Psalm Sundays…

January 7

Right in the center of most of our Bibles, is the Book of Psalms. These collected works are often the most endearing portions of the Bible. They often capture our attention, as well as our emotions – as the authors of the Psalms pour out their hearts to God.


Maybe that is what is so appealing about them. They are full of honesty. They hold nothing back… either in their complaints to God or in the magnitude of their praise of God.

halllelThe term “Psalm” is a Greek rendering of a Hebrew phrase that has its basis in the concept of “open and vocalized praise.” They were originally songs composed and utilized to communicate the deepest thoughts and feelings about being God’s people. They taught God’s people the truths about God. They addressed the peoples’ doubts and fears. They probed the depths of Covenant relationship with God. And they just invited God’s people to reflect and rejoice in the majestic friendship that had come to them by God’s Own invitation.

The Psalms are a timeless and enduring treasure. They speak to us today, just as they spoke to their original listeners so many eons ago. In them, we find truth in its most alluring form – born in the hearts of musicians who could not contain their desire to sing of their Creator’s praise.

Given their beauty and grandeur, I thought it might be meaningful just to take some time and reflect upon some of the most beloved Psalms. I thought Sunday, the Lord’s day, might be a wonderful time to turn our thoughts and attention to our Lord – the central Focus of all the Psalms.

Some Sundays I may just post a Psalm all by itself… without commentary.

Other Sundays, I may add some thoughts or explanation to the verses.

Either way, the Psalms should be an integral part of our walk with God. As the Psalmists would all testify… nothing puts a song in our hearts quite like a personal experience of the goodness and faithfulness of God.

The Psalms make us mindful that God made us… that He loves us, that He is Personal, and that He has done the almost unthinkable – He has committed Himself to the very best that He can author in our lives.

ps 100 5

The Psalms are worthy of our attention, our imagination, and our meditation. In so many ways, they are literally the Heart of God singing over us…

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