In Search of the Missing Treasure

Speed of Particles

July 21

The story is told of a man who heard the tale of a lost pirate treasure that was thought to be buried on a piece of land near an island cave, only a few miles from his home. Believing the tale to be true, he sold all of his possessions and purchased the “treasure land.” Over the next several years, visitors near the site could see the man, with his shovel, digging hole after hole as he searched tirelessly for the treasure he was certain he would find.


But he never did. After many years, he passed away – never having found any missing treasure.

In so many ways this sad tale is reminiscent of those diligent souls that tirelessly seek for the promised “treasure” of the verification of evolution. They often claim to have proof. They staunchly claim evolution is a certain fact. They tell us evolution occurs in gradual (almost imperceptible) increments. They look at things like adaptations (within species) and assert that what happens on a small and minor scale MUST have happened on a larger and major scale. That seems reasonable enough.

Until they they try to explain the HOW.

The great problem is that the cellular foundations of life are so complex, so utterly dependent on fully-functional structures… that the science is telling us that life could NOT have formed gradually.

cell diagram

Biochemist Michael Denton, in his book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, touches on the difficulties: “To explain the origin of the cell in evolutionary terms it is necessary to postulate a series of far simpler cell systems, leading gradually from a solution of organic compounds through more complex aggregates of matter to the typical cell system today. The only possible precursor to the existing cell system with its wonderfully efficient translation apparatus (for synthesizing necessary proteins) would be one that is less perfect.”

And by “less perfect” he means incapable of producing the proteins and enzymes necessary for the cell’s own existence… let alone life itself.

Denton observed: “Just how efficient enzymes could have been manufactured before an efficient translational system was in existence is absolutely mystifying. It is virtually impossible to envisage.”

In order for evolution to be true, it would have to be true on the cellular level.

human cell 3

Evolutionists would have to demonstrate (and prove) HOW all the intricate and necessary mechanisms of the cell could have happened by slow, gradual processes.

They have been diligently searching for that elusive and “treasured” proof.

But the science has never supported any such conclusion.

Michael Denton sums it up: “The failure to give a plausible evolutionary explanation for the origin of life casts a number of shadows over the whole field of evolutionary speculation.”

Denton says what so few in evolutionary circles seem willing to admit… until we have the facts that explain the origins of life – all we have is speculation and reason.

And the evolutionary speculation, so far, is not even scientifically plausible.

But they keep searching, keep speculating, keep hypothesizing – seeking for the missing treasure that would truly give evolution a firm factual footing.

Scientist Q

Science performs an extremely valuable role in our lives — at the forefront of so many wonderful discoveries. But where origins science is concerned, the question must be asked… At what point does a reasonable person lay down the shovel and stop trying to dig up what is just NOT there?

Why ignore the obvious to seek after the obscure.

If what we have learned tells us that there is no possible way for cells to evolve – that they had to be fully functional from the very beginning… that tells us something obvious.


If we keep digging up fossils in the hope that we will finally discover a transitional form (though we have never found ONE among the millions that have already been unearthed)… that tells us something obvious.

If we can’t seem to find any possible way for life to have come from non-life… that tells us something obvious.

But what is also obvious is that there must be another agenda in play. Science is supposed to be about observation, discovery, and letting the evidence speak for itself. But origins science has become, largely, an endeavor to “dig up” a plausible natural solution to all the questions of life and its origins.

And if there isn’t one… well, they will just have to keep digging until they find it.

But that’s not science…

That’s belief.


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