Psalm Nineteen: 7-11


August 5

Ps 19 7-11

When we looked at the first few verses of this Psalm (two weeks ago) we focused on how God’s created work reveals His power and majesty. “The Heavens declare the glory of God” – and we are invited to listen… and look up. To feel a sense of awe and wonder about our Creator. Through Creation we see His power. Through God’s handiwork we catch as sense of the bigness of God and find that faith stirs within us to hope in His almighty abilities.

night sky 2

But the Psalmist reminds us that the best news about our Creator is the fact that He is personally interested in our lives. Through His Word we realize that God is personal.

As Christians, we tend to downplay the Law – and miss the important fact that God gave us the Law as a revelation of Himself as a Person. Through the Law we see His character. We know what He likes and dislikes. And we know what is best for us.

When seen properly, we understand the Law as the apostle did…

Rom 7 12

This was David’s view as well. In verses 7-8, he reflects on the superior qualities of the Law and the enduring benefits they add to each of our lives. God’s Word to us (His Law, testimony, precepts, and commandments) revive our souls, make us wise, give joy to our hearts, and enlighten our eyes. They are able to bring such life-giving qualities because they come directly from God’s Heart to ours. They are reflections of His perfection, His certainty, His righteousness, and His purity – and when we follow after them (applying them to our lives) we find ourselves acting godly.

That is the whole point of the intent of the Law – to reveal the character and nature of God… and to impart that character and nature into our lives. (Of course, our ability to keep it is another story!)

David also gives us the essential key to reaping the wonderful benefits of God’s Word in our lives… to “fear the Lord.”


This means that God is our first consideration, our first thought – as Someone Who is so deserving of our ultimate respect.

In God’s Work we see the awesomeness of God. In God’s Word we see the personal righteousness of God. And all these things were done, and given, for our benefit.

Is the pursuit of godliness a worthwhile aspiration? Most definitely. “More to be desired… than gold.” And “sweeter than honey” to our desirous and hungry souls.

Gold-Bars         honey

In one Psalm, David invites us to reflect on the power of God and the personal nature of God… and to live in the awe and wonder of both.


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