Real Change

January 3

…Be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” (Romans 12:2)


renewed mind


This talk of resolutions has got me thinking. What we are really wanting is change. We want to be transformed… from what we are to what we desire to be.

Simply stated, there are two ways to accomplish anything in this life: A) Do it yourself; OR B) Have someone else do it for you. These two choices also apply in the arena of change.

If we choose option A, we are in for a life-long battle. Everything is dependent upon us, and our ability, to be stronger than what we are facing. Sure, people can accomplish some amazing things just by the sheer force of their will. It can be done that way – but, as most of us have discovered, our accomplishments can only go as far as our will can take them. Lose our force of will, even for a brief time, and we find that we have surrendered to our opponent… who always wins when we bow out.

defeated boxer 1

That’s the problem. The only way we can win (at what we are facing) is to keep up the fight… continuing to assert our will… stay in the battle, and remain engaged in the never-ending conflict.

But that is so exhausting! You reach a point where even your iron will is rusting. Your resolve is quickly being dissolved. Your strength is waning… And even your need to win becomes… questioned… “Why am I fighting this battle? Why am I exhausting myself to delay the inevitable? Is it really worth it??”

Anyone who has ever faced a tireless temptation will tell you… the opponent we face is often way more persistent than our strength to resist.

Always the problem with option A is that it depends on us. As most of us have already learned: we are seldom enough.


That leaves option B… Have someone else do it for you. More accurately…

Have Someone else do it for you.

That is the message of the New Testament. That Someone… is Jesus. At the very core of the gospel message is change… a drastic change – a real transformation! And it is not based on our own ability to do it… it is based on Jesus’ ability! Jesus came to accomplish impossible things on our behalf. That’s because Jesus’ ability is divine ability (limitless in power and scope!).

And here’s the really good news: The One who has done all the work for us… has done this work already. We just need to accept it. We simply need to access it.

Our Scripture says that we access our transformation by: “the renewal of (our) mind.”

Tomorrow, we will talk about what this means… and how we can apply divine change to our lives…


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