Science Says…

January 6


It is extremely important for the believer in Christ to understand that our faith is a reasonable faith. It is not just faith. Or blind faith. It is faith that makes logical sense – and is backed by rational and reasonable facts.

This is important because belief in God is often described in terms of faith vs. science. “Science is fact. Faith is ‘fairy tale.’” And in a rapidly secularized world… it is all the more essential to see that faith does not oppose true science – and science does not oppose true faith.

All this is to say that the more I look at science and faith, the more I realize that they are actually both a gift from God. In other words, science is not the enemy of faith – and faith is not the enemy of science.

God gave us science… and scientific discovery, ultimately, leads us back to faith. This is how God designed it to be. I will go so far as to say that it is because of God that we can discover anything at all – and at the core of it all, God wanted us to discover all the facets of science… as a profound map leading us back to a knowledge of Him, as our Creator.

The problem has never been science – because science has always been about discovery. Scientific exploration and experimentation lead us to evidence and facts. The problem is always HOW that evidence is interpreted.

For example…


If you stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon you observe the immensity of the chasm below you. You wonder: How was this canyon formed? There are basically two options… The canyon was formed: 1) Slowly, as a river ran through the canyon for millions of years; or 2) quickly, as the result of a catastrophic event of epic magnitude.

Both options have been observed, scientifically. We know that water can deteriorate earth’s surfaces at a snail’s pace (erosion) or devastate with lightning speed (a flood). Now, if we actually observed the formation of the canyon (from the beginning) we would know for certain which option actually occurred.

But if we have not physically observed the canyon’s formation, then we have to interpret the evidence in front of us. Was it slow… or fast? Our conclusion would be a matter of opinion, often based on our preconceptions about such things.

If you do not believe in the account of a worldwide flood (which certainly could have formed the canyon instantaneously) you will interpret the evidence to mean that the canyon formed by a lengthy water-erosion process.

If you hold a Biblical worldview, you look at the Grand Canyon and see proof of what was revealed in Genesis – a catastrophic flood event that wreaked havoc on the whole earth.

Right-vs.-WrongWho is right? Who is wrong? We cannot know by the evidence. We cannot even know by the science. We are left with faith. Faith in lengthy processes. Or faith in immediacy. Our interpretation of the facts will be guided by our particular faith.

In the weeks ahead, I would like to make Saturdays… Science Says Saturdays.

Each Saturday, I would like to look at the logical or scientific evidence for faith in God – or more accurately… how science confirms what the Bible has told us all along.

Our faith IS a reasonable faith – and if we are prepared to interpret the evidence in the most logical manner, we can have our faith affirmed and strengthened.

Our Creator would have it no other way.


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