Grace In… Grace Out

March 15

As good stewards of the manifold grace of God, each of you should use whatever gift he has received to serve one another.” (1 Peter 4:10)

Back in the early days of computer programming, there was a phrase that was used often (almost always when the computer did not do what it was “supposed” to do)… The phrase was: “Garbage in… Garbage out.”


For quite a while, that phrase was applied broadly to people’s lives in an effort to explain why “good” people suddenly turned out “bad” – or did something incredibly foolish. It was a simple, but accurate, explanation.

You don’t hear that phrase much anymore (who programs computers anymore?!)… and it’s too bad because it really is descriptive of how people’s lives can end up in such a mess. Somewhere along the way, garbage got in… and it was bound to come out!

But not only is there truth in the phrase “garbage in… garbage out” – the opposite is also true. “Good stuff in… good stuff out.”

In fact, this is actually the summary of what Christian living is all about. God has set it up so that He supplies the “good stuff” to our lives… so, in turn, we can let the “good stuff” out – a steady flow from God to us… and from us to those all around us.


The “good stuff” God gives us can be summarized in one wonderful word… Grace!

Next week I plan to talk more in-depth about grace (because most Christians’ view of grace is too limited) – but for now, let me just talk briefly about God’s plan for His grace in our lives.

God makes us His children, not just so we can go to heaven when we die, but so we can be His means of touching this world now… through our lives. His plan is wonderfully simple… make us His Own… pour out His grace into our lives… and lead us to pour out the grace we have received, to others. Put grace in… get grace out.

When we begin to see that this really is the entirety of what God wants from us… our whole world is revolutionized! We find ourselves wanting to be in situations where God pours out His grace upon us, so that we are strong in His grace… AND fully equipped to give out what we have received (Jesus: “Freely you have received, freely give.”) What we have received freely is God’s grace… in abundant, overflowing measure. Grace meets us at our point of need… and there is plenty left over to flow out to those all around us. We become not just the vessels of God’s grace… but the conduit of His grace.

This is Christian living in a nutshell. It is Christian ministry defined. It is what Jesus did. It is what His early disciples did. It was the hallmark of the early Church. It was and is: God’s grace poured out in us… and God’s grace flowing out through us – all to God’s glory!

Jesus heals Jairus daughter

One note of caution: The danger of receiving God’s grace is that we can be so enamored with grace that we keep it all to ourselves. We drink it in… but we do not let it out. We keep it to ourselves… we do not give it away.

I think this is the reason why we have to become as little children to possess the kingdom of God. Only those who have been relieved of their burden of provision can understand that God’s grace flows out of HIM. If we have Him, and He has us… our need is met, we are fully satisfied, and… we are liberated from the need to keep it all to ourselves. What more do we need if God is our all-sufficiency?!

True Christianity is simply defined as God’s grace in… God’s grace out. When we consistently live by this ample truth, we cannot help but affect the world around us!

conduits of grace


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  1. New meaning of the term: GIGO… thank you!

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