What do you give to God, Pt. 2

present for God

November 28

“The Lord has told you what is good, and this is what He requires of you: To do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

Today’s verse is from one of the minor prophets (Micah). But it is no minor message. It is a message that is at the heart of God’s Heart in what He seeks from humanity. And if we don’t understand this message, we really won’t understand what’s the big deal about giving to God what He seeks from us…

The context of the verse is a common theme, not only with God’s people, but with all people. It brings focus to what most people commonly think about God – and about what He wants from us. And it comes with all the detrimental by-products that come along with misunderstanding Who God is… and what He wants.

Micah’s words are God’s response to a complaint that regularly rises among His people. God’s people are “weary” of God’s Laws, tired of dealing with His standards and procedures – and would just prefer that God would leave them alone. In other words… the chosen people would just rather go back to being… unchosen.


God responds by pointing out all the things that we all tend to forget. We tend to think that God is all about rules (and keeping them) and sacrifice (giving God our stuff) and religion (doing all the things we think are pleasing to Him). We tend to believe that it’s all about what we have to give up so God won’t be mad at us.

In truth, we can all get a little (a lot!) bent out of shape when it seems as if someone is only interested in taking things from us (or in making our lives miserable).

Many people see God this way. Mad at the world. On the take. And always on the lookout to ruin people if they don’t toe the line and follow the rules to the letter.


This is the mindset of God’s people in Micah’s day. God was more of an annoyance and killjoy – rather than the One Who delighted in, and treasured, them.

Human perception of God always goes this way IF we forget what God is really seeking from us.

And what God really seeks is… a real relationship.

It is our relationship with God that effects all the other relationships in our lives.

Bottom line: what God wants is our good. He wants us to be blessed. Happy. Content. Full of joy. Full of hope. Full of purpose. And deeply in love with Him.

All things that well up in us because our thoughts and our hearts are centered in our love for God – and, more importantly, His love for us.

People in love with God (and enamored with God’s love for them) find themselves doing what is right, treating people with kindness and mercy (even though undeserved) and humbled in how God has treated them – which causes them to want to “walk humbly with God” – delighting in His ways (and desiring His truth).

walk humbly

The tension for every person comes down to two things: will we live our lives for ourselves? OR will we live for the One Who created us (and Who loves us with an everlasting love)?

The question is… What do you give to the God Who has everything??


The answer: Your whole self…

give yourself away


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