What do you give to the God Who has everything?

November 26

“…this is what The LORD requires of you…” (from Micah 6:8)

We have just passed Thanksgiving… and that means that our thoughts are now turning towards Christmas (although many stores have been trying to “turn our thoughts” since right after the 4th of July!). Unfortunately, most of our thoughts (these days) have turned to gifts and giving (i.e. what should we give to all the people who share our lives with us??). For many folks, this season has turned into a stress-fest centered in buying and giving just the right things to all the right people.

And some (actually) see this as real fun!

In our most sane moments we do realize that this is not really what Christmas is all about – but every year we seem destined to give in to the insanity… as we find ourselves out there among all the other “crazies” who have also lost their minds.

It would be tempting to “rail against” the commercialization of Christmas, but would it really do any good? This is our current culture. There seems to be little to be done – even if we really do yearn for simpler (less stressful) times (and Christmases!).

But I thought it might be more helpful to add one more thought to our collective plates. And really, it is a very important thought…because it involves the most important Person of all.

If we were to give God a Christmas gift… what would we give Him?

There are two main problems in this scenario…

One) God owns everything – so what could we possibly give Him that He doesn’t already have?

And Two) God needs nothing. He is all-sufficient in Himself, and has never needed anything.

Talk about a tough Person to which to give anything!

And yet… when we read through the pages of the Bible, we get the distinct impression that God is actually seeking something from us. He has given us every indication that one of His main thoughts is to be high up on our “gift giving list.”

What gives? Why would the God Who needs nothing, and has everything, want anything from us?

It gets even deeper still… the central person of human history was Jesus – who was God with us – and the very reason He came was to make it possible for us to give something to God.

That’s right. It’s one of those “two-way-street” things. Jesus came to be God’s gift to us – but He also came to enable us to be able to give something to God in return.

God has in Mind for us to keep Him central in our thoughts at Christmas time and… at every time.

The whole point of Christmas is that God took the initiative to give us what we could never earn on our own – so that we would each be able to give Him what we could never give without His unlimited help.

This week… let’s talk about what to give to the God Who has everything…


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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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