Psalm One:1-3

January 14


The Book of Psalms begins with God’s objective for every human soul… blessedness. This is God’s desire for every one of us – to be blessed, to live blessed… all the days of our lives.

Most of us have heard that blessed means happy. But it is so much more than that. It is not only happiness, but contentment, well-being, wholeness, health, and a sense of prosperity. And blessedness is tied to the One Who is the source of all blessing. At the heart of being blessed is a heart that is blessed by the One Whose heart longs to bless us.

Blessedness, according to the Psalmist, is the state of being that only comes to those whose hearts delight in God and His ways. This delight shows up in every aspect of a person’s  life. Every choice is centered in relationship with the Blesser. Every other relationship is centered in how that relationship adds or detracts from the relationship with the One Who blesses.

Blessed is… how we walk. Our daily lifestyle reflects that we value the counsel of God over the counsel of the ways of this world. Especially the “popular” views of the culture.

Blessed is… how we stand. And in that for which we stand! Our associations (those with whom we hang out) reveals what we value and how we think about life and living. We are not consumed with self-centered thinking, or in impressing people around us. We choose to stand with the weak, the poor, the hurting, the needy.

Blessed is… where we sit. Where we find our place of “connection” and “attachment.” Not with people who denigrate God or who ignore Him altogether. But with those who acclaim Him, who worship Him openly, who speak words of comfort, truth, honesty, and life.

Blessed are those who see the ways of God as life-giving, not life-taking. Who see the goodness of God in how He sees things – in what He likes and dislikes. Who see the value of love in God’s commands. And who take the time to reflect on God’s faithfulness to us.

The Psalmist describes this “blessedness” by giving us a picture… a tree firmly planted by an ever-present source of life-giving water. Its roots are secure. It never lacks for health-sustaining water or the nutrients the soil and water provide.

tree by water

Regardless of adverse conditions, the tree prospers. It thrives.

It IS blessed!


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