In the Last Days…

In the Last Days

August 28

“Most importantly, I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come, mocking the truth and following their own desires.” (2Peter 3:3)

We are living in perilous days, indeed.

And I’m not really talking about all the violence and unrest we see in our streets. I’m not talking about wars, rumors of wars, or nuclear threats. I’m not even talking about all the natural disasters that seem to be popping up every day, these days.

violence  war  natural disasters

I’m talking about the peril that is dominating the minds of so many people in our culture today.

All we need to know is that fifty years ago, society held most Christians in high regard. They were respected. Their values esteemed. Their integrity lauded.

Now, Christians are quickly becoming…

Public Enemy 1

What changed?

People’s minds have changed. Their mindsets are shifting from personal responsibility (I am responsible for what I do and say) to public responsibility (society is responsible for all our problems). Their thoughts are turning from an objective morality (there is a right and wrong… for everybody) to a subjective morality (right and wrong depends on what you think about it).

At the core of all this shifted thinking is what people think about God. Only a few years ago, it was popular to say you believe in God. Now it is popular to say you don’t believe in a god – and especially the God of Christianity.

there is no god

These days, if you want to become labelled as a menace to society, just take a stand for what God has to say (in Scripture) about any issue.

This is becoming so prevalent that most social media sites are now actively eliminating posts that promote objective morality or a Biblical worldview. “Hate-speech,” they call it.

And with a keystroke, thousands of voices are being silenced. Because the “intolerant” can never be tolerated in an “open-minded” society.

It is fascinating to realize that God saw this occurrence, millennia ago, and inspired Peter to deliver a warning. “Scoffers are coming. Mocking ‘truth.’ And governed by one solitary passion… their own desires.”


Every issue that is being actively promoted by our current culture has, at its heart, people’s desires. Desire for self-expression. Desire for convenience. Desire for fleshly passions. Desire to be accountable to no One. Desire to define one’s own life.

Desire to live without the intrusion of God (or any of his meddlesome ways).

And the easiest way to pursue your own desires is to eliminate God from the equation. Elevate human opinion to make God’s views impertinent. Make HIM irrelevant in culture. Make God the “bad” guy – Who oppresses “free-thinking,” Who is disinterested in the hurting, and Who is unable or unwilling to deal with evil.

Scoff at Him – and those who declare His praises. “Silence their maniacal ravings.”

We are living in perilous days, indeed.


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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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