Salvation: What it Brings

May 28

Eph 2 8

Last week we talked at length about what sin does to us – what it takes from us.

This week I wanted to remind us of what salvation does for us – what it brings into our lives… what it gives us.

As with all things that become fairly “common” to us (because we hear about them so often), we have missed a great deal of understanding when it comes to what God has done for us in the gift of salvation.

God’s grace is even more amazing (and all-encompassing) than it first appears.

This is because we (rightly) come to the understanding that we are sinners in need of forgiveness for all the wrong that we have done. We are convicted that we have been “bad” (in God’s sight) and we want to be “good” again.


God grants us the solution we need through the redeeming work of Jesus.

But so often, we do not fully apply what Jesus has done for us. This week we want to take the time to capture the whole panorama of what salvation means to us… and how to apply Jesus’ complete (and completed) work to our lives.

What sin has stolen from us… Jesus has restored. What sin has taken from us… Jesus has given back. What sin has done to us… Jesus has undone.

But salvation is much more than restoring things that have been confiscated from us – Jesus brings a whole new way of living life with Him. When we receive Jesus (and what He has done) an astounding package of benefits are included. We not only get Him…  we also get everything that He has – all as a free gift to us (to keep and cherish forever)…

The gift of Jesus

For this reason, we need to understand salvation – and all that it brings to us…

We begin with a definition. Salvation means: to rescue and deliver to a place or position of freedom and safety.

This definition is important because most Christians equate salvation only with God’s forgiveness. That is certainly included. But, there is so much more to salvation than just the forgiveness of our sins.

To see salvation only in terms of forgiveness is like being invited to a world-class buffet (prepared by the world’s greatest chefs) and only eating the appetizers. The appetizers are wonderful, but there is SO much more to experience and enjoy.


God has invited us into His Kingdom… and His Kingdom comes with ALL the benefits that the King of Creation can provide. Over the next few days we will look at each of these tremendous benefits that are provided to us – immediately, and in full measure of supply.

As the apostle reminds us (above)… salvation is a free gift, given to us by the One Who wants to show us what the power and the depth of His love can do in our lives.

The first step is to understand all that we have received… and the second is to live our lives by the fullness of all God has graciously provided to us…


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