Fish Tale

Speed of Particles

February 10

A few years back, my daughter had an earnest desire to buy some fish and keep them in her room. So we got a five gallon bucket (out of the garage), filled it with tap water (because fish need water), went to the Pet store, bought some tropical fish, brought them home and dumped them into the bucket, dropped in some worms (’cause that’s what fish eat, right?), and left them to get accustomed to their new home.

Much to our surprise, all the fish were dead in a couple of hours.

dead fish

Actually, that’s not what happened at all. Given my daughter’s desire to own fish, and our significant lack of knowledge about the subject, we spent a great deal of time researching about how to set up the proper habitat for fresh-water tropical fish – and how to best meet their particular needs on a daily basis. Knowing what to do, in any situation, is invaluable.

We ended up having to buy the right size aquarium, we had to fill it the right kind of aquarium rocks, and with water (which we had to buy an aquarium thermometer to make sure the temperature was always exactly right). We had to treat the water with a chemical to neutralize the “bad” chemicals in the water. We had to buy a water heater, a water pump (a good one), and the right kind of plants to help oxygenate the water. And the right kind of food for the type of fish we bought. Once we had (finally) set up the right environment, we had to buy the fish and introduce them carefully into their new surroundings. (Phew! Goldfish aren’t this hard!)


In short, neither of us realized all the little specific details that had to be just right in order to provide a proper habitat for healthy, thriving tropical fish. But getting the proper knowledge afforded us the opportunity to set up the exact environment to keep our fish… and enjoy them (if that’s what you do with fish?).

Last Saturday, we talked about how the laws of the universe were fine-tuned to do exactly what they do… provide a hospitable habitat for life here on earth.

Stephen Hawking has said…

Hawking-laws of science

There are those who would have us believe that all this happened by pure luck – that the exact environment needed for life (especially human life) on this planet had nothing to do with knowledge or foresight or planning or intelligence… just chance… and time. “Here we are… we just got lucky!”

But Science says that we should be guided by what is observable. What can be tested. And what can be learned from what is observed and tested.

And what we observe by looking intently at the laws of nature, the laws of the universe, and the incredible exacting requirements for life on any planet – these things are best explained as the venue of knowledge, intellect, and the ability to provide what is necessary to achieve an intended result. Know-how, design, and function are always at work when proper environments are needed for living things.

Life here on earth is either a stroke of sheer miraculous luck or it is the idea of Someone Who had something in Mind – and the knowledge and ability to make it all happen – just as it was intended. Which is the best explanation?


If they could, our fish would tell you: No proper aquarium ever happens by chance.

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