False Faith; Pt. 1

April 17

jim-jonesA few days ago I watched a documentary about Jim Jones and his cult, the People’s Temple. For those who may be unaware, Jim Jones is the one responsible for taking his “church” to the country of Guyana and eventually compelling more than 900 of them to commit mass suicide in 1978. It was one of the saddest and most tragic events in modern history.

At one point in the documentary, the actual audio of Jones commanding his people to drink the cyanide-laced kool-aid (and of the resulting reactions and sufferings of the people) was played… and portrayed on screen. It was absolutely chilling. Nearly a thousand people had entrusted this man with their lives and he was imploring them to willingly sacrifice themselves (and their children) for his “cause.”


As the actual scene of the hundreds of bodies lay strewn across the compound you were left to wonder… how could this happen? How can something so simple as faith become so twisted, so misguided, so wrong, that people would willingly end their own lives at the request of some “spiritual” madman?

Yet, the end is not the whole story…

These hundreds of people had given themselves to this man and his spiritual “sorcery” for years before they ever ended up dead in a compound in another country. Jones preyed upon their inadequacies, on their perceived mistreatment, on their need to find something that was real and spiritual and transcendent. He was simply charismatic enough to give them what they always wanted – a cause to believe in and a man to guide them.

In the process of becoming the people of the People’s Temple, they overlooked the magnitude of manipulation and control that Jim Jones was instituting in his “church.” They ignored the abuses. They criticized and ostracized the “unfaithful.” They became the extension of Jones’ own twisted views on family, celibacy, and purity – empowering Jones to become the dictator over their diminished lives. He stripped away their dignity, their freedom, their independence – and left them only with a devotion to his deceptive teachings and agenda.

p t complaints

The culmination was Guyana. The journey of false faith was years in the making.

All cults (false faiths) prey on two things… Biblical ignorance… and human need.

The teachings of Jim Jones were shrouded in Bible terms and concepts, but underneath they demanded devotion to one man… Jim Jones! He established that he was their father figure – and to truly trust and obey God, they would have to trust and obey him. He used truth as a packaging for his lies and deceptions. He used fear and intimidation to increase the commitment level of his people.


At any point, anyone with even a remedial Biblical knowledge would have exposed Jones for what he really was – a liar, a deceiver, and a demonic dictator. Truly, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He claimed divine authority – but used all those people to feed his own self-serving passions. He took people’s earnest desire to be led into truth… and fed them with well-shrouded lies until they were hooked to his addictive deceptions.


So how do people avoid falling into the clutches of the Jim Jones’s of the world?

We will talk about that tomorrow…

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