Whoever Believes in Me; part 3

Whoever believes in me

August 13

Whoever believes in Me will never thirst.” (Jesus; John 6:35)

We are all familiar with those scenes where a dying man is stuck in the middle of some oven of a desert, longing for only one thing… a drink of water. Just about when all hope is gone he looks up to see a shimmering pool off in the distance. With a renewed resolve,he musters all his energy to make that one last push to the liquid salvation that beckons him … only to discover that the refreshing pool is never any closer to him. It is only a mirage – enhanced by his all-consuming thirst.

desert dying man

This is what it means to be thirsty. Most of us have been there. Your mouth is like a desert. Your need for water is like a persistent gnawing… chomping away at your mental capacities. All your thoughts turn into one… the need to quench your thirst.

Jesus reminds us that what we experience in the physical often has a parallel in the spiritual. Thirst is just as real for our spirits as it is for our bodies. And the need to have our spirit’s quenched of thirst is also just as real.

People often try to quench this spiritual thirst with so many things. But they are all such poor substitutes for the only thing that can truly satisfy us.

Jesus reminds us that He came to not only be the Savior of our souls, but the Satisfier of our deepest longings. He came to quench the burning agony of the lack within us. He came to bring the depth of His refreshing to everyone who finds themselves in an arid and weary state.


This was at the center of the topic with the woman at the well (John 4). What began as a conversation about natural water quickly turned to a lesson in spiritual water – and how desperately we need what Jesus alone can give us.

He is the One Who said: “Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.” (4:14)

As with most of us, the woman at the well, thought: “Wow! What a concept… water that quenches thirst – continually. I’ll take that water… so I won’t ever have to come to this watering hole again.” (4:15)

But how is that even possible?

Jesus tells us: “The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”


Several years ago, we were visiting family, in another state, and just happened to drive past quite a sight. Out in a field was what looked like a huge fireman’s hose, on a platform, elevated off the ground. From the hose was gushing a continuous flow of crystal clear water. People were gathered around this hose filling up their empty milk jugs with the water flowing from the “hose.” When we inquired, we found out that the “hose” was tapped into an underground spring which caused an unending flow of the purest water you could possibly find. The farmer who owned the land, set everything up so that anyone who wanted to come and experience the purity of the water could come and help themselves to as much as they wanted.

spring water

This is a picture of Jesus and what He offers us. But the best news of all is that He has not limited this flow of thirst-quenching water to a few, or to the specially privileged – He has opened His life-giving water to “whoever believes in Me.”

The only limit to what Jesus offers us is the limit we place on Him by our lack of belief. Whenever we are believing in Jesus, we have tapped into that life-giving flow… as much as we want, whenever we want.

Only Jesus is the constant satisfaction of the thirst of our souls – and He offers Himself freely to whoever will come.


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