Freedom and Truth

April 20

freedom and truth

Before concluding this series on truth vs. falsehood, we need to talk about the very nature of truth.

Jesus talked about it, quite openly. The One Who claimed to be the embodiment of truth (John 14:6) gave us needed insight into why we need to know, and live by, what is true.

Truth is liberating.


By contrast, falsehood is incarcerating.

Human beings were designed to live in freedom. It is hardwired into our very souls. It is why freedom is so cherished in our lives… and why bondage, slavery, and incarceration are so deadly to our spirits.

The only way to be truly free is to know the truth and live in that truth.

Jesus also made one other thing very clear. Truth is tied to a relationship with Him!

The context of Jesus’ famous words (so often quoted) is the understanding of the necessity of making Jesus the Master of our lives. Notice: “Jesus said to the people who believed in Him, ‘If you abide in My word, you are truly My disciples. AND you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.’” (8:31-32) Truth can only come out of “abiding” with Jesus and within His word (i.e. what He taught us).

Abide in Him

Jesus not only came to tell us what is true… He came to be our Source of truth. He came not only to teach us… but to invite us into lasting friendship with Him.

Yesterday, we talked about the immense value of the Bible as God’s Own record of His thinking (and His truth) to us. The Bible is often referred to as the Word of God – His heart to ours. The expression of His thoughts (and truth) to us.

And the Bible also refers to Jesus as the Word of God. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) Jesus came as the exact expression of God’s thoughts (and truth) to us – His Heart to ours.

word of God

The correlation is unmistakable. The Word of God is the standard for all truth. Both Jesus and The Bible are the incarnation of that standard. The Word of God (Jesus) came as the confirmation of the Word of God (The Bible).

And the very nature of the Word of God… is to liberate us.


This is so often opposed to how most people see the Bible and Jesus. They are prone to think of the Word of God as a “straight-jacket” to their lives. As slamming on the brakes to their fun or enjoyment in life. As chaining us up to prevent us from all the good things to be experienced in this world.

Either that way of thinking is a lie… or Jesus was lying.

Which seems more likely?

The truth is, our fallen nature (as described so clearly in the Bible) seeks to elevate our own wants and desires above every other purpose in life. The result is that our pleasures and our wants always enslave us to an endless desire for pleasure and want. Truth liberates us from ourselves – and from our own self-serving qualities that keep us ever-seeking what always eludes us.


Truth brings us to the One Who is our inner longing – Who enables us to truly see that happiness and joy in life are never found within us (by how much we have for ourselves), but always found in how much we give of our selves for the good of others.

Jesus lived in that truth.

Jesus invites us all to come and live in that truth as well…

jesus invites


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