Genuine Faith; Pt. 3

April 13


“Have faith in God.” (Jesus – Mark 11:22)

We have been talking about having a genuine faith in God – and about how God is committed to making sure that we each have the real thing (So He tests us…).

But we are mistaken if we think that this is something that we have to grow into as we mature in Christ.

One of the common misperceptions among believers is the thought process that says: “I’m going to be more and more Christian, the older I get in my faith.” God’s response is that we are NOT becoming… we ARE new creations in Christ (2Cor. 5:17!). And what we ARE is because of everything that God has done for us, through Jesus.

The picture we need is not that we are going to get more and more “God-stuff” as we grow in our relationship with God… BUT that:

2Peter 1 3

What all this means is that we are never waiting on God to supply something that is necessary for true Christian living… it is already given to us, through Jesus.

We need to understand this because it is really essential to our verse today.

Jesus is speaking. He is giving His disciples a command. And that command is amazing.

Most of our English translations have these words just as I have posted. “Have faith in God.” But one word in the original language is much different.

What Jesus is actually commanding is for the disciples to “Have faith OF God.”

Again, Jesus is responding to an impossibility. The cursed fig tree has withered and the disciples are amazed at how quickly it perished.


Jesus ties this action to faith – God’s kind of faith. That whatever proceeds out of God’s kind of faith produces things that are thought to be impossible.

Then He commands them to possess God’s kind of faith!

I’ve said it many times before, but Jesus came to open the doorway to a whole new world – where the King of the Universe rules without question, without opposition. Where, when He speaks, things happen – even impossible things. And Jesus is telling us that He has come to offer that type of world… AND faith to us.

NOT so we can get what we want. NOT so we can be self-consumed. But so that whatever the King wants to do, He CAN do through us. So we CAN represent Him (His interests and His power) on this earth to people who need it.

And here’s the really cool thing… The faith of God is already available to us. To have. To hold. To live by. Each and every day of our lives.

God's Faith

But the use of that kind of faith is always tied to the will of the Father. The King’s will reigns supreme – and His kind of faith is meant to be utilized only for His purposes.

Genuine faith is always reflective of God Himself.


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