Defining Truth… Exposing Falsehood

April 19

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Critical to keeping us from believing things that are false, is the ability to define what is true. And critical to being able to do this, is to find a standard that enables us to clearly define what is the truth.

As those in the vocation of building houses demonstrate… the importance of accuracy (in measuring systems and levels) is essential to accurate and “true” construction.

We observe two things about the “standards” for construction… 1) they are separate from that to which they are being compared, and 2) they are perfect.

No one trusts a builder to build a house that is “true” who merely “eyeballs” his measurements or who “squares” his walls merely by touch – even if he has mastered all the skills necessary for building houses. Experience and skill are not enough. Perfect standards (that are NOT within the builder himself) must be used to build a house to “true.” (Unless you don’t care about living in a “true” house!)


When translated into the arena of determining truth and falsehood, this narrows our options to only one choice. We must find something (or someone) that is perfect; and exists beyond us.

This eliminates the most popular option… human thinking.


Even “elevated” human thinking doesn’t help us much. No matter what philosopher, guru, prophet, religious thinker, or sage is consulted, they all suffer from the same malady. They are not perfect. They may be wise or experienced or have amazing insight – but they do not have perfection. Their thoughts may contain some level of truth (and most often do!) but even the tiniest portion of falsehood can defile the whole thing.

Many of the “truths” that drive our culture are centered in human opinion and reasoning. People’s philosophies of life are often nothing more than that which appeals to their own pleasure or sensibilities. Though these “truths” are adopted from “beyond themselves” they are nothing more than a guessing game in the construction of their lives. The problem lies in the fact that it is a near certainty that we can get so used to our lives being skewed in falsehood, that our thoughts and conclusions are perceived as right and correct. The danger of false beliefs is that we accept them as true – just because they SEEM true to us.


The only way to truly know truth is to compare it to perfection… from beyond ourselves. Our sense of what is true (or false) can only be as accurate as our standard.

This is why the Bible is so invaluable. It is the record of the thinking of the One Who is perfect and Who exists eternally beyond us.

But His plan (all along) was to draw near to us – to make us the focus of His attention and affection. The record of our original creation is full of the imagery of God’s Own Personal attention to the details of our lives. He created us to know Him and love Him… and He formed us IN His Own image to reflect His Own perfection.

formed in Gods image

Central to His plan for us was open communication… an impartation of His thinking, His wisdom, His perfect ways – so that we would have that perfect standard we need to know and live by His truth.

The Bible is that line of open communication – and that standard we need to ensure the accuracy of our thinking, whether false or true.


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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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