The God Hypothesis; Introduction

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August 4

SartreFrench philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once summarized what has become a popular viewpoint in today’s world: “I do not believe in God; His existence has been disproved by science.” This common perception is based on the belief that with more and more scientific discoveries, God is no longer needed to explain the world (or the universe) around us. We have science… and science has spoken.

But in reviewing many of the articles on how science has accomplished disproving God, I am often surprised at the limited number of actual “facts” given. Most of these articles are just a regurgitation of the standard evolutionary claims and postulations based on interpretations (of observable facts) passed down through the years. Most of the “proofs” are entirely unproven (and many have been outright falsified! [as has been discussed in many previous Saturday posts]) or can be interpreted in very different ways. Actual factual information is difficult to ascertain amidst all the imperious evolutionary rhetoric. But since many intelligent people (in various scientific disciplines) are saying that science has disproved God, most people just accept them at their word.


What most people do not realize is that many scientists are operating under a prominent assumption… that the material universe is all that exists. There is nothing beyond it. So anything like a transcendent, all-powerful being is simply out of the question. And if you don’t even accept the possibility of a divine creator, such a being is never even considered when scientific evidence is discovered… and interpreted. If God is never an option in any discussion of the evidence, He becomes non-existent by default. But that is not the same as disproving Him.

The truth is that science cannot even answer the question of the existence of God. The reason being that science can only observe and evaluate things that are of this physical universe. In order for God to be Creator of all things He must, of necessity, exist outside this physical universe. Science simply cannot definitively answer the question of the existence of God, because God exists beyond the parameters of science.


All would seem hopeless except for one amazing truth… the God Who exists beyond this physical realm wants us to find Him… to know Him… and to experience a real and personal relationship with Him.

This is the Bible’s message in a nutshell. Ultimately, faith is essential to knowing and experiencing this relationship with God… But that does not mean that science cannot help us.

Scripture tells us:

Psalm 19 1-2

In short: the material universe reveals knowledge of our non-material Creator. His creation gives us essential information about our Maker – for us to see, observe, and discover… Him. This is affirmed by the apostle Paul:


Though God Himself exists beyond the realm of observable science… He has given us so many clues about Himself that fall precisely into the realm of observation, discovery, knowledge, and truth. You know… science.

It is interesting to note that the early beginnings of modern science (and scientific method) began with men whose driving passion was the fact that they believed the known physical universe could reveal valuable information about the unknown spiritual Creator Who was behind it all. Men of science, like Newton, Bacon, and Kepler (among others), believed the Creator wanted to be known – and that He could be known through His handiwork.


Accepting the reality of a divine Creator is not just an exercise in faith – there are real hard facts available for us to consider. This is where science can be invaluable!

Over the next few weeks I want to take the time to look at the question of God through the revealing lens of scientific discovery… and try and confirm the hypothesis that God is very real – and that He is well-worth discovering!


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