More Valuable Than…

June 8


We have been talking about redemption… and what it really means.

The Bible teaches that we were all slaves to sin (and slaves to the Law) but Jesus came and paid the price that set us all free (from both sin and the Law).

But have we really thought much about “the price” that was paid to redeem us?

In New Testament times (and pretty much throughout the history of slavery) slaves had a specific value. To redeem them, the price paid needed to be a full and commensurate compensation for the value of the slave. A slave was worth something… and that worth was reflected in the price paid to redeem him.

price of a slave

In our Scripture today, Peter’s words are not just a testament of the magnitude of the price that Christ paid for us – but also on the value assigned to us that warranted such a limitless price.

God looked on us. Saw us steeped in slavery. And sought to redeem us.

He considered the price AND how much He valued us… and came to a decision..

            Silver?    silver-bars     Worthless junk…            

                             Gold?   Gold-Bars    Pavement for Heaven’s roads.

The only price that matched our value to Him… was His Own Son.

He cherished us that much. He desired us that much. The cost of what He was willing to do was that much.

Jesus came as the embodiment of the Father’s desire for us… and He willingly demonstrated the depth of that love (and our value to Him) through His life of service AND His death by suffering. The life blood of our Savior became the Life blood of the ones He came to redeem – His ransom price to buy our freedom.

redeemed by the blood

Jesus willingly and gladly paid that price to set us free. It was not because of duty or pity that Jesus gave Himself for us. It was for JOY! Jesus, “who for the joy set before Him endured the cross.” (Hebrews 12:2) That joy was the Father’s profound pleasure in the hope of gaining back sons and daughters that sin and religion had taken from Him.

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show where a child is kidnapped? You hurt with the parents as they live through the agony of that beloved child taken from them. You feel their resolve as they are willing to do anything, and pay any price, to gain back the treasured child that was taken from them.


And when that child is returned to them you weep in the shared joy of restoration.

This was in the Heart of God for each of us. Sin had kidnapped us. Stolen us from His Fatherly care. Threatened to destroy any possibility of relationship forever.

But our Father was willing to pay any price to ransom us from our captivity. And the price He settled on was the price of His Own Son – given to redeem all the sons and daughters who were lost to Him.


It was the best He could give…

               to show just how much He valued each and every one of us.


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