Be vs. Do; pt. 2 – BE God’s Temple

be vs do

November 6

Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” (1 Corinthians 3:16)

God calls us to a life of “being,” not doing. He is not looking for us to do great things for Him – or to expend our energies in trying to get rid of the vices and hang-ups in our lives.

He has called us to embrace our new identity provided in perpetuity through the work of Jesus, on our behalf. Jesus did everything that needed to be done – so we could be everything God wants us to be.

be or do

He did the doing for us. We get to reap the rewards of His efforts.

Unfortunately, “doing” is deeply ingrained in our humanity. We tend to actually want lists to follow, steps to perform, principles to apply, activities to accomplish, rites to observe. Because then, after we have done these type of things, we can feel good about ourselves – like we measure up to God’s standards (or, at least, we are better off than the other people around us). We actually prefer the measuring stick. Because “doing things” gives us the impression that we just might have some measure of control over our acceptance with God.


It is easy for us to reduce the Christian life to “what we do” as the defining factor of our lives. But that is not what God is seeking in us. He is seeking for “what He does” through us – both in the glory He receives for Christ’s completed work… and in His Own work accomplished through our yielded lives.

Jesus came and did all He did (for us) in order to make us a proper vessel for divine dwelling. The work of Christ made us completely ready to receive the indwelling of God, Most High. And from the moment we received Jesus, God (in the Person of the Holy Spirit) came to live in our perfectly prepared hearts.


That is why Jesus did what He did for us – and that is what He accomplished completely for us. There is truly nothing left to be done… OR for us to do.

This truth is so essential – and so difficult for us to understand and accept.

The very essence of Biblical faith is resting on what God has done (or in what He has said). Any efforts on our part, to “stir God to action” or to “get God to do something for us” actually has more to do with witchcraft… than godliness.

The work of Christ was to make us a “temple of God… that the Spirit of God dwells in…” When we truly see that this is all God is seeking from us, we can cease striving to gain God’s favor or attention – and just BE His temple place.

temple of HS

That’s what He sent Jesus to do… and that is what Jesus accomplished through His death, burial, and resurrection – all for us.

If there is one issue with which we all seem to struggle… it is in these area of who we are in Jesus – because of Jesus.

But this is the good news: The work is done. There is nothing left for us to do.

We are simply called to BE His temple, by faith.


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