Whoever Believes in Me; part 4

Whoever believes in me

August 14

Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said: ‘Streams of living water will flow from within him.’” (Jesus – John 7:38)

Believing in Jesus does more for us than just fill us with the water of life (see yesterday’s post)… believing in Him also makes us a conduit of His life-giving flow.

The Christian life is never intended as a means of self-satisfaction alone – God’s intention is always to fill us and to have us “overflow” on those around us. What Jesus gives us so freely… is meant to be shared just as freely.


The context of this verse is fascinating. It is one of the few times that Scripture ever records Jesus crying out to the masses. Almost pleading with them. He is so overcome with the promise of Life that He cannot contain Himself.

God. With us. Shouting at the top of His lungs… His offer to us.

The offer is to the thirsty – those who are parched for truth, joy, peace, and for that which continually satisfies our souls. The offer is a plea: “Come to Me.” Come “and drink.” (7:37)

dying of thirst

And the One offering, and pleading, is the One Who knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what we need more than we do. And He knows that we need what only He can supply.

He also knows that our deepest joy is not found in what we take for ourselves… but in what we are able to give. Because He has fully supplied, He has completely satisfied our deepest inner longing – He has made us a means to pour Him out to others. In abundance. In life-giving flow.

Living water.

This term has special meaning. It is not just water in a container (when emptied, there is no more). It is not just water from a lake or pond (which tends to become contaminated with time). Living water is that spring of purest water bursting forth from the ground in a never-ending flow. It is of the highest quality. The purest. The best. The most enriching.


John goes on to tell us that this living water flowing to us, and from within us, is God’s Holy Spirit – given freely to “whoever believes.” (7:39)

As Jesus was God with us… the Holy Spirit is God within us. Given to connect us with Jesus – to continually receive from His life-giving flow. And given to us so that Jesus can continue to quench thirsty souls, through our open lives.

When we see the simplicity and the magnitude of what Jesus offers us, it is no wonder He was shouting it out. Simple in the fact that we were created to receive what Jesus offers us. He made us to be filled with His living water.

living water from Jesus

Also simple in the fact that the essence of Christian life is to be the outflow of this living water – inviting the thirsty to come and drink from His water flowing through us. Not by trying to convince people they need what Jesus offers, but by simply letting Jesus “flow out” through our lives. We take the living water we have received and are a spring of His life-giving flow.

In all this simplicity, God brings the magnitude of His love into direct encounter with those who need what only He can provide.


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