Psalm Thirteen


April 29

crying out

One of the things often most striking about the Psalms is their honesty. In many Psalms, we find the Psalmists pouring out their hearts to God – expressing what is oppressing them… to the One Whom they trust with their very lives.

In a way, this is most surprising. We would expect God’s people to lay aside their doubts, their fears, their anguished moments… and tell God what they think He wants to hear from them. We would expect admonitions of trust. We would expect encouragements to have faith. We would expect proclamations of God’s goodness.

After all, this is a congregational hymn (meant to be sung by everybody!).

Why raise issues of God’s apparent forgetfulness? Why confirm our deepest fears that there are moments when God seems so distant… so detached from what we are facing? Why does He seem to ignore us in our hour of greatest need – when we need Him closest of all… He seems so disinterested?


But these are real feelings. This is what everybody faces from time to time. And what better way to be truthful in your innermost being than being truthful about your feelings. God KNOWS what you are going through – even if it seems He is miles away. And He desires honesty above all else. If we are feeling it, He wants us to express it. He wants to be the focus of our attention even when we feel like He may actually be at fault for much of what we are experiencing.

Above all else:

Hear my cry

That actually includes the truth of what we are feeling.

He is God. He is big enough to take our disappointment. He wants nothing more than to be the One to Whom we come when we need to vent our frustrations and fears.

An amazing thing happens when we come before God and pour out our emotional struggles… God grants us an inward reminder that He IS with us. That He is faithful to meet us at our moment of need.


Even if it seems He might be a little slow in coming… He may be slow, but He is always on time.

In the end, our hearts are reminded of God’s unfailing love, of the wonder of His salvation, and of the immutable fact that He is so good to us.

With the Psalmist, these reminders eventually bring us to heartfelt praise!



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