness – and turning away from God (and His ways) seems to be more popular than ever. In so many ways, a Christian worldview is not only being neglected… it is being demonized – and those who voice the opinions of God (and His Word) are quickly becoming perceived as a great part of the problem (if not outright evil!).

hating Christians

It is also easy (and popular among Christian circles) to point to the evils of society and rail against the godlessness that has pervaded every arena of our culture today. We like to puff out our chests and talk about all the ungodliness all around us and about how it is destroying our country (and the people in it). But decrying all the things that are “wrong” does little to make anything right. We seem quick to identify darkness… but slow to do anything about it.

That’s because complaining is easy – being the solution is hard.

Make no mistake about it… Christians are actually called to BE the solution.

BE the solution

It begins with an understanding that we so often miss. We want to blame the world for the problems of the world (or we want to blame the devil for how he has “blinded the minds of the unbelieving.”) But if we really want to get real about who we need to blame for the world’s ills we need look no further than ourselves.

It really comes down to this… if darkness is prevailing in our world, then there is an absence of light. If darkness is winning… then light is not even playing.

Jesus came as the Light of the world. That is a highly significant distinction. And everywhere He went, He brought the Light of God into the darkness. Even people who were the “godless” of His day could see His Light. And they were drawn to it. They welcomed it. They found hope in it. What is more, they found the power to change in it. It was the Light of the love of God encountering darkness and doing what Light always does – dispels it.


But what we forget is that the same Jesus Who encountered darkness in His day is the same Jesus Who lives within us. And He still seeks to dispel darkness in our day.

That’s why He confirmed one vital piece of information to us: “YOU are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14-16)

It seems to me that each and every one of us (who believe in Jesus) need to take a good, hard look at our own lives… our calling is clear – and we need to be about it.

The eternal fate of those in this world depends on it.

be the light 2


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