Delighting in God 3

December 10

Ps 37 4

We have been talking about how God delights in us… and offers us Himself to be the Source of what delights us. He even goes so far as to promise us that if we will delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our hearts.

But we need to understand something very important… God grants us the desires of our hearts only when we delight ourselves in Him. God loves us unconditionally… but His promises often come with a condition – and that condition is always for our benefit… and protection.

Above all else, God is wise. His wisdom will not allow Him to give us things that will be destructive to us.

God is wise

I can remember so many times in my life when I was pleading with God for something that I just knew that I needed – and He was supposed to be the One taking care of my needs.

It was only after much time had elapsed that I was able to truly see God’s wisdom in saying “No” to my continual pleadings. He always had something better for me – and in His kindness, He delayed in granting me the desires of my heart… until my heart was aligned with His. The Heart of God is always intent upon our best!

That is our problem most of the time (even as Christians!). We can think that our desires are godly, that they are for our best, that they will bring what we “need” for our lives. But there is another thing we must remember…

Jeremiah records this nugget of truth: 

Jeremiah 17-9

The problem with “following our hearts” is that our hearts often have NO idea where they are taking us! They are unwitting masters of deception – they (unintentionally) mislead us is so many ways. They convince us to want things and need things, that will be “for our good” – without the disclaimer that should come attached to them… that our hearts are so often clueless as to what we really need.

That is why God’s solution is to put Him first. Let Him be the One we delight in – and let our delight in Him be what shapes the passions of our hearts.

Jesus put it another way:

matthew 6 33

When our delight is in the King and His Kingdom… that King eagerly desires to pour out His kindness into our lives.

The danger within every soul who ponders a relationship with God is that our human nature desires to use God to get what we want. But when we seek God only for the delight of knowing Him and loving Him – we find something unexpected in return. The God Who loves to give, delights in giving to those whose hearts are enamored with Him and His purposes!

Prayer Focus: God, stir my heart to seek You first — and to delight my heart in You… so that I might receive the desires of my heart.


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