Belief and Faith

 October 10

I have always been fascinated by the subtleties of Scripture – the little things that can mean so much. It is often in the tiniest of details that we discover the deepest truths. For example, the use of certain prepositions can change our point of view drastically… if we will take the time to really look at them. “In” vs. “on.” “Into” vs. “unto…” are minuscule differences (one letter!) that can bring whole new understandings to our Christian experience. If we will only be aware of these differences – and apply them to our lives (as God certainly intended!).

bible magnify

At the very core of relationship with God is one of these subtle differences. Our vital connection with our Maker is dependent on two concepts that come from the same original root word. One word… producing two indispensable concepts that are absolutely essential to a proper walk with God. Miss these two concepts (and their differences) and we will find our Christian experience muddled… confusing… disappointing… unfruitful.

So much hinges on a proper understanding of these two concepts that I wanted to take the time to look at them openly and honestly – in an attempt to bring clarity to our understanding. But, more essentially, to help us walk in the fullness of all God has provided to us…

If my car were to break down, and you were to loan me your car (because you’re such a great friend) you would also have to give me your keys. My keys would not work in your car. Without the right key (and using the right key) all your kind intentions would be practically irrelevant.

keys to the car

In much the same way as we need the right key to open a particular lock – so we need the right “key” to open up all the “locked or hidden” things to which Jesus came to provide us access (Col. 3:3). What He came to offer us… is immense – unbelievably magnificent. Often so much more than we ever realize. And often so much more than most Christians personally experience.

Jesus came to provide us with the fullness of the Kingdom. Completely. Scripture declares that everything that belongs to Him… also belongs to us. That’s the deal. That’s what He came to give us. That’s the reason behind all His work among us.

he_holds_the_keysBut He also came to give us the key to all this. Without the key, we will never grasp the magnitude of the wonder of what He offers us. Without the key, we will never “gain access” to all that He has graciously provided for us.

The good news is that we do not have to find the key, or plead with God to give us the key… Jesus has already given us the key to come inside to the fullness that God has given us! But if we do not use the key… it is the same thing as NOT having it.

And that’s the problem for so many Christians. We don’t understand who we are in Jesus. We don’t really understand what we have in Jesus… because we are trying to use our own keys to gain our access into what He has offered to us.

We are trying to access the Kingdom of God by worldly means and principles. They just don’t work. They will never work. And Jesus came to tell us so.

In the coming days, let’s take the time to understand these all-important keys of the Kingdom… belief and faith…



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