God-Hypothesis: …in the Details

Speed of Particles

August 25

In the last two Saturday posts, we have been looking at the question of the origin of all things… and have also been asking the question of what we would expect to find if an Almighty, Omniscient God was behind it all.

Two weeks ago we wondered at the awesome power that it must have taken to set this universe in motion. The universe is a display of immense power. Is this power more indicative of… all that is, coming from nothing – OR is it more indicative of a magnificent power at work, unleashed in a willful act of creative expertise.

cosmos (1)

Last week we looked at the laws and principles that govern the universe and how infinitely precise they are. Scientists are telling us that everything in the universe is balanced on a razor’s edge – so finely-tuned that if any of the governing factors were to be changed (ever so slightly) everything would collapse. Again, we asked the question: is this amazing fine-tuning the result of mindless, undirected, chance OR is it more likely the action of a wisdom so immense as to know how to set all these universal factors and sustain them for the cohesiveness of the universe.

If we’re seeking for proof of God, we should expect to see His qualities on display in His creativity. And so far… that is what we see. Eminent power was at work in the expanse of the universe. Abundant wisdom is evident in how everything works.

But there is so much more…

So far we have been looking at the fairly broad strokes of the masterpiece that is the universe. Let’s turn our attention to the tiny details…

rice nameA few years ago, I was fascinated by a man whose skill was to put people’s personal names on a grain of rice. You couldn’t really even see his work with the naked eye. You had to hold the grain under a huge magnifying glass to actually tell the proficiency of his artistry. Once magnified, his work was amazing!

If we were to propose that God created the universe, we should also expect to see the intricate and inextricable details of His proficiency. He is not just power and wisdom… He is peerless knowledge – displayed in the most diminutive details.

Nowhere is this exhibition of knowledge more evident than in the “building blocks of life…” the cell.

human cell 3

Some scientists estimate that our bodies are composed of more than a trillion cells.* Obviously, cells are so small, they cannot be seen with the unaided human eye. It takes a powerful light (or electron) microscope to even be able to see them – let alone study them and their inner workings.

It is within the last few decades that cellular biologists have been able to do extensive research into the inner workings of cells (there are several different kinds within us!) – and what they have discovered is astounding.

So astounding that Bruce Alberts, biochemist and past President of the National Academy of Sciences, had this to say: “The entire cell can be viewed as a factory that contains an elaborate network of interlocking assembly lines, each of which is composed of a set of large protein machines (which) contain highly coordinated moving parts.”

cell factory

Biochemist Franklin Harold expanded on this thought of the cell as a high-tech factory… Cells include: “artificial languages and their decoding systems, memory banks for information storage and retrieval, elegant control systems regulating the automated assembly of parts and components, error fail-safe and proof-reading devices utilized for quality control, assembly processes involving the principle of prefabrication and modular construction… (and) a capacity… of replicating its entire structure within a matter of hours.”

Think of the most ingenious machines of our day… they amaze us with their complexity in engineering, and with what they can do.

race car  jet  Apple Holds Product Launch Event At New Campus In Cupertino

Yet, in spite of all their intricate mechanisms… none of them can replicate themselves!

And behind every single one of those machines is an intelligence, a designer, an engineer, a builder – who had an idea in mind, and brought that idea to life.

The purpose of the cells within us… is life. Every one of these countless microscopic factories are working to produce everything that is necessary for us to live and to thrive in this world in which we live.

What do the cells tell us?

Do they speak of the wonder of chance occurrences and unguided processes to make something so supremely functional and essential… that all of our human devices pale in comparison?

OR do they tell us of a genius Intellect at work. A Mind capable of animating and directing proteins and amino acids in such a way that all of life is possible, and sustainable generation after generation?

At the base of all of life is something microscopewe can only see with one of our ingenious devices…

and what we see “confounds our comprehension.”

That sure sounds like a description of God to me.


* Trillion is such an ambiguous number! To put it in some perspective… The waterfall at Niagara Falls occurs at 150,000 gallons every second. At this rate… for one trillion gallons of water to proceed over the falls it would take approximately 77 days. That’s a HUGE number.


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