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February 7

“Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

pray without ceasing

So how in the world do you pray without ceasing?

First, we need to understand that the apostle is talking about instilling proper perspectives in our lives. He is, in context, talking about the attitudes that should dominate how true Christians approach life and living.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:12-18, there is the admonition to respect and lovingly esteem those who lead the church, to be at peace with each other, to admonish the idle (the lazy!), encourage the faint, help the weak, practice patience always. When wronged, to live without seeking revenge, but instead, to “do good to everyone.” Then the apostle gives us the attitudes that are quoted more often… “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in all circumstances… for THIS is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”

The apostle is inspired to inspire us to live lives consistently focused on what it means to love God and to love people – in a practical, daily manner.

Love God love people

It is to our detriment that we see the Christian life as religious times (when we are doing God-type things) and all the other times (when we can do whatever we want to do). The apostle is reminding us that that type of “Christian” living is not truly Christian at all.

So when it comes to praying without ceasing – we are to live our lives in an attitude of prayer… in the moment by moment recognition that we are always in God’s Presence and He is always attentive to our words. So… make those words count.

Some see this “pray without ceasing” as an encouragement to carry on an ongoing conversation with God. We don’t need to get super-religious about prayer (a special prayer time, a prayer place, a prayer stance, a prayer guide, a prayer language, etc…). There’s nothing wrong with those things, but we just need to adopt the practice of talking with God in the daily course of our lives (even when we are not being particularly “spiritual”). We should talk with God as we would in casual conversation with any person – except the Person to Whom we are talking is the Almighty!

Is God okay with that? Is it wrong to treat God so casually, or so familiarly?

The apostle is telling us that God is more than okay with that… He delights in that. It is actually His WILL for us! He desires to be the daily center of our lives – not just our attention at special times of our lives. He wants to be included in our thoughts at every moment of our day – not just on Sundays, or when we feel we need to be “spiritual.”

This brings us to the conclusion that we need… God has made an investment in us. Because of what Jesus has done, God chose to be with us (every moment of every day) to live within us and work in, and through, us… to His glory.


Prayer, for those who love Jesus, is not meant to be an activity of our lives – it is meant to be the attitude of our lives. It is to be seen as the result of constant, unbroken fellowship with God – a relationship restored through our Savior’s sacrifice!



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