The Bible… Infallible?

infallible bible

April 25

“We have the prophetic word more fully confirmed, to which you will do well to pay attention…” (2Peter 1:19)

When it comes to the Bible, there are really only two options… either it is the words of men OR it is the Word of God. Either it was authored by human beings or it was authored by the divine Being.

The most obvious hurdle is the fact that the Bible claims to be written by men, who were inspired by God. Inescapable in all this… is the work of men. Human minds were involved. Human spirits were involved. Human hands were involved. And everybody knows that humans are not perfect. Not infallible. Not without errors.

So when it comes to the Bible, the logical conclusion is that wherever human beings are involved… error is likely to follow. Even if God intended to give us a perfect Word… human beings could only make it imperfect. Flawed. Full of errors.

errors and contradictions

As Theologian Bruce Vawter wrote: “Human literature containing no errors would indeed be a contradiction in terms, since nothing is more human than to err.”

The natural conclusion, and the huge problem for most people, is that the Bible (though well-intended) is just another flawed book. It may claim divine origin and authority, but there were just “too many cooks in the kitchen” for us to take its claims of inerrancy and infallibility to heart. “There may be truth in the Bible, but it is NOT the standard of truth that Christians claim it to be.”

logical fallacyBut here is the error in that logic… It is implied that wherever human beings are involved, there MUST be error. That is simply not true. Though humans may be prone to error, they do not always err. Being human does not infer that one must always make mistakes. It is entirely possible to do something without mistakes – especially if the Author of the work is assisting in the process.

God does not make mistakes. It is impossible for Him to err. And if He is really the Author behind the pages of the Bible… it would follow that He would be able to ensure the accuracy and integrity of His work. A work of a perfect God, even through imperfect men, would be perfect – because it is God at work.

The very definition of infallible means to be incapable of error or wrong. This is what the Bible claims. It claims to be completely trustworthy, fully true, and without the ability to teach any error.

This claim is not without proof.

The Bible includes verifiable historical locations (cities, geography, nations, etc.) that tell us that the Bible is set within a literal time and history. In fact, many “questionable” references to towns and cities have been confirmed by the most recent archaeological discoveries. Also, the find of the Dead Sea Scrolls (untouched for thousands of years) contains Old Testament manuscripts that read virtually word for word when compared to the Hebrew texts that form the basis of our Bibles today. Great attention to detail is a hallmark of the Bible (even when the details are unfavorable to God’s people).

Bible Accuracy

The Bible contains real stories of real people and their real dealings with a real God – even if some of those stories are difficult for us to fathom.

That is because these stories are not stories… they are actual accounts of real happenings in human history (especially Jewish history).

Theologian John W. Montgomery, in the book: God’s Inerrant Word, offers this conclusion: “To be sure, the production over centuries of sixty-six inerrant and mutually consistent books by different authors is a tall order… but there is nothing metaphysically inhuman or against human nature in such a possibility.”

Josh McDowell said, “God used fallible men to receive and record His infallible Word so that it would reach us, correct and without error.”

What seems humanly impossible is not impossible with God. As the prophet, Jeremiah was inspired to write God’s Own words:


If one believes in God, one also believes that He is capable of doing anything He desires to do.

And extremely high on His list was to give us His infallible Word.


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