Assembly Required

Speed of Particles

March 10

A few months ago, my mother-in-law (who lives with us), purchased a rolling cart to assist her in carrying her shopping purchases into the house. Great idea! The problem was that the cart did not come assembled. It came in a box with all the separate pieces inside… along with a small booklet that was supposed to tell you how to put the pieces together (and everyone knows how accurate those instructions are!). Needless to say, the task of assembling my mother-in-law’s carrying cart fell to me.


As with many of these “assembly required” items, success or failure largely depends on your ability to follow the instructions OR to figure out how to put it together on your own. The point is… her carrying cart had to be assembled in a proper way or it just wouldn’t work as it was supposed to work – and if it didn’t work properly… it would never be used for its intended purpose. Things that don’t work… end up in the trash can.

The astute observer of last week’s post (about cells being like tiny factories) might point out that earthly factories are built over time and constructed of several small pieces. So it is no big deal that cells are composed of several working components that may take time to construct.

cell construct

As evolutionists observe… millions of years is a lot of time to get all the molecular components where they need to be to get all the working cells needed. To the evolutionary thinker, working cells are not a matter of design, but of random construction over millions of years. Obviously, we have working cells today… so the process must have worked. No designer necessary.

But evolution does not address the magnitude of the problem. We are not just talking about getting all the proper components of the “factory” together… we are talking about assembling all those components in the proper way (so that EVERYTHING functions as it should) – while doing it blindfolded and in the dark.

Imagine yourself in just such a situation… Your task is to build an entire factory. But the thousands of components for all the factory’s machines are strewn throughout a huge pitch black building! Of course, all you have to do is find every piece and put each piece in its proper place so that the entire factory is fully functional… and you have to do it without your eyesight OR any instructions on how the pieces are supposed to go together. Best of luck!

But this is exactly what evolution is claiming. All the necessary components of these colossal tiny factories (our cells) just happened to come together on their own… blindly, without a single instruction OR concept of design.

When considering the evolutionary explanation for the extremely complex composition of the cell, biologist Michael Behe said, “In the cell, who tells all the parts where they should go? Nobody – they have to do it on their own. You have to have the information resident in the system to tell the components to get together in the right orientation, otherwise, it’s useless.”

In short, if the cell is not assembled correctly… it doesn’t work. And proper assembly is dependent upon proper, intelligent instructions. Or else the cells do not work, and there is no life.


It is like the improperly-assembled carrying cart that doesn’t function… it is destined for the trash heap.

The problem of proper assembly begs the question… which is more likely: successful assembly through intelligence and design OR assembly by blind, random, gradual processes?

Biochemist Franklin M. Harold provides this expert assessment: “There are presently no detailed Darwinian accounts of the evolution of any biochemical system, only a variety of wishful speculations.”

All the detailed, intricate functionality of the millions of cells within each of us clearly point to a Master factory builder whose amazing work is displayed in each and every one of our cells.

human cell


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