Psalm Ten


April 8

In his arrogance, the wicked man hunts down the weak, who are caught in the schemes he devises. He boasts about the cravings of his heart; he blesses the greedy and reviles the Lord. In his pride the wicked man does not seek Him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.” (Psalm 10:2-4)

In this Psalm, the Psalmist is intent on giving us a picture of the wicked. The wicked are driven by their pride. They take what they want, when they want – whatever they feel they deserve. And they feel there is no one to stop them from doing whatever they desire to do.


Sometimes we often misunderstand the concept of wickedness in Scripture… what it really means. It is not just evil actions or words. Wickedness is whenever we seek our own way rather than God’s way for our lives. We must all seek to guard our own hearts.

It is no mystery that we currently live in a culture that is consumed with self-want, self-gratification, and self-fulfillment. And we have crossed the line into calling it… virtuous! We find ourselves redefining morality to suit the particular desires of those who seek only to do what is in their own self-serving interests.

     abortion    same sex marriage

The Psalmist tells us why this is… it is human pride. Human arrogance. We have tossed aside God and His “outdated, old-fashioned ways” so that we can explore our most self-gratifying pursuits and pleasures.

The Psalmist, in describing the wicked: “In all his thoughts there is NO room for God.” It seems to me, we are quickly becoming a culture that not only ignores God… but we are losing our innate desire to seek Him. Our country used to be founded on moral principles as defined by the Bible (even though not everyone was Christian). Now we have made it popular to ignore the Bible… and seek all our own versions of truth.

And we wonder why we have power hungry people oppressing the poor. We wonder why our schools are playgrounds for the sick violence of heartless killers. We wonder why our young people are overdosing at an alarming rate. We wonder why 2/3 of all people struggle with some form of severe anxiety or depression. We wonder why simple consideration of others has faded to an afterthought in our daily lives.

oppressing the poor school-shootings.jpg overdose

This is no longer a popular view, but when we lose sight of our Creator and His love for us, we seek to fill the void with whatever new fad comes along – no matter how harmful or debilitating it may be. We slowly destroy our own lives… and aren’t even aware of it!


We have become a law unto ourselves… and we are lawless at heart.

The Psalmist closes his work by imploring God to intervene in all the chaos and madness. He invites God to deal with the wicked… and to heed the cries of the afflicted and to show Himself strong in our lives once again.

I believe the only hope for our country is the same hope that the Psalmist sought in his time of dire need. To seek the God of Heaven with hearts that desire Him.

I still believe there is hope for us… and that if we seek God with all our hearts, He will hear from heaven and bring His healing to our land!

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