There’s Something About Mary

December 16

“Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart often.” (Luke 2:19)

We have been looking at Mary, the one God chose to be the Mother for His Son.

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Yesterday, we talked about her dedication to God – how her commitment to God’s will and purpose for her life never wavered (in spite of what it could have cost her!). Mary is a shining example of how all of us should be – unreserved in our attention and affection for God – and continually submitted to His purposes for our lives.

Today, I want to mention one other aspect of Mary that reveals something that all of us should be inspired to emulate.

Mary took the time to treasure the events of her life… specifically, all the ways in which God was working in her life, and all around her.

Think about Mary – especially in the situation to which she was placed. So young… barely a young woman. ZERO parenting experience. Not yet married. An uncertain future. And she was given the monumental task of being the mother of God’s Own Son.

Do you think she might have felt just a little overwhelmed? A little “out of her league?” A little bit filled with fear and doubt? Any normal person would be (especially given the circumstances, and with WHOM you were entrusted!).

But Mary had one inner quality that kept her from being ravaged by anxiety and fear… Instead of focusing on what she lacked – she focused on what she had – she set her heart on God’s faithfulness in her life.

Mary treasures

Given the stakes, she could have been consumed with all the things she wasn’t – but she chose to take each moment in, and to treasure those moments in her heart. She was consumed with what God was doing… rather than with her insufficient abilities to do anything.

Mary intentionally sought to live her life in the sufficiency of God – rather than in her own weaknesses and failings.

Each day, she witnessed the work of God in her life, and in the life of her Son… and she kept those things close to her heart at all times – pondering them, and the magnitude of their effect upon her life… often.

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I am reminded that this is a quality that we all too easily forget. We don’t often cherish what God is doing in our lives. We spend so much time worrying about what we don’t have, about what we can’t do, or what we wish we could be. All these worries put us in a frame of mind that focuses on our lack, our weakness, and our failings. It is nearly impossible to have faith in God when our focus is on the doubts and shortcomings in our lives.


The good news is that, if we have been that way, we don’t have to stay that way! With God, it is always a matter of changing our focus, changing our mindset, and changing our attitudes. And He will help us to be the kind of people who, like Mary, seek to treasure His handiwork in our lives.

There really was something about Mary… She treasured God’s work, in her heart!

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