When a Fact… Isn’t

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June 2

Ernst_MayrIn the July 2000 issue of Scientific American, Biologist Ernst Mayr captured the essence and attitude of most evolutionists when he announced: “No educated person any longer questions the validity of the so-called theory of evolution, which we now know to be a simple fact.”

Mayr seems to be saying that no one with any amount of intelligence doubts evolution – and to question evolution is both ignorant and backward-thinking.

According to Mayr, questioning evolution is pointless. The issue is long settled. Evolution is true. There is no debate.

But it is strange for a man of science to make such claims. After all, the very foundation of science is to question. It is to challenge what we know… to see if we can know more… or to see if we can know better. It is also the essence of science to discover new things – to see things differently… and to CHANGE our thinking if the new information makes the old obsolete.

scientists say

But not when it comes to evolution… apparently, there is nothing new to learn, no new discoveries to factor in… “Science” has spoken: “The case is closed.”

But I know of no discipline of science where this type of attitude prevails. In every field of science… discovery and knowledge is the driving passion and good science demands the necessity of malleable facts.

But this has been my point all along… Evolution is not science – it is belief. Hard-line statements (like Mayr’s) are always in the arena of faith – never in the realm of science.

An evolutionist may honestly say, “I have looked at the evidence and it seems to me that the evidence suggests that evolution is true.”

But this not usually what evolutionists say… they say things like what Mayr said. Or they say things like what Richard Dawkins said: “if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane.”

Now Mayr and Dawkins (and all evolutionists) have every right to believe what they want to believe – just so they understand that they are defending what they believe… NOT some undeniable and unalterable scientific fact.

But evolutionists quickly blur the lines between fact and their beliefs so that any challenge to their dogma is met with derision and disdain. They quickly make it a matter of “science vs. faith.” And it never has been.


It is not unscientific to question evolutionary theory – in fact, it is foundational for science to question everything (including evolution).

Especially when evolution has not provided us with any irrefutable facts at all.

In the past few weeks we have looked into all the “evolutionary facts” that have filled page after page of science textbooks. They are the “proofs” that have inundated our schools and our culture. These are what Dr. Jonathan Wells called “the icons of evolution.” And we have discovered that these supposed icons are hardly the proofs that they are claimed to be.

millerureyThings like the Miller-Urey experiment which “proved” that the amino acids needed for life could be spontaneously produced in the early atmosphere of the earth. But good science questioned and explored and studied and found out that the Miller-Urey experiment was based on faulty assumptions about the earth’s early atmosphere and never produced anything close to the necessary components for life on earth. Yet, the Miller-Urey experiment (for decades) was taught as a “proof” for the origin of life – and the first step of evolution.

Haeckel_drawingsOr things like Haeckel’s Embryos — which “proved” that all living creatures came from a single ancestor (because all embryos start out looking all the same!). But good science finally prevailed (after nearly a century) and exposed Haeckel’s embryos as fraudulent. He “doctored” the images to misrepresent what was true. Yet, once again, up until just recently, Haeckel’s images have been prominently placed in our biology textbooks – proclaiming the “fact” of evolutionary theory.

And for nearly a century we have heard about “fact” of the “primordial soup” that was the origin place of all life on earth. Except, it wasn’t. Modern scientific discovery has revealed that the “soup” never existed – a fact that has left evolutionists scrambling for some other means of producing the origin of life, naturally (ocean vents, anybody?).

We mentioned peppered moths (supposedly proving evolution through natural selection) except the experiments that produced these “facts” were “rigged” to produce the results the experimenters wanted.


Or we could mention the great debate of how apes evolved into humans… except there is NO evidence supporting this idea. ALL the “half-ape/half-man specimens” used to “prove” evolution have been exposed as outright frauds or simple misinterpretations of the bones discovered.


It is so important to note that it is NOT religion or faith that has discredited all these long-held “facts” of evolution… it is SCIENCE – doing what science is supposed to do. Keep on questioning, keep on seeking, keep on discovering – and letting the evidence speak for itself!

In all my research I have yet to discover a “fact” of evolution that isn’t a misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the evidence discovered — OR the evidence is better-explained by the work of an Intelligent Designer!

I am not alone in this. Next week we will look at some scientists who didn’t follow Mayr’s advice… and what they discovered that changed their lives…


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