A New You… A New Way

June 11

“We serve in the new way of the spirit and not in the old way of the written code.” (Romans 7:6)

red_flagThis week I want to talk about a topic that, quite frankly, seems wrong. This topic is raised, and we immediately “throw up the red flags” – as if this issue is some sort of wishful thinking, misguided theology… or (even) heretical teaching.

I think this is because we have been trained to think a certain way. We have often been nurtured and educated to see the Christian walk as something different than what God intended for it to be. So when we come across certain Scriptures (that clearly address our topic of the week) we tend to brush them aside and run back to what “seems right” and familiar to us.


The end result is that we miss something far “greater” because we are more accustomed to the “lesser.” The “lesser” lines up more with our daily experience. The “lesser” is much more common to all of us. The “lesser” is easier for us to get our heads around. We even make the “lesser” our common bond – so we all feel more comfortable with each other, because the “lesser” is much less demanding of our attention and our faith.

But I’m here to tell you that the “lesser” is not true Christianity. It is not what Jesus came to enable within us. It is not that for which God redeemed us.

Modern Christianity is quite often the best that human beings can do. But what we need to be living in… is the best that God can do. Jesus came to take us beyond the inabilities of human effort and to make us hosts for the Living God – to do (from within us) what ONLY He can do. That is what He is after in us. That is what He has actually provided to us. That is why He paid the price that He paid for us.

We just have to live in God’s provision… by faith.          It is always

by-grace-through-faith 2

Last Monday, we actually broached this subject, when I mentioned the common struggle that I hear most often from believers in Christ – the inability to conquer sin. We try our level best. We put our hearts and souls into it. We want it with all that we are.

But time and again and again… we fail.

So one of our solutions is to make our inability into our theology. “We sin every day in word, thought, and deed. God is so holy… and we are so NOT. Get used to it. Embrace it. Like Paul in Romans 7, we will always struggle with sin and sinning. But thank God for His grace!”

Does that seem right to you? Or put it this way… Does that seem like the best that God can do for us? Does that even remotely seem… Christlike?

I think the answers to those questions ought to be obvious to us.

But what should also be obvious is this… God has done everything that needed to be done so that we each can be just like Jesus in our everyday lives. Not just in our “spiritual” moments – but in every moment. Not just on our good days – but in every day on this planet. God is able to do so much more than we could have ever asked or imagined.

2 Peter 1 3

Over the next several days I just want to talk about what we have always hoped was possible. I want to tell you about the immense power of God at work in each of us. And how each of us was made to be the righteousness of God every day of our lives.

So strap in. Listen with an open heart. Let the Word of God speak to you. And let’s all openly embrace this “new way of the spirit.”

descent-of-H S


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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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